How To File An Insurance Claim With USPS?

How To File An Insurance Claim With USPS?

Most people, who have engaged in any import or export business, know very well about the meaning of USPS Insurance claim, but what about those who are not much into such business or things? So, for them, here we have presented all the information related to USPS Insurance Claim.

Thus, read the entire article carefully to know how the process works when making any claim. 

Now, let’s start the article by knowing the actual meaning of the Insurance Claim.

What is USPS Insurance Claim?

Moving directly toward the method is not applicable here because there are only a few people who know the actual meaning of the USPS Insurance Claim, then what about others?

So, for them, here we first share a brief overview of the USPS Insurance claim and when it is functional.

USPS stands for United States Postal Services. The primary purpose of this USPS is to impart coverage of up to $5,000 to all merchandise that has to face loss or damages single-handedly. Also, anyone with the USPS policy and their use has a liability limit of up to $50,000.

In short, USPS is mainly stated in an Insurance policy for merchandise people who face an expensive loss due to natural calamities or other manufactured reasons.

How to File an Insurance Claim With USPS?

Due to natural calamities, the merchandise must suffer massive damage and destruction; they must use their USPS Insurance policy urgently. So, in that case, they have three methods to use; here in this article, we will provide all the critical information about all three ways.

First, take a direct look at the name of all three methods;

  1. Time being and well-supported claiming method
  2. Domestic Claim Filling Method
  3. International Claim Filing Method

Now, let’s study all three ways, one after another.

Time being and well-supported claiming method:

This is the one way to claim your USPS insurance policy. This method uses a few straightforward and quick steps, such as;

  • The first thing you need to do is check whether the loss or damages to your product exist in your insurance claim policy. For that, if you have any query, then you can also take the help of your insurance company and ask them about your damages and whether it is available in the list of packages or not. Usually, the package gets a claim if it is registered through the mail, and insurance services, such as;  
  1. Insurance
  2. Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express
  3. International Registered Mail Services
  4. Collect on Delivery
  5. Global Express Guaranteed, etc.
  • Now, if the merchandise has lost USPS mail, they can submit a search request for a missing package. But it is mainly for those who lost their mail and don’t want to make a claim. And also can take the help of the USPS official website, which is
  • The most important thing is collecting all the essential documents before going through the legal claiming process. If you have any confusion related to the paper, here we have a few lists you can attach, like, label number or tracking number with 10-30 characters, photos of the container, insurance-related proofs, pictures of the damages, etc., are included. 
  • Now, if you have received any damages or items, you have a right to claim against the third party, but for that, you need to keep that package until the complete process gets over because it is the only evidence you have with you.
  • It is very vital to claim within their given period. And all states and policies have time limits to claims, such as Priority Mail Express, which offers a 7-60 days period for filing a claim.

Domestic Claim Filling Method:

This is the second method, mainly used when merchandise wants to make any Domestic claims, with the help USPS claiming process.

  • In case you want to make any claim at a domestic level, then firstly, you have to create an account on the website.
  • Afterward, you must go into the account and click on Or you can also start with an Online Claim, already available on their website.
  • Then, your next step is to make all the details about your package and enter it 100% accurately.
  • Once everything is filled correctly, your next step is to review the claim details and press the submit button.
  • After submitting the mail, you must call 1-800-ASK-U SPS or (1-800-275-8777)to inform us about your submitted mail.
  • The last step is to update your claiming status via call or mail. 

International Claim Filing Method:

This is the third and last method for claiming international packages. So, it includes the following points;

  • The first step is almost the same in domestic and international claims: creating an account on the website.
  • Now, if you are claiming the mail from the US, you must do an International online query first after creating an account.
  • Then, enter your international tracking or label number for the package you want to claim.
  • Also, you can directly call the international research group if you have their contact details.
  • The main thing is to follow the time process for making a claim; if you miss your deadline, you are not eligible to make a claim.
  • Now, fill the claim ideally without any error, and attach it with a supporting document.
  • You can contact their helping desk number to check your claim status.

So, these three are the claiming process that the merchandise uses when making any USPS Insurance claim.

Final Words:

This article is for those associated with daily import and export business and who face massive damages for several reasons. So, in this article, we have presented the importance of the USPS insurance policy, which will help the merchandise to reduce their loss or damages.

We hope you get a complete idea about the USPS Insurance claiming process after reading this article; If you still have any queries, feel free to comment on our website’s comment section.

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