How To Fight A 50/50 Insurance Claim?

How To Fight A 50/50 Insurance Claim?

People are always confused when they hear about 50/50 Insurance Claims, as they don’t have any exact information. So, first of all, I would like to tell you that there is a slight difference between the 50/50 Insurance claim and the Partly fault Insurance claim. Now, to give you more clarity about the topic, we have written this article.

Thus, here in this article, we would like to provide all the essential information about the 50/50 Insurance claim, such as its actual meaning, the types, how it works, and much more.

So, stay connected with the article, and read each piece of information carefully to know about the 50/50 Insurance claiming policy. 

What is a 50/50 Insurance Claim?

A 50/50 Insurance Claim is nothing but an accident where both parties are equally responsible for the accident. Now for more clarity, let’s take an example: Suppose you are driving your car out at an average speed, and on the opposite side, the driver of another vehicle has not given you any signal before the turn. You both have crashed into each other’s car.

So, that moment includes a 50/50 Insurance claim, where both parties are equally responsible for an accident. 

Now, let’s take a few more examples of 50/50 Insurance Claims, which would give you more clarity about the concept.

Examples of 50/50 Insurance Claims:

Generally, there are many examples of such types of accidents, but the most commons are as follows;

  • When taking turns, for instance, one driver suddenly makes a U-turn without giving any signal; on the other side, another driver has also taken a right turn without any sign; and they both meet with a car crash.
  • Two drivers suddenly turn in the same lane without any prior signals.
  • Two drivers lost their speeding control on a four-way track and crashed their cars with each other. 

We hope you understand the concept better after reading some common examples of the 50/50 Insurance claim. And so, let’s move toward another topic.

What Happens When Anyone Claims 50/50 Insurance Against You?

So, firstly, we know the meaning of a 50/50 Insurance claim, right? But what if someone has made a 50/50 Insurance Claim against you? And many other questions arise in the mind of readers related to this particular situation.

So, there is nothing to worry about in such a situation. Because whenever such a problem arises, one thing is evident: both parties are equally responsible for the same. Also, we call it a Split Liability Car Insurance Claim.

So, your insurance company, first check your side of the fault, that is, why and what happens at the time of the accident, and also check if it happens because of careless driving or other reasons, like slippery roads, poor construction, etc.

Once everything has been sorted, your insurance company will provide some of the claiming amounts from your side to the other party, and the vice versa situation is also created for the other party.

So, there is nothing to worry about when anyone claims a 50/50 Insurance claim against you because it is just a way to divide the damage expenses between the two parties equally. 

How 50/50 Insurance Claims Work?

The working process of the 50/50 Insurance Claims takes a lot of work, as both parties already accept their fault. But, still, for more clarity, both the party’s Insurance companies will do a little investigation from their side to decide the final claiming amount. 

Also, there are a few questions that the Car Insurance adjuster will ask you, such as;

  • About the accidental place?
  • The date and timing of the accidental place?
  • List of all the other members that were involved in an accident.
  • The reason behind the accident
  • Where were you going?
  • Have you made any police complaints about the same, etc. are the questions that your insurance adjuster will ask as a part of the investigation.

How To Fight 50/50 Insurance Claim?

Now, in a situation where you disagree with the other party’s claim against you. So, at that moment, you have all the right to fight or appeal against that claim.

So, in that situation, your first step is to talk with your adjuster’s supervisor about the matter and give them sufficient proof of the accidental place. Also, you need to provide a written letter to your insurance company that you disagree with the claim, and you can also request a re-investigation.

Also, if you need any other information about appealing, you can take the help of a well-known lawyer or your insurance agent, who will help you solve this issue. 

Final Words:

So, this article is especially for those unfairly associated with any 50/50 Insurance claim process and need to know the exact next steps.

This article will help you know your next step in that situation. Also, there are many people for whom the 50/50 Insurance Claim is a new term, so here we have also provided you with basic details about the 50/50 Insurance Claim.

Hopefully, readers will get all the essential information about the 50/50 Insurance claim after reading this article. And still, if you feel any query related to any insurance concept, feel free to share that in our website’s comment section. 

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