Is Egging A House Illegal? : Punishment, Charges, and More

Is Egging A House Illegal? : Punishment, Charges, and More

We all know that eggs are widely used as a cooking ingredient, but there are also a few additional uses. For instance, in today’s world, we have heard of an activity called “Egging a House,” played by the younger generation or children as a part of a joke or prank. They destroyed others’ properties knowingly or unknowingly, which is a part of vandalism activity. 

So before doing this kind of prank, it is essential to know that such type of activity is “Illegal” and a type of “Crime.” People may face legal troubles if they are performing the “Egging a House” activity.

Also, they may have to pay some of the penalties for committing such activities or even gets a punishment of prisonments. It entirely relies on the laws of different states.

This article will provide crucial information regarding illegal activity called “Egging a House.” Stay connected with this article to learn more thing about the same.

What is Egging a House?

Egging a House is also known as “Egg Blowing” or “Chucking Eggs.” This is a kind of prank for youngsters who throws eggs at another’s house and damages another’s property intentionally. Such acts are widespread, but people don’t know that egging a house is a type of illegal activity. 

If anyone performs this act, the liable party must pay some penalties for egging a house as per their law’s rules and regulations. Not only that, but the person may also have to pay for the damages they incurred on others’ houses.

In many cases, it is found that the person who has committed this act feels guilty of doing such nonsense, and the government charges them with “misdemeanor crimes” or “crimes of mischief” charges. This activity is not at all part of a joke or prank. According to the consideration of law, this act is callous and malicious, which includes lengthy legal procedures. 

Now, if you are the one who suffered from such activity, then your first duty is to contact your law enforcement agency and share every detailed information about the situation. Then, understand the other legal steps that you should take against such activity.

Is Egging a House Misdeed?

First of all, it is essential to know that the activity of “Egging a House,” performed by the people as a part of a prank or joke that causes damage to someone’s property, is a type of crime. Because the outer part of the egg is a type of hard rock, which caused damage to any of the glasses. Not only that, but if you throw raw or rotten eggs, they leave marks on your house.

So, if you are the one who is planning to egg someone’s house, then be ready to accept the legal troubles, like paying penalties or three months of prisonments for your misdeed.  

Is Egging a House Illegal?

The answer is definitely, yes. But, the thing is, every state has different laws regarding this activity. Like, the laws of some states say that harassment is completely prohibited, and if you have done the egging activity as a part of the prank, it will not be considered harassment or threat. But it is considered law-breaking if you perform the egging activity to scare any victim.

Now, if we consider the law of most states, then it is illegal to vandalize others’ property, like “Egging a House.” So, if you are caught performing such type of activity, then the law takes a few legal steps against you.

What are the punishments for Egging a House?

In most states, Egging a House is a consequence of fines, ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars; it depends on the state where you live. Also, if the person commits severe damage, like vandalism or disorderly conduct to someone’s property, then they may lead to jail. 

When will the person get the punishment of Jail?

Below mentioned are the points which show when the person gets the punishment of prisonments;

  • The first thing that matters the most is the age of the person throwing the egg.
  • The person’s criminal history, whether they have any previous records related to this activity.
  • Circumstances behind this activity, like whether it is done for fun or intentionally.
  • How much area is damaged by the egging a house activity?
  • What actions should the homeowner takes against this activity?

Do Homeowners have a right to “Press Charges”?

Before moving ahead, it is vital to know the meaning of “Press Charges”

What are “Press Charges”?

A “Press Charge” against someone means that you have made an official charge against that liable person, whose further procedures are handled by the law of court.

So, here we can say that the homeowners can go with criminal trespass or criminal mischief, but they have no right to take actions like the “Press Charge.” As the Press Charge is completely in-hands of the law officers.

Legal rules against Egging a House:

No special rules and regulations are framed for Egging a House. Yet, many acts show that Egging a House is a criminal offense. 

Now, mainly there are two categories in which the Egging a House is considered an illegal act under the law statutes of California, and Florida, including;

  • Trespassing, and
  • Vandalism.

Therefore, here we will provide you the information regarding both types of crimes one after;

  • Egging a House as Trespassing:

Trespassing generally refers to anyone entering someone’s house without their permission. This is a standard charge filed by the homeowner, whether you have caused any damage to their properties.

Now, suppose someone throws the case onto another’s property. In that case, that is entirely a different case than Trespassing because it would be considered a more severe crime, and the person who has committed this act is liable to pay the penalties mentioned by the law. 

Florida’s law states that any person who performs this activity intentionally may get into jail for months and also have to face some other legal formalities, such as paying the cost of the damages, etc. 

  • Egging a House as Vandalism:

California law defines Vandalism as maliciously defacing the property with graffiti. Based on this law, they have given three conditions that make Egging a House an illegal activity. 

Suppose a person is throwing eggs at someone’s house, which causes damage or marks on their property. So, this is known as vandalism under the first condition of California’s Law. 

The second condition is especially for those cases in which property damages are occurred, like the crack of windows.

Lastly, vandalism is validated if anyone has malevolently damaged another’s property.

So, as per the law of California, these three conditions are considered Vandalism.

Price of Egging a House:

Various types of charges are related to Egging a House. The main reason behind differentiating the charges factors depends on the various situations. Now, if they consider Florida’s law, in cases where any minor damages occur to any property, the person has to pay the charges of $200 or less than that, as it is a part of second-degree punishment. 

If significant damages are incurred to someone’s property, they must pay between $200 to $1000, but not more than that, as it is considered a first-degree offense. 

So, in this way, the charges apply to the damages due to Egging a House.

Now, let’s see a few ways by using which you can easily control the act of Egging a House.

Ways to Prevent the Act of Egging a House:

One of the best ways to control the Egging a House activity is by agitating the person responsible for performing such an act. For that, first of all, you need to set up the motion-detecting lights, which provide you security against the Egging a House activity.

Then, you can file a police report against the liable person and ask them to pay for all the damages they cause. But, for filing a police report, one needs proof against the responsible person.

So, the first step to consider is setting up the cameras from your main door, where all the activities are easily caught up, and you also get enough evidence against the liable person.

Now, after having all the essential information regarding the Egging a House activity. We move further towards our last but not least point, which is the things that are helpful to you for cleaning the Egging of your house.

Things to be Considered for Cleaning Your Egging House:

One of the best ways to clean your egging house is by taking the help of a washer. Start washing your outer layer of the house by taking the help of a bristle brush. Also, you have to purchase a few tools for cleaning your house, which include;

  • Baking Soda,
  • Detergent,
  • Salt,
  • Bleach
  • Any large Bucket, or you can also use Mop Bucket,
  • A large Bristle Brush, and
  • Water Pressure to clean the windows.

Parting Words:

“Egging a House” is an illegal act performed by a person knowingly or unknowingly. Generally, in many states, if this act is performed to do a prank, it is not considered a crime or illegal. But, if someone is performing this act with an obvious intention to damage others’ property, it is considered a crime, and actual actions are also taken against such consideration.

With the help of this article, we have discussed all the vital information regarding the activity called “Egging a House,” including its meaning, legal actions involved with this illegal activity, charges, and much more.

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