United Financial Casualty Company Review, Types of Insurance, Offers, and Everything Else

United Financial Casualty Company Review, Types of Insurance, Offers, and Everything Else

United Financial Casualty Company – is a subsidiary of Progressive, which is popular for its commercial auto insurance and coverage services. The company is located in Cleveland city and has a vast customer base, offering various insurance policies and coverage services. Let’s look at the detailed review of United Financial Casualty Company. 

About the Company

The company was established in 1984, and Michael Willian Bissler is the President. It is a subsidiary company of Progressive Commercial Holdings Inc. If we look at the market share, this firm is the largest commercial auto insurance company. Most of the surrounding area’s small businesses prefer commercial vehicle coverage from the United Financial Casualty Company.

Since 2022, this insurance firm has come into the limelight after receiving the A+, i.e., Superior rating, for its financial strength. The rating is given by AM Best – which is an independent rating agency that works throughout the insurance industry.  

United Financial Casualty Company Offers:

Insurance Offered By United Financial Casualty Company:

The firm offers a variety of insurance for its valuable customers. Insurance categories include Auto Insurance, Boat Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance, and more. 

Along with insurance, there are many other services, such as claim assistance, comparison tools, and insurance discounts offered by the company. United Financial Casualty is associated with Progressive – offering many other services. These services include Food truck insurance, van insurance, and many others. 

The most popular services offered by the United Financial Casualty Company include insurance for Truck, Vans, Dump Truck, Tow Truck, Business, Auto, Food Truck, and more. 

Various commercial quotes are given by the company that covers a multitude of damage and payments, including: 

  • Physical damage, including collision, comprehensive as well as theft, and fire damages, are covered by the company. 
  • Liability coverage for property damage, bodily injuries, and more is also covered in the insurance. 
  • The insurance company will cover medical expenses and other medical charges if there are multiple passenger injuries. 
  • If the motorist is uninsured, even after that, the insurance company will pay medical coverage and other medical bills. They are liable to pay for you and any other injured passengers.  
  • There are coverages for vehicles you borrow, hire, leave, or rent. Hence no matter which type of vehicle you have and use, there is nothing to worry about when you have insurance from United Financial Casualty Company. 
  • Throughout the policy term, any other vehicles purchased by you will also be covered under the policy by the company. 
  • The company also lets its customers have additional/ especially coverage for their pets, cargo, trucks, and more properties and vehicles. 

As we discussed earlier, United Financial Casualty Company partnering with Progressive offers many benefits to customers, such as:

Contractors Insurance: For those who often have their business related to various work contracts. 

Professional Liability Insurance: Those who are employers and have several employees working for them professionally will likely need professional liability insurance that will fulfill related requirements for all the employees. 

General Liability Insurance: The United FInaincial Casualty Company’s insurance plans also offer any liability that comes under general insurance. 

Business Owners Insurance: There is various business owner insurance that will protect business owners throughout all their deals, investments, selling, purchase, and more. 

Cyber Insurance: We all are aware of various cyber threats received by even small companies and MNCs. To protect your organization’s data and privacy – having such cyber insurance in today’s world would be a smart idea. 

Liquor Liability Insurance: Those who own bars, casinos, and cafes which also serve alcoholic beverages – can also choose to have liquor liability insurance. So that they can protect their assets as well as properties against any damage. 

Commercial Property Insurance: It can also be a part of the Business owners’ policy, and if you choose, it can also work as a separate insurance. It will help you to protect your business place, i.e., commercial property, whether it is on rent or owned by you. 

Health Insurance: One of the most common insurance types yet, the most important for all of us. Various categories fall under health insurance, and United Financial Casualty Company offers all of them. 

Employee Pet Insurance: Other insurance types will also benefit your employees and their pets. 

Final Words

Given the A+ strength from AM Best, United Financial Casualty offers many types of insurance and the best possible coverages for all of them. Still, some customers might have concerns because of the higher number of complaints received by the firm. 

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