NORSTRAT Consulting: Facts, Services and Everything You Need to Know

NORSTRAT Consulting: Full Review

It is well known that ”A Good Piece of Advice, Always Helps you to Clear your Vision.” Similarly, the consultation also works as providing proper guidelines to their clients. Currently, everyone needs a consultation, whether it is related to their personal or professional life. Considering this point of view, many firms are specially established for giving consultation programs to their clients, like BCG, NORSTRAT, etc.

In this article, we will discuss one such type of consulting firm, named “NORSTRAT Consulting.” This firm provides a leadership consultancy, which helps organizations build their strengths and capabilities to accept all the risky and challenging factors related to their firm. The consulting firm also offers various training methods to build up the strength of the NORSTRAT consultation, through which the organizations efficiently fulfill their strategic goals.

Thus, stay connected with this article until the end to learn more about one of the significant consultancy firms, “NORSTRAT.” 

Everything You Need To Know About NORSTRAT Consulting:

Lee Carson is the founder of NORSTRAT Consulting firm, which was founded in the year 1988. Lee Carson is a highly experienced communicator, working as a head advisor for many years at Canada’s Department of National Resources.

Then, in 2010, the company collaborated with Canadian armed forces and government officials. NORSTRAT started their consulting firm with a tiny office in Canada, then expanded their business in the United States. The company’s main focus is to cover all the business market and impart digital marketing strategies to their clients, including products, public relations, and telecommunication services.

The company’s main motto is to develop a “Northern Strategy,” which was established at the time of prime minister Stephen Harper’s era. The company’s name was also built on the base of Northern and Strategy.

Simply put, NORSTRAT Consulting was established with the motive of helping the other organization with their planning strategies using the communication forms like public relations and marketing, providing information related to advertising, etc.

Before moving ahead with the brief information regarding NORSTRAT Consulting, understand the meaning of Canadian Northern Strategy.

Canadian Northern Strategy:

The Canadian Northern Strategy is based on four essential requirements, including;

  • Advancing Social and Economic Development.
  • Enhancing and Developing the Northern Governance.
  • Protecting Environmental Heritage.
  • Applying Arctic Sovereignty.

Interesting Facts About NORSTRAT:

The following are some of the interesting facts related to NORSTRAT:

  1. The firm uses the technologies like JQuery Migrate, Google API,, etc.
  2. They permit their users to select any suitable packages through which they can satisfy their needs and demands.
  3. It works with some of the largest companies, like Airbus Defence, Space, etc.
  4. They offer a range of services to their clients, like Planning and Development, Advertising Agencies, etc.
  5. Their clients also get many opportunities to grow their business, and the firm helps them set the strategies per future requirements.
  6. It also focuses on exploring more and more oil companies so that they can develop the latest systems in such companies.


Now, after knowing the meaning of NORSTRAT, people are interested to know more about it, like where it is valid, what are their goals, and much more questions arise in the mind of people related to NORSTRAT.

As we previously discussed, the NORSTRAT is helpful for both private and government sectors to implement several Northern Strategies. Moreover to that, it also helps the brands to develop specific skills which are related to that particular field.

The NORSTRAT is also helpful in providing the aptitude to various departments like Media Relations, Marketing Communication, Corporate Communication, Public Affairs, Research, Intelligence Services, etc.

Services Offered By NORSTRAT:

NORSTRAT Consulting firm provides help to their customers related to every kind of business activity. Also, they assist the companies regarding any launching programs and implementing their clients’ retention and acquisition strategies. 

Other than that, the firm is also an expert in various service sectors, like;

  1. They provide their clients with the best management pieces of advice and assistance facilities.
  2. It also prescribes operational needs and procurement strategies.
  3. It also supports defining your projects and gives you expertise and knowledge regarding consequences.
  4. The firm also helps clients with making a new brand identity.
  5. The firm mainly focuses on imparting the Northern Strategy Campaign guidelines to its customers. 
  6. Cabinet from Memoranda.
  7. Imparts their clients a good way of communication administration chances.
  8. Also, have to build a community of all the employers and employees.

So, these are the list of services which are offered by NORSTRAT Consulting firm.

Now, moving towards our next point, which is related to the list of clients to whom the firm is providing its services.

Client List of NORSTRAT:

As previously discussed, NORSTRAT mainly wants to develop the concept of Canada’s Northern Strategy in the mind of government officials and industrial clients. 

So, below mentioned is the list of clients to whom the NORSTRAT consulting serves:

  1. Saab Technologies Canada (Via H+K),
  2. Northewestel (Via H+K),
  3. Aerospace Review,
  4. Canadian Space Agency (Via Deloitte),
  5. AlphaSights,
  6. Babcock (Via H+K),
  7. Deloitte,
  8. Aker Solution,
  9. Canadian Coast Guard,
  10. Astrium SAS,
  11. Cassidian,
  12. L-3 MAS (Via H+K),
  13. L-3 MariPro,
  14. Kraken Sonar Systems,
  15. Airbus Defence and Space,
  16. Hill+knowlton Canada,
  17. General Dynamics Canada,
  18. Ultra Electronics Marine Systems,
  19. Raytheon Canada Support Services,
  20. MacDonald Dettwiler,
  21. Calian (Via H+K) and many more are included in the list of NORSTRAT Clients.

How Does NORSTRAT Consulting help Business Sectors to Grow?

After knowing much essential information about the NORSTRAT Consulting firm, people are wondering about the points like how it is helpful in business, which methods and techniques they used to grow the business sectors, what strategies they used, and much more.

So, here we will provide you with a piece of information regarding the ways through which the NORSTRAT helps the business sectors to grow their services.

As far as we know, NORSTRAT is well-known for providing high-quality services, training, development facilities, transportation services, etc., to the worldwide business and private and public sectors.

Also, all the networks connected with the NORSTRAT firm get a considerable amount of perks and benefits from the firm, and that too in various forms. It consists of a workshop of expert professionals, provides executive software training to the organization’s employees, and frequently sets a program so more members can gain knowledge.

Now, let’s see the list of the training program, which is offered by NORSTRAT Consulting firm to its clients:

Numerous types of training programs were initiated by NORSTRAT Consulting firm, including;

  • Entrepreneurship,
  • Franchising,
  • Leadership Programs,
  • Business Training Programs,
  • Professional Development Workshops. Etc, are provided by the NORSTRAT firm.

Systems Developed by NORSTRAT Consulting:

The firm mainly developed two systems, namely,

  • Underwater Search System:

 It is a modern concept brought to you by the NORSTRAT consulting firm. This underwater search system completely depends upon satellite imagination. The main function of this system is to see the surface area of water.

  • Oil and Gas System:

The purpose of developing this system is to permit all the oil companies to find the best oil and gas deposits under the ocean floors.

NORSTRAT Proficiency:

We all know that NORSTRAT is specifically known for implementing its Northern Strategy without any failing ratio. Hence, here are a few other names for which the NORSTRAT firm is well-known.

  • Project Management:

The NORSTRAT Consulting firm has worked on many projects for almost a decade. So, now they are experts in handling project management.

  • Business Growth:

NORSTRAT stands in the top position as the business grows and achieves massive success from the federal government’s side. Not only that, but the firm also imparts innovative operating strategies to their clients, which helps them to achieve their overall strategic planning.

  • Focused Capital Project:

The firm has focused on three main projects, namely;

  • Radarsat,
  • Radarsat 2, and 
  • Maritime Coastal Defense Vessels.

This is the experienced field of NORSTRAT Consulting firm.


We have already discussed the list of services offered by the firm, yes? But, NORSTRAT is also prominently known for one of their additional services, whose name is “EXPRESS.” with the help of “NORSTRAT EXPRESS” people can easily find their consumers panels and also selects the suitable group of people for their services.

Now, let’s discuss a few characteristics of the “NORSTRAT EXPRESS”

  • With the help of “EXPRESS” services, you can quickly set up things by pressing one button.
  • It is a kind of automatic solution provider, and that too at a very reasonable cost.
  • “NORSTRAT EXPRESS” allows the access of 500+ respondents and gives the results within an hour.
  • It is a type of self-service setup in which you can easily take over the surveys without facing much trouble.

Thus, these are a few distinctive characteristics of NORSTRAT EXPRESS.

Parting Words:

“NORSTRAT Consulting” is one of the prominent consulting firms established in Canada. The firm’s owner, Mr. Lee Carson, has contributed many years of his life working at Canada’s Department of National Resources as a head advisor. Hence, he started their firm, where he stands as the communicator. Not only that, but NORSTRAT Consulting is offering its consulting services to many organizations.

The firm’s main focus is to make more and more people aware of the Northern Strategy. Also, they provide a range of training programs to help all those businesses build their strengths. 

So in this article, we have provided all the essential information about NORSTRAT Consulting Firm, like their services, and the client list to whom they are providing their services also came to know about one of its popular services, named “NORSTRAT EXPRESS,” and much more.

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