Jessica Millage Attorney – Qualification, Career, Expertise Skills, Achievements, and More

Jessica Millage Attorney – Qualification, Career, Expertise Skills, Achievements, and More

Everyone needs an attorney to solve legal problems in today’s controversial world, right? But, it is pretty complicated to hire the best attorney from a list of thousands of attorneys. Because there are only a few lawyers who will provide you with the proper guidelines about the legal procedures and also protects your rights. 

So, in this article, we will impart information regarding one such attorney named “Jessica Ann Millage.” She is a brilliant and very hard-working woman. We all know it is tough to get constant success as an attorney, but she has done it by giving her day and night to fulfill her dream. Also, Jessica is regarded as a role model for the new attorneys. 

With this little introduction about Jessica Ann Millage, you already get an idea about her hard work, right? So, now, let’s move ahead to know more about her successful journey as an Attorney.

Jessica Millage – Everything You Need To Know:

Jessica Ann Millage has 15+ years of experience as a legal representative in Lowa in the US. She is well-known for solving complicated cases, which include any wrongful convictions related to cases, medical malpractices, civil rights violations, and education laws.

Jessica Ann Millage started her Law practices in 2004. She is brilliant and always ready to give additional effort to solving the case. 

She is a senior in the Finest Institutions of Flanagan Law Group, PPL. Talking about her profile, we can clearly say that Jessica Millage is a very hard-working woman. She has always given priority to her work. 

The only dream of Jessica Millage is to help all those people who want justice against any illegal activity. Also, she wanted to state a policy that creates equality for everyone under the law.

The best part of any attorney is that they must be aware of what’s happening worldwide. Jessica Millage never failed to take the update on the current situation, making her the best attorney compared to others. 

Jessica Millage Hobbies:

We all have some sidelines and interest, yes? Likewise, Jessica Millage also has some other hobbies in her life. When she has not started her career as a lawyer, she enjoys spending time with her friend and family; they also go for walks, bike riding, etc.

Jessica Millage also loves to read books, so she eagerly waits for a few new novels to arrive. Also, she likes to take care of animals.

But, the most important hobby of Jessica Millage is listening to a song. She attends all the live concerts and enjoys each kind of band and music. Jessica Millage believes that music gives her a refreshment from her harsh schedule.

Jessica Millage Personal Life:

Jessica is the mother of two children. One is a daughter, and the other is a son; both are studying in primary school. Jessica always takes time from her busy schedule to care for their child.

She also handles all her family’s situations and manages her schedule for caring for her family member. Also went on vacation with her family, played games with the children, and much more.

Jessica Millage Qualification:

From the starting itself, Jessica Millage has been a very dynamic student. She is always interested in learning new things, which shows her uniqueness among the other students. 

From 1997 to 2001, she studied at Grand View College and completed her bachelor’s degree in the Arts in Political Science. Then, after completing her bachelor’s degree, she went to Drake University of law, where she learned more about Law and got the title of “One of the Best Law Students” of Drake University.

As a law student, Jesicca always believed in giving justice to all those in need, and she also wanted to remove all unlawful practices from the city. 

Jessica Millage Career:

As far as we know, a person is always searching for a lawyer with good experience. Because highly experienced lawyer always supports the person’s legal right and protects them from any problematic situation. Now, if we consider the carrier story of Jessica Millage, then her outstanding experience makes her very famous in the field of attorney.

As previously discussed, Jessica was a self-confident and well-educated student. So, each company wants to allow her to grow her skills, and the youth Law Centre was the first to offer Jessica a law case. 

She started her attorney carrier by giving the four years of her life, i.e., from 2005 to 2009, in child welfare litigation. During this duration, Jessica Millage worked hard, and made herself more ethical, by giving 100% effort in each aspect. After her continuous hard work, she finally got an opportunity to work for various companies, which opened the door for her to enter many other Law fields.

Here is the list of a few companies where Jessica Millage worked;

  • From 2009 to 2012:

Name of the Company: Sporer and Flanagan

Position: Attorney

Area: Des Moines, Lowa

Types of Cases: Civil Litigation, Family Law, Appellate

  • From 2012 to 2018:

We can say that this is one of her most outstanding achievements for her as she started her attorney firm.

Name of the Company: Millage Law Firm, PC

Position: Attorney and Owner of the Firm

  • From 2018 to 2021:

Name of the Company: Cordell and Cordell

Position: Senior Litigation Counsel

Area: Des Moines, Lowa

  • 2021-till Date:

Name of the Company: Flanagan Law Group, PLLC

Position: Practicing for primary domestic litigation, and criminal defenses

Area: Des Moines, Lowa, United States

These are a few names of the company where Jessica Millage worked.

Jessica Millage Expertise Skills:

As a lawyer, it is very crucial to know about every field. Because people are always in search of experienced attorneys rather than freshers. Working in various law fields benefits the lawyer’s ability to handle all critical situations easily.

One exciting and inspiring thing about Jessica Millage is that she has never left any of the opportunities. She has always accepted all the challenges that came her way and learned many new things from each chance. 

There are mainly three expertise areas where Jessica Millage works;

  • Corporate Law:

Jessica Millage is a well-known attorney in the field of corporate law. Every businessman wants to hire her to handle their cases. Along with, Corporate law services, she also helps businesses to solve all litigation cases, which range from trademark infringement to contract disputes.

The skills that Jessica uses to handle every problem are so unique. Not only that, but she also provides guidelines for any new business ventures.

  • Tax Law:

We already know that tax law includes a range of categories, like state, local, and international taxation policies. Jessica Ann Millage is an experienced tax lawyer who handles their client different matters, like auditing to restrictive covenant problems. Also, she gives legal services to all individuals, organizations, and corporations. 

Now, here we have a list of tax laws that Jessica Millage handled:

  1. Employment Taxation,
  2. Value Added Tax (VAT),
  3. Real Estate Taxation,
  4. International Tax Planning,
  5. Corporate Taxation,
  6. Deductions, Credits,
  7. Estate Planning and Gift Taxes,
  8. Income Tax Planning and Preparation,
  9. Tax Controversy, Litigation Services, etc., are where Jessica Millage provides legal advice to their clients. 
  • Real Estate Law:

Real Estate includes a broad category of purchase, sales, and use of properties. Jessica specifically takes only those cases related to any residential and commercial real estate transactions involving buying, leasing, dwellings, etc. 

Besides this, she also offers counsel on disputes such as building codes, negligence, etc. 

Now, let’s see some of the additional areas in which Jessica Millage is interested;

  • Children Support law:

This law is especially for those children whose parents are not living together (Divorced). Jessica Millage always does her best to protect the children’s rights, including sound financial status, education rights, living expenses, etc.

  • Divorce and Family Law:

Again, Jessica Millage advises clients on personal relationships like Divorce or Family issues. Even if the situation worsens, Jessica also gives the appropriate advice to their clients regarding their children’s future, financial status, etc.

  • Criminal Defense:

Jessica Millage carefully handles the case of the victims, only after verifying each piece of evidence twice before the beginning of the case.

  • Business Law:

Business Law is also known as Trade Related Laws, which is especially used to protect the right of the business person.

  • Child Custody:

We have heard this word many times but don’t have complete information about the same. So, the word “Child Custody” means the responsibility of children after filing a divorce case. Jessica Millage handles such cases with 100% accuracy because it saves the lives of children.

  • General Practices:

As discussed, Jessica never limits herself to learning new things. They always involve themselves in new fields to enhance their skills. 

Jessica Millage Achievements:

Jessica Millage has a very magnificent career. She has built an outstanding successive story of herself by participating in various activities. Also, she has earned the constant title of being a six times super lawyer rising star and gets outstanding advisor awards from the State Bar Of Arizona.

Now, let’s see further achievement history of Jessica Millage:

Awards and Recognitions:

The following is the list of awards and Recognitions, which are given to Jessica Millage for her outstanding performance:

  1. The very first award of Jessica Millages is a Pro Bono Service Award, which Georgia Legal Services Program gives in the year 2014.
  2. She was also awarded the Hattie M. Strong award, which was given by Miller and Martin Women’s Initiative in 2015.
  3. In 2016, Jessica got two precious awards at the same time. One is for her Fellows of Litigation Counsel America, and another one is for her inauguration with Georgia.
  4. In 2018, she also won an award named “Elite Lawyer,” which was given by the Gavel2Gavel group for the excellent performance of Jessica Millage.

Jessica’s Publications:

Jessica Millage is one of the Florida Bar board-certified attorneys who have published her work in national and international legal journals. 

She has written one of the articles for the Wake Forest International Education Law Journal, the name of her first article was “The Sea Change of Florida Education Laws.” Also, she has written another article for the International Journal of Human Rights, “The Kalifeh Case: A Tale of Political Expediency with Implications for Migrant Labour Rights.” Not only that, but Jessica also worked as a lecturer at Harvard University and Texas University.

Jessica Millage Social Media Activities:

Now, if we speak about her activeness on social media, we have seen that Jessica always finds time from her busy schedule to raise her voice against all unlawful activities.

She always believes that raising a voice against any unlawful activity is the right and responsibility of every individual. Also, being an attorney, she always tries to indulge themselves in current happenings, so she can take the appropriate actions to stop those activities. 

Jessica Millage is the one whose tweets are majorly liked by people, as they find each very interesting. 

Jessica Millage Membership List :

After knowing about her, we can say she has made a perfect connection with the top lawyers. As Jessica Millage is one of the experienced attorneys, she has made a list of professional members, which includes names like the Dallas Bas Association, the American Bar Association, the National Association of Woman Lawyers, and much more. 

Now, let’s discuss some of the details about other membership groups which Jessica Millage holds;

  1. State Bar Association:

The main aim of the State Bar Association of Arizona is to protect and promote justice for the public. Jessica constantly works to understand the needs of the public and then tries to ensure them by providing all those legal securities the public wants. 

Simply put, we can say that, with the help of the State Bar Association, you can quickly provide all the essential services to the public, such as membership benefits, some encouraging programs, etc.

2. American Bar Association:

The abbreviation of the American Bar Association is ABA. Jessica Millage has been a member of the American Bar Association since 1878. Currently, if we talk about the member list of this association, then it has 400,000 attorneys along with law students. As this is one of the oldest membership associations, it supports all legal professionals worldwide. 

Other than this, Jessica Millage has also taken part in several organizational activities and gets some unique opportunities, including;  discounting tradings, monthly newsletter networking events, law school evaluations, panel meetings, and evaluations.

3. Local Bar Association:

Local Bar Association was founded in 2017; it is a professional association that provides resources and support to all the members to promote their fairness and integrity in the legal aspects.

This association consists of all the parts of legal careers, from students to seasoned attorneys. Plus, the Local Bar Association also works to enhance the legal services for all who are part of Central Texas by serving them with some programs such as the Pro Bono Centro Program.

Top Qualities of Jessica Millage Attorney:

Everyone has unique qualities that inspire many people to work like them. Here, we will also discuss the top five qualities of Jessica Millag, which inspired much younger attorneys to do hard- work to achieve their goals.

  • Research Skills:

We all know that, before handling any case, it is essential to have in-depth information about the particular case. Also, if we talk about the Jessica Millage case stories, she always wins the case because she has outstanding research skills.

  • Creativity:

As discussed, Jessica always finds a dynamic way to solve the case. She believes that some cases need a unique way of investigation. So, she will always prefer to solve the case using some of her creative ideas. 

  • People Skills:

We know that the experienced lawyer gives more accurate results than the fresher. As people hire, an experienced lawyer can provide them with legal information about the case. Through this, people feel relaxed, and their stress is also reduced.

  • Communication Skills:

Communication skills play an essential role in all places. Jessica Millage has outstanding communication skills. She can quickly negotiate with anyone. Another best thing about Jessica’s communication way is that she always tries to end her side of the case with a straightforward tone. 

  • Judgment Skills:

In many cases, the attorney has to take risk as they want to build trust among her clients. Sometimes, the judgemental side of the case says everything related to the same. So, Jessica always uses her judgemental side to solve the case.


Jessica Millage is one of the most brilliant attorneys of all time. She has diligently worked to fulfill her dream of becoming “The Best Attorney.” Jessica is a role model for all those upcoming attorneys. Her successful journey toward becoming an attorney and achievements make her very dynamic from other lawyers. Not only that, but she also handles her personal and professional life in a very different way.

This article discussed all the essential things about Jessica Millage, including her personal life, career, and qualities. 

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