Sonnet Car Insurance Review, Products, Services and Discounts Offered

Sonnet Car Insurance Review

At present, most of us rely on various technologies, which shows the significance of advanced technology. It helps people to complete their work with ease and that too without wasting more time. Likewise, insurance companies also started adopting the benefits of advanced technology. 

The usage of technology in the field of insurance creates both positive, as well as negative impacts. So this article presents information related to one such company named, “Sonnet Insurance Company.” which is entirely based on online products and its services.

About Sonnet Car Insurance:

Sonnet Insurance Company was established in 2016, and it is owned by Canadian Insurance Giant Economical Insurance. The headquarter of Sonnet Insurance Company is situated in Waterloo, Ontario. The main feature of this insurance company is that it is a fully digital insurance company.

The company has a specialization in offering home, and auto insurance to their customer, and that too a fully customizable, which means according to the needs and requirements of their customers. The only mission behind making the company fully digitalized is that they want to provide its services easily to their customer, so that can fit into the budget of their customer.

The best thing about Sonnet Car Insurance is, that the customer can directly go to their official website and buy the insurance directly from them without making any deal with the broker. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Sonnet Car Insurance:

  • Advantages of Sonnet Car Insurance:
  1. As it completely depends on online filling and submitting, it takes less time compared to others. 
  2. The company offers a digital experience to their customer.
  3. The process related to auto insurance quotes is very quick.
  4. The customer also gets their customized products and services, from the company.
  • Disadvantages of Sonnet Car Insurance:
  1. The major drawback of the company is its relevance, people do not easily trust the company as it offers online services.
  2. The rate of Sonnet Insurance Company is rapidly increasing.
  3. The company’s customer service is very poor.
  4. The firm provides its services to a very few provinces, i.e. Ontario, P.E.I., Alberta, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick.

Products Offered by Sonnet Insurance Company:

The Sonnet Insurance Company offers different types of plans, i.e. the Essential, the Preferred, and the Ultimate plans to their customers. Also as we have discussed earlier, the company offers fully customized plans, so  customers can easily fulfill their requirements in one insurance policy itself.

Moreover, the company also offers several coverages options to its customers, including;

  • Rental Costs:

This coverage includes all the comprehensive claims, theft, or any other damages to your car, even if it is your fault for an accident; also the company will pay all the rental vehicle expenses, that you are using until your car is repaired.

  • Non-Owned Vehicle Coverages:

This coverage consists of all those damages that are incurred to your rented vehicle, or borrowed vehicles.

  • Roadside Assistance:

Suppose, you met with an accident, and your vehicle is destroyed, at that time roadside assistance insurance plays an important role in covering your expenses. But the thing is there is some limitation, that up to $50 are provided for any emergency services, such as towing, fuel delivery, and for battery jump-start.

  • New/ Used Vehicle Replacement:

In this coverage, the company will pay all the damages that are incurred to your new car, or used car. Not only that, but the company is also ready to pay all the original amount of your vehicle, without deducting any of the depreciation amounts. Simply put, to reduce the burden on the car owner, the company offers these services to them.

  • Hit and Run Deductible Waiver:

In case, if you met with a Hit and Run accident, then at that time the company will pay for your damages after deducting $1000 and giving you within 24 hours of your accident.

  • Accident Forgiveness:

If you have had a clean driving record for the last 6 years, then the Sonnet Company will not hike your premium after the first at-fault accident.

  • Ticket Forgiveness:

With the help of this insurance coverage you can secure your clean history, and car insurance premium. Simply put, this coverage will protect you against any of the extra charges.

  • Automatic Driver-Vehicle Assignment:

Suppose, if you have multiple vehicles, then the Sonnet insurance company will automatically reduce the cost of the premium.

So, these are the additional coverages offered by Sonnet Car Insurance.

Services Offered by Sonnet Car Insurance Company:

The below-mentioned, are some of the unique features of the Sonnet Insurance Company.

  • Customized Insurance Plans:

As we have discussed earlier, the Sonnet Insurance Company offers you fully customized insurance plans. So, you will not need to pay any extra amount for other coverages.

  • Ease Claiming Process:

The Sonnet Insurance Company gives a quick, and easy claim filing process. i.e., the customer can claim their file on the company’s contact info. 1-844-766-6834. Sonnet’s official website, it is stated that they have 600 specialists ready 24*7 to solve their customer’s queries and problems. 

  • Online Tools:

As we have discussed earlier, the Sonnet insurance company is fully digitalized, and they offer a user-friendly website that helps to boast a high-quality blog section.

  • Financial Strength:

Sonnet Insurance Company is one of the financially stable companies, as this is confirmed by A.M. Best Rating of “A+” (Excellent), which shows that the customer can depend on the company to pay for the claim expenses.

Discounts Provided by the Sonnet Insurance Company:

The Sonnet Insurance Company offers various types of discounts to their customers, such as;

  1. Multiple Vehicle Discounts.
  2. Winter Tire Discounts.
  3. Retiree Discounts.
  4. Bundle Discounts.
  5. Good Driving Discounts, etc.

Review and Ratings of Sonnet Insurance Company:

The economical stability of the company is very strong, so it stands at the second position as BBB has given “A” ratings to the company. But, if we talk about its overall reviews then the company gets 1.6 out of 5, which shows a dissatisfaction level of their customer. Because it is completely an online process, most of the customers avoid writing all the details, and also they are afraid of scams.


Sonnet Insurance Company is the first fully digitalized insurance company, as it provides all the insurance products online to its customers. Not only that, but it also offers discounts related to its products, which makes the company different from other insurance companies. 

So, in this article, we have discussed all the essential information about the Sonnet Insurance Company, including its pros, and cons, products, customer reviews, and more.

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