Car Accident Lawyer San Francisco Dolan Law Firm (Best Guide)

Car Accident Lawyer San Francisco Dolan Law Firm (Best Guide):

Accidents are never predictable, right? And, especially if we talk about the car accident ratio in San Francisco, then it is double that of other countries’ ratios. There are many reasons, for incurring an accident, such as slippery roads, snowfalls, fog, over-speed, drinking and driving, etc., But, what will happen after you met with an accident? This is the most important thing that comes to everyone’s mind after they meet with an accident.

So, here we will provide you with all the crucial information about one such Car Accident Firm, named, “Dollan Law Firm,” which is very familiar in San Francisco, and its surrounding areas. This is the only firm, that gets five-on-five ratings from 80% of their clients. 

Stay connected with this article, until the end, to learn more about the reputed “Dolan Law Firm.”

Prior to moving ahead, it is important to note the major reasons of occurring car accidents in the USA.

Major Causes Behind Car Accidents in the USA:

There are mainly three reasons, for occurring an accident in the USA, which includes;

  1. Distracted Drivers,
  2. Using a Phone While Driving,
  3. Drinking Under the Influence, and Over-Speeding.

Overview of Dolan Law Firm:

Dolan Law firm was established in 1995. It is one of the best Attorney firms in San Francisco, and it is famous for solving personal injury-related cases. The firm has many professional attorneys who protect you from any illegal matters and also secure your rights. The Dolan Law was founded by Chris Dolan, who is also very popular for achieving the title of the best “Personal Injury Attorney” in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Oakland California. 

The Firm also has a very simple, but profound slogan that is, “We are here to serve You.” this slogan explains everything about the Dolan Law Firm. 

The best part of Dolan Law is that they are ready to handle your case without charging any fees, and also give a promise to their clients regarding the confidentiality and security of their case.

Kindly read this article carefully, to know more about Dolan Law firm.

Do I Need an Attorney?

People always wondered, why and where they require the help of an Attorney. Even, some also think that, is it important to hire an attorney. Thus, here we share a few reasons with you about when you actually need an Attorney.

Now, suppose you met with a minor accident and no damages incurred to your car. During that time, you will not need any Attorney because the work of the Lawyer is to protect your rights and recover your losses, or damages from the liable party. 

So, for hiring any Attorney firm, first, it is vital to know the situation. If we talk about one of the best, and car accident Attorney firms, then we have the best with us and i.e. the Dolan Law Firm, whose members are very supportive, and experts to solve any kind of car accident cases.

Other than that, if it is your first car accident case, then you might not have information about what type of questions to ask your attorney. So, the next point represents some of the lists of questions that one should ask their attorney.

What Questions to Ask Attorneys:

The following is the list of questions, that you must ask your attorneys, based on which you can select the best attorney firm;

  1. First, ask about their experience in the field of car accident cases.
  2. Take the information about their previous case histories.
  3. Ask them your query related to your case, and also whether it is worth moving further, or not.
  4. Take the appropriate information, regarding the actual timing required.
  5. What will your steps be to solve my accidental case?
  6. Who will take responsibility to handle my case?
  7. Do I have to pay any charges before winning the case?

So, this is the list of the questions, one should ask their attorneys before hiring any.

How does California’s Car Accident Law Work?

California law empowers all the injured drivers, passengers, and family members, of their beloved ones who have died, or was injured in car accidents.

The legal responsibility of any person is called the “Liability,” for a car accident, which gives proof of another driver who was at fault. Also, if the driver is not properly driving the vehicle, then this is known as “negligence.

There are also a few cases, in which the non-driver is also responsible for leading a car accident. These factors consist of roadway hazards, sand or gravel on roadways, poor construction sites, etc., 

Always remember that, once you met with an accident, you have to immediately file a lawsuit against that, if you are not able to file the case for continuous 6 months. Then, after the completion of 6 months, you are not eligible to file a lawsuit.

So, these are a few car accident-related laws, prescribed by the court of California.

Overview of the Legal Process Followed by San Francisco to Solve the Car Accident Case: 

Once you met with an accident, it is important to study a few legal process steps, which include;

  • Investigation:

We all are aware of the fact that the investigation is the very first step in any of the case-solving procedures. It consists of gathering evidence such as police reports, witness statements, documentation files, and much more. Through this one can easily get an idea about the case.

  • Filing a Claim:

After completion of the investigation process, the very next step is to file your case against the liable party, who is responsible for an accident. The claims involve detailed descriptions of the accident, extent level of injuries, and damages, etc.,

  • Negotiations:

Afterward, the Negotiation step will begin between the insurance company and the attorney of Dolan Law. Not only that but also, the victim gets a fair amount of compensation from their insurance company after completing the negotiation.

  • Lawsuits:

The Lawsuit is only required if the victim does not get the appropriate compensation as per their damages. 

  • Trial:

When you file the case against the liable party, the court first sees the evidence from both sides, and then they decide, whether the victim gets the compensation amount as per their requirements or not.

  • Appeal:

Now, even if the victim is yet not satisfied with the trial’s outcomes, then they also have a right to appeal the decision to a higher court.

Successful Achievements of Dolan Law:

To become successful, we all need great teamwork, and constant hard work, right? And, if we look at the achievements history of Dolan Law firm, then they give more importance to their customer satisfaction along with great teamwork, and continuous hard work.

It is the only firm, that guaranteed their clients help them recover their compensation from any liable party. Also, they will not charge any fees, until the client wins the case. Not only that, but the firm is also well-known for solving personal injury cases, like any physical harm, which is also a part of personal injury.  

All the Attorneys of Dolan Law have an experience of 30+ years in the field of handling personal injury cases and also have a record of successfully solving all the cases which are related to personal injury. So, we can say that the reason behind the achievement of Dolan Law firm is because of their continuous struggle to protect the rights of their clients and the best teamwork between all the attorneys.

Now, here is the list of essential facts and cases of Personal Injuries that are won by Dolan Law firms, which consists of;

  1. $6 Million of settlements in Car Accidental Death Case,
  2. $6.5 Million of settlements in Motor Accident Cases,
  3. $4.2 Million of settlements in Teen Walking in Crossway Case.

Based on this record, you can easily come to know, about the reputation of the Dolan Law firm.

Types of Personal Injuries:

The Dolan Law firm, offers three types of personal injuries, to its clients, that includes;

  • Genuine Injury to Person,
  • Injury or Emotional Discomfort,
  • The Suffering of Pain.

These three are the main personal injury types that are offered by Dolan Law firms to its customers.

Services Provided by Dolan Law Firm:

As the firm is constantly running for the last 30 years, they have also made a strong connection with the top lawyers in the world. Now, the firm offers all the major services to their clients, related to car accidents, and personal injuries, including;

  • Attorney for Auto Accidents,
  • Criminal Defense Lawyer,
  • Employment Lawyer,
  • Attorney for Uber Accidents, and Lyft Crash Laws,
  • Attorney for Elder Abuse and Neglect,
  • Attorney for Personal Injury in San Francisco.

What kind of Compensation is Obtained, While Filing a Car Accident Lawsuit?

First of all, it completely relies on what type of damages are incurred to your vehicle, and it also includes personal injuries too.

The following is the list of Compensation, which is important to consider while filing a car accident lawsuit.

  1. Property-related damages also play an important role while calculating the compensation amount.
  2. Punitive damages that occur due to any wrongful acts, or illegal acts.
  3. Any illegal death damages, in which the victim was killed.
  4. Any past and future physical pain, mental suffering, and physical disability.
  5. Past and future loss of earning capacity.
  6. Any medical, and hospital expenses, etc. ate included in the list of compensation. 

One more additional compensation is offered by Dolan Law firm, which is known as “Comparative Fault, or Negligence Compensation,” which means in which you are partly responsible for occurring the accident. In such cases, you can appeal to a third party, for giving a partial amount of compensation for all the damages. 

Ways to Protect the Legal Rights After Met with a Car Accident:

If you met with an accident, then your immediate step is to see your safety first. For that, instantly contact 9-1-1, if you are suffered from an injury, and need a medical emergency. Then, it is better to get far from the accidental place and ask for help from the people. 

Now, once you are feeling a little bit safe, then you should consider the following guidelines;

  1. The very first thing to do is, take a photograph of the collision scenes, then your injuries, and also the damages to the car.
  2. Then, keep records of all the medical bills, repair receipts, and wage loss. After that, make the documentation file for the same, which can help you to get the compensation easily.
  3. Then, try to obtain the traffic collision report, as soon as possible, even if the report is not in your favor.
  4. It is very necessary, that you are not at all responsible for the accident. Because the insurance company, always tries to find your fault at the time of the accident, so they have to give less compensation to the victim.
  5. One of the important things is to hire an experienced attorney firm, like Dolan Law to handle your case.

What Types of Documents are Required, When you Met with a Car Accident?

The following is the documented list, then one should submit to their attorney after meeting with an accident:

  • Driver’s License:

As per California’s law, all drivers must have a valid driver’s license. So, if you met with an accident, then you must have your license with you.

  • Vehicle Registration:

It is another important document, which shows that the damaged vehicle is registered in your name.

  • Insurance Card:

All California drivers must have liability insurance with them.

  • Photos of the Accidental Place:

Try to capture photos of the accidental scenario, your injuries, and also of the car damages.

  • Police Report:

Once you met with an accident, you have to immediately contact the police and file a report. It contains all the essential information about the accident like the name of the driver, contact details, car model, etc.

  • Witness Information:

Take the contact of all the witnesses, who have seen the whole accident scenario.

  • Medical Documentation:

While meeting with an accident, if you also get any personal injury then it is your responsibility to collect the list of medical expenses and fix them in a file.

So, these are the important list of all the documents, which will help you to solve your case easily, and also you will get the maximum amount of compensation.

Reason to Choose Dolan Law firm:

From the beginning till now, the Dolan Law firm is one of the reputed and outstanding attorney firms. Since 1995, the Dolan Law firm has successfully handled the case of thousands of people in the San Francisco Bay Area, and all the other surrounding areas of California.

Dolan Law is also known for taking challenges and solving all complicated cases. Not only that but also the founder Chris Dolan obtained an $8,67,500 jury verdict on behalf of the women who had formerly offered only $13,000.

Dolan Law firm also offers a legal representative to all of their clients, who can properly provide guidelines to them, and help to solve their issues. Many advanced facilities are provided by the Dolan Law firm to their customers, that includes;

  • The firm has a team of highly skilled attorneys, who are very polite with their clients, and also guarantee their case confidentiality.
  • It also imparts the facility of substantial investigation, and financial and technological resources, which are not provided by any other firm.
  • Dolan Law firm also has an expert investigator to identify the scenario of a car accident, like who is responsible for the accident, whether the driver has appropriate documents, etc.
  • They also have an economic expert on their team, so they can accurately calculate the actual compensation amount, which the liable party has to pay to their client.

Other than this, the Dolan Law firm has the best rating ratio, i.e., A+ from BBB (Better Business Bureau.)

Overall Review of Dolan Law firm:

After having all the essential information about Dolan Law firm, let’s move towards its overall reviews;

  • Outstanding Records:

As previously discussed, the Dolan Law firm has outstanding case-solving records. They have given justice to thousands of their clients, and also given back their rights.

  • Best Trial Lawyers:

When it comes to personal injury-related cases, no other firm will never-ever take the place of Dolan Law firm. 

  • Leaders Among all the Other Attorney Firms:

The founder of the Dolan Law firm, i.e., Chris Dolan is a great personality. As we have discussed earlier, Chris Dolan has also achieved the title of the best “Personal Injury Lawyer.” Not only that but they personally supervise all of his teamwork and also motivate their lawyers, to solve the case accurately. 

Branches of Dolan Law firm:

The following is the list of all those areas, where the Dolan Law firm works:

  1. San Francisco,
  2. Oakland,
  3. Los Angeles,
  4. Redondo Beach,
  5. California.

Claiming Process of Dolan Law firm:

If we talk about the law of San Francisco, then they have declared that no one can file any car accidental case after six months of the occurrence of accidents. So, the Dolan Law firm also follows this legal procedure for filing the claim of their clients.

Final Words:

Dolan Law firm is an outstanding insurance firm, which is especially known for its personal injury cases. Not only that, but it also has 30+ years of experience. So they have built very strong relations with the other top lawyers, who impart the best advice to their clients. 

By taking this article into consideration, we have shared all the essential information about the Dolan Law firm, including its services, reasons to choose this firm, legal process, and much more.

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