Titan Invest Review with Key Features: Explained

Titan Invest Review:

We all know that people are always in search of the best investment firms, through which they can ensure their fund’s safety. But, there are only a few people, who know the correct method for investment, but others are not much aware of these things, and because of this, they are not able to invest in the right platform.

So, in this article, we will discuss an investment firm, that is especially known as an advisory firm, named,” Titan Invest”. This firm provides guidelines to all investors, about selecting the best investment options according to their requirements. Now, read this article carefully to know more about the “Titan Invest” firm, including its features, customer reviews, and so on.

What is Titan Invest?

Titan Invest is a type of robo-advisor, whose functions are unique compared to other investors. Titan provides a feature of actively managing the stocks, rather than offering ETF-based portfolios. Titan Invest aims to provide an access strategy to all investors, which they can use to earn high returns. 

Not only that, but the company also offers three different options, that is to manage the funds actively, equity portfolios, and also crypto-only funds options. Titan Invest is the best option for all those investors, who like to take a risk and beat the stock market’s returns.

A Glimpse of Titan Invest:

Titan Invest was established in 2018. It offers investors to access the four actively managed portfolios,  here is the list of all four portfolios offered by the company; including;

  1. Titan Flagship
  2. Titan Opportunities
  3. Titan Offshore
  4. Titan Crypto

Let’s see what are the pros and cons of the Titan Investment companies.

Advantages and Drawbacks of Titan Invest:

Advantages of Titan Invest:

  1. The major advantage of Titan Invest is that it offers a unique investment option to its investors.
  2. Titan Invest will manage all the portfolios of their investors, by taking the help of advanced technology.
  3. It has an extreme level of potential to beat its competitors.
  4. The investors get several additional options for investments.
  5. The staff members of Titan Invest are very helpful to their customers and provide valuable advice to their investors.
  6. Also, it has good cash management, which helps you to maintain a good cash flow for the firm.

Drawbacks of Titan Invest:

  1. The fee structure of Titan Invest is relatively high, as its main purpose is to give its best advice to investors.
  2. The risk level is also high, compared to the index funds. 
  3. The tracking record of Titan Invest is very limited.
  4. It charges a 1% fee for each account whose limit is more than $10,000.

Key Features of Titan Invest:

The followings are the key features of Titan Invest:

  • Aggressive Investment Styles:

The main reason for considering the Titan Invest company for investing is that the firm gives a good return to its customers. If we consider the report of 2020, which is a critical time all over the world, as all are suffering from a very serious disease called,” pandemic”. Even in this situation, the company has delivered a 44.42% rate of return to all its investors.

If we see the annual growth rate of the company’s portfolio, then it is double that of the long-term average returns of the stock market, and that is 22.4%.

As per our previous discussion, the firm uses a unique strategy to generate the funds, and it is the reason, behind getting a high return to all its investors. Titan Invest is using an aggressive investment style, which mainly focuses on picking up individual stocks and using them in ETFs (Exchange-traded Funds.)

  • Portfolio Options:

Once, you sign up to this company’s official website, then you get a few different portfolio options, including;

  • Titan Flagship:

This portfolio is for those investors, who want to invest in a small group of large-cap domestic stocks. The average market cap of the portfolio is around $500 billion.

  • Titan Opportunities:

Titan Opportunities is for those investors, who want to get access to small and mid-cap growth strategies. The average market cap of this portfolio is around $9 billion. But the thing is, to access this portfolio, the investor needs to maintain an account balance of up to $10,000.

  • Titan Offshore:

This portfolio helps to access the list of international stocks in both developed and emerging markets. If we take the opportunity portfolio, then the stocks are selected based on their potential to deliver returns.

  • Titan Crypto:

This type of portfolio is an actively managed portfolio of crypto assets, that helps the investors for a strong long-run return, by offering a minimal correlation to U.S. equities.

  • ARK Venture Fund:

Titan Invest also has a good partnership with Cathy Wood’s ARK investment firm and creates an ARK Venture Fund. As, Cathy is one of the first venture capital funds that provide their services to all non-accredited investors, who can invest their funds for a little $500. 

  • Safety and Security:

As safety is the main concern of all investors, they invest their funds only if they find the firm secure. The Titan Investment accounts are covered by SIPC insurance on balances up to $5,00,000. It means, supposes you have lost your money due to any other reason, then you can again join the firm, and can start earning again. Titan uses an SSL connection with 256-bit encryption to secure their investor’s details.

  • Mobile Application:

Here, we have a piece of good news for all those investors, who want to be a part of investing, as they also have an option for a mobile application. By using this, the investors can easily access the company’s website on their phones.

  • Multiple Account Types:

Again, this is one of the significant features of Titan Invest company, as they offer multiple account types. For instance, if you want to start your career journey as an investor, then also the Titan Invest Firm offers you a range of options. The types include taxable brokerage accounts, traditional IRAs, and Roth IRAs.

Customers Review About Titan Invest:

We know that true customer reviews can help the firm to enhance its performance. So, now let’s see what are the customer’s point of view, regarding the “Titan Invest Company.”

First of all, the overall rating of the firm is 3 stars, which shows the average ratings. But, the customers are highly satisfied with the bits of advice, that are given by the experts of the firm. 

Not only that, but the company also gives surety to their customer about their fund’s security. So, by seeing this, we can say that the firm is continuously trying to improve its performance through which the customer trusts the company, and it helps “Titan Invest” to build a good image in the market


“Titan Invest” is one of the reputed advisory firms, which helps investors to select the best suitable option for their investment. One interesting thing about this firm is that they also allow all those people who are new to this field. 

So, in this article, we have discussed all the essential information about Titan Invest. So more, and more people can join the company to get some interesting investment for themselves.

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