Stash Stock Party Review – Stash Pricing Structure and Everything You Need to Know

Stash Stock Party Review – Stash Pricing Structure and Everything You Need to Know

Have you considered investing but with safety and for the long term? Well, there are many financial institutions out there offering various investment offers and schemes. But not all of us can get it thoroughly. Everything related to finance and investment seems quite intimidating because we are unaware of it. 

Still have to start somewhere? Here we have one such investment related to buying stock and investing at the right time in the right way. It is called Stash Stock Party. Let’s get to know all the vital information related to it and more. 


Stash was established in 2015 with one motto – to help the common man help invest and grow their funds through smart investment. It focuses more on younger investors and upcoming entrepreneurs who want to be financially independent and start their businesses or a startup. 

Two former Wall Street employees, Ed Robinson and Brandon Krieg created Stash. Their main goal was to help ordinary people towards building long-term wealth. There are various plans from which users can choose the most suitable one at some annual charge.

There are many plans for which they also offer various services through which users can learn more about stocks. 

There are monthly fees based services such as:

  • Retirement and Brokerage Accounts
  • Bank Account with Debit Card
  • Robo-Adviser Investing Service
  • And more. 

To do that, Stash has also started to educate users through the plans mentioned above and services. 

Stash Pricing Structure and Plans:

There are mainly two tiers viz. Stash Growth is offered at $3 per month, and another one is Stash+ which is available at a slightly higher rate, $9 per month. 

Stash Beginner:

The beginner is a simple, just like its name suggests, Beginner level stock information available at $1 per month. It includes Stock-back cards, Saving tools, Banking, Investing, Personalized advice, and more. Also, users will receive $1k life insurance offered by Avibra. 

Stash Growth:

This is advanced, offering everything from the Stash Beginner plan and more. It also includes Smart Portfolio, Retirement, Personalized Retirement Advice, and Tax benefits for retirement benefits.  For this, users have to pay $3 per month and avail of all the benefits mentioned here. 


This pro plan offers so much more compared to the other two plans. Stash+ offers everything offered in Stash Growth plus many other benefits. An exclusive Stock-back card bonus and 2x stock with the Stock-back Card are offered. They also offer excellent advice and search options. On top of that, life insurance here is $10k.  This plan, Stash+, costs $9 per month. 

Minimum Deposit:

  • For the bank account, there is no minimum amount; users can also opt to have zero balance accounts. 
  • For Smart Portfolio, users must have a $5 minimum balance. 
  • For Roth and traditional IRAs, there is a $0.01 fee applicable. 
  • Annual fees vary around $36. 

What is Stash Stock Party?

This is something new, and if you are into investment and finance, you might find it fascinating. So, the Stash Stock Party is meet that happens once every week, and users are notified right when it is about to start. 

To be in the know of each Stash Stock Party, users are advised to be active on Twitter because it is where they will be sharing the latest news and updates regarding the latest Stash Stock Party. 

Throughout each party, Stash offers stocks of well-known international brands such as Apple, Amazon, Peloton, and more which users can grab if they see fit. There are also additional rewards for everyone who has joined that specific Stash Party. 

Moreover, sharing the link with your friends will earn you a bonus stock reward. 

How to Know About Upcoming Stash Party?

As discussed earlier, users can stay active on Twitter and get notified regarding upcoming Stash parties. Along with that, the official website of Stash also offers related information. A few of the schedules are mentioned for the upcoming Stash Stock Party. Interested users may add it to their calendars, so they don’t miss out on the beneficial party from Stash. 

How does Stash Stock Party Work?

Users need to Sign Up and then Log-in to earn various bonus stocks. 

Once you claim stocks you are interested in, your rewards appear in the Personal Portfolio in 3-4 business days. 

Also, sharing the party link with your friends will increase bonus stock. As more parties are involved, the pot will be bigger, and as a result, everyone will receive higher stocks. 

Final Verdict

For financial nerds and investors – investing in platforms such as Stash would be beneficial. It does not just offer new opportunities to get more stock and profits while keeping it safe, compared to most other schemes and institutes.

For beginners, you can opt for the beginner plan, whereas those with little knowledge can go for the Stash+ and then move forward. Along with that, Stash Stock Party is an exciting investment chance. 

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