Zurich Insurance Reviews, Products, and Services with Group Benefits

Zurich Insurance Reviews, Products, and Services, with Group Benefits:

We have good news, for all the Switz people, as they have one of the  reputed insurance companies in their country, named, “Zurich Insurance Company.” It is one of the oldest companies, continuously trying to offer unique insurance products and benefits to its customers.

Zurich is imparting its services, in various insurance areas, and also gives group benefits, workmen’s compensation benefits, and much more to their customers, and that too at a very affordable rate. 

Let’s discuss more this insurance company, and get to know about all the benefits that they are offering. Stay with us throughout this article, and read all the other essential information, including the reviews about the Zurich Insurance Company.

What is Zurich Insurance?

Zurich Insurance was established in the year 1872, as the reinsurance arm of a maritime company, in Switzerland. But, at the end of the twentieth century, the company was divided into two branches, i.e. Accident, Burglary Insurance; at present, it is one of the world’s largest insurance companies.

The company is continuously increasing various insurance products and services, and it also started offering policies, such as car, home, travel, health, life insurance, and retirement products.

If we talk about the current marketing position of Zurich Insurance Company, then it operates in 170 countries, involving the UK, and the US, and is also the largest insurance company in Switzerland.

Why Zurich is Popular?

Zurich is well-known for its range of products that they are providing to its customers, depending upon their requirements and the location. For instance, it offers separate farmers’ insurance group benefits, as well as several other commercial insurance packages, employee-related benefits offers, and much more.

Insurance Products and Services Offered by the Zurich Insurance Company:

Zurich Offers several products and services to their customer. The company not only provides insurance packages, but it also offers a list of benefits which they provide especially to all the employees, working in the US, and Canada.

Now, let’s see what are the group benefits offered by the Zurich Insurance Company.

Group Benefits:

Group benefits are especially for all those paid employers, and for the voluntarily paid employees who are working to run their businesses, such as;

  1. Group Accident
  2. Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
  3. Group Life
  4. Business Travel Accident
  5. Student and Participant Accident
  6. Occupational Accident for Truckers
  7. Medical Stop Loss
  8. Managed Care Excess
  9. Long-term, and Short-term Disability
  10. Ex-patriate, and International Health

These are the group benefits offered by the Zurich Insurance Company.

Worker’s Compensation Benefits under the Zurich Insurance Company:

  • Auto Rental Insurance:

Auto Rental Insurance includes liability coverages and physical damages coverages; and this product is especially for those types of customers who want the services for both, their auto, and truck rentals.

  • Builder’s Risk:

This type of coverage is available for full construction projects or renovations; and it depends upon the size of the building, i.e. whether it is for a single-family or a large family.

  • Casualty and Liability:

This type of insurance coverage includes domestic and international casualty insurance, and it also provides Professional Employment Organizations (PEO), and much more.

Property Insurance:

The Property Insurance program of Zurich Insurance Company is unique compared to other companies, i.e. it can be sold to the individual, or it is mixed with the packages that are offered by the business program. It also includes Multinational Insurance services for its customers.

Commercial Auto:

The Zurich Insurance Company provides a variety of options for commercial autos depending on their needs. It has 250+ options for Commercial Auto Policies, and includes, from a company car to heavy trucking fleets. 

Life Insurance:

When we talk about the life insurance plans of the Zurich insurance company, then, it offers mainly three coverages for the life insurance policy, and the customer can add any other benefits too, in their life insurance plans.

  1. Level Term Covers:
  2. Increasing Term Covers:
  3. Decreasing Term Covers:

Other life insurance benefits are offered by Zurich insurance companies, such as Critical Illness Coverages, Children’s Benefits, and Multi-fracture Coverages.

Program Business Insurance:

Program Business Insurance means, a business insurance program, in which the company includes a variety of products, and services related to their business, like;

  1. Automotive Aftermarket
  2. Captives
  3. Construction
  4. ERISA Fidelity Bonds
  5. Financial Institution
  6. Hospitality, Recreation, and Travel
  7. Professional Services
  8. Property
  9. Sovereign Indian Nations, etc.
  • Other Products:

Other products of Zurich Insurance company include surety bonds, cybersecurity, trade credits, and political risks.   

Competitive Rates of Zurich Insurance Company:

If you are connecting with the company, through its official website, then there are no rates for any products. The company has very clearly mentioned it, and its products, and policies are on its website. So, being a customer, it completely depends upon you to select the best suitable policy from your side, which fits into your budget.

Claiming Process of Zurich Insurance Company:

Zurich Insurance Company offers multiple ways to claim insurance. The very first way is by directly submitting the online form of the claim on the official website of the company. 

Another way is by contacting the company on their toll-free number, their staff is available 24*7 to serve their customers. Also, you can directly go through its official website, where the company has mentioned a list of fax numbers and email addresses that can help you to file the claim.

The customer can also file a claim, by uploading the documents, and by taking follow-up questions about their claiming process.

The website also provides individual claiming reports; and has an FAQ section through which you can easily get an idea about filling out the details.

Reviews and Rating for the Zurich Insurance Company:

As we discussed earlier, the Zurich Insurance Company is one of the reputable companies in Switzerland, offering various types of products, and services to their customer. So now, let’s see what their customer says about the services provided by the Zurich Insurance Company.

But, before moving towards their customer’s review, here we have a rating ratio of the Company which was given by BBB (Better Business Bureau), and that is A+. 

The company has had 66 complaints against them, in the last three years, which is comparatively lower, than others. Again, the company has 55 negative reviews from the side of their customer, and most are based on their claiming process, which is very common for such types of companies.

If we talk about, the overall reviews, and rating ratio, then we can say that the company is showing its hard work to solve all the issues of its customers, so it still has a good image in the insurance market.


Zurich Insurance Company is an outstanding company, which provides a range of insurance products and services to its customers. In this article, we have discussed all the essential info about the company, not only that, but we have also shared reviews and ratings of Zurich Insurance company, which shows their market images, and customer satisfaction ratio.

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