Kashkick Reviews – How To Use Kashkick

Kashkick Reviews – How To Use Kashkick

People are always searching for ways to start their side-earning incomes in today’s controversial world. And, with the help of advanced technology, many options are available through which people can quickly begin their side-earning payments. 

Kashkick is an online website that helps its members earn their side income quite easily. Not only that, but it also offers many additional earning features, like surveys, playing games, watching videos, and many more features through which the user starts their earnings. There is also some limitation to Kashkick, which is only available for some specific locations. Many people also have stated that it takes time to earn $10, but it is a 100% legit website, so stay with the article to know more about the Kashkick website, its pros and cons, procedures, reviews, and so on.

What is Kashkick?

KashKick is a website that offers many earning opportunities in exchange for taking surveys, signing up for services, downloading and playing games, watching videos, and other activities involving computer or mobile devices.

KashKick is a GPT, i.e., the Get Paid To site, in which you can make money by performing simple tasks, like surfing the webpage and referring new users.

The only criticism about KashKick is that the organization has created a mysterious history about its firm. They did not share any essential information about the firm on their website, so it is complicated to find reliable information about the creator and owner of KashKick. With the help of this article, we will learn more about the KashKick Website, how it works, and much more.

Now, let’s see what the pros and cons of this website are.

Advantages and Disadvantages of KashKick:

Advantages of Kashkick:

  1. The very first advantage of KashKick is that it is entirely free to use.
  2. It offers Solid Referral Programs.
  3. KashKick offers plenty of surveys opportunity to its users, through which they can earn more and gain more rewards.
  4. It offers plenty of earning opportunities to its users.
  5. The website always prefers to pay in cash, so the chances of fraud or scams do not arise.

Disadvantages of KashKick:

  1. The main disadvantage of KashKick is that they offer limited customer support.
  2. It is not showing any Signup bonuses or referrals bonus.
  3. An organization needs to provide more information on its website. It is only available in the U.S. and Canada.
  4. If the user cancels their subscription or trial, then the website returns all the monetary rewards from that particular customer.

So, the above-mentioned advantages and disadvantages must be considered before signing in to this website.

Facts about Kashkick:

Now, let’s take a look at some of the interesting facts about the KashKick website;

  1. It offers services like signing ups, playing games, and online shopping through the site’s cash-back portal.
  2. In the testing phase, it was found that they provided a paid offer between $0.50 to $50.
  3. They also give paid survey offers between $0.14 and $2.63 each.
  4. With the help of this KashKick, you can earn at least $10.
  5. If your account is inactive after 60 days, you cannot earn using your old account ID.

How Does Kashkick Works?

People new to this website should follow the below-mentioned steps, which will provide you with guidelines regarding the access process using KashKick. Let’s see all the steps one-by-one.

Here are the six most important steps that must be considered to use the Kashkick site.

  1. Sign up 
  2. Completing profile
  3. Answer the paid surveys
  4. Complete the paid shopping offers
  5. Refer more friends
  6. Read the paid emails.

Amongst all the steps, answering the survey is the best way to earn more money in KashKick.

  • Signing-Up to KashKick:

The first thing about KashKick is its signing-up process. So, the user must first visit the KashKick website, i.e., www.kashkick.com, and then fill out a small form as part of its procedure.  You must use your Email Id and set a Password for the signup process. You cannot link the KashKick id with your Google or Facebook account.

Once you complete the sign-up process successfully; then KashKick will send you the confirmation message via email. You need to click on that confirmation message to activate your Kashkich account.

Note: Kashkick currently accepts the following members ONLY:

  1. Australia
  2. Canadia
  3. The U.S
  4. The UK

And the member must be 18 years or older to sign up in Kashkick.

  • Completing the Profile:

Once your signing-up/ sign-in process is complete, you will get a confirmation message from the company regarding activating your account. Then, the next step is to complete your profile on the Kashkick website.

Like the other website, Survey Junkie or any other survey website, you must fill in the additional information to complete your profile. Because this will lead you to more relevant surveys, and Kashkick pays a $1 bonus after filling in your complete profile details.

Here are a few questions that Kashkick asks the user in their profile information:

  1. Age
  2. Ethnicity
  3. Household Composition
  4. Educational Qualification
  5. Income
  6. Zip Code

Once completing this information, Kashkick again asks this same question for their confirmation purpose. 

  • Accurately Answering the Survey:

After completing the profile details, here comes the Answering Survey process. Kashkick gives you a notification when your criteria match any paid surveys.

Like the Prolific and Paid Survey Site, you are invited to be a part of several paid surveys and answer immediately to those surveys. And in the survey process, you can skip the bundles of questions because it is a type of trial that checks your eligibility for a survey.

Initially, the first survey I could take paid $0.75, and it took 5 minutes to complete the survey procedure. Once the first survey is conducted, it increases its timing and payment process slowly, but it ranges between $0.75 to $2, or nearby this amount only.

Note: Everyone must complete the profile sections. Then and only then you are eligible for the next step.

  • Complete the Paid offers:

After completing the profile information, you will get an option named the “Offer” button, which helps you meet the other details through which you can earn more cash.

In short, you sign up for an account with certain companies and earn the rewards in cash. Kashkick usually takes their commission directly from the referrals and splits.

Some of the most popular offers include:

  1. Signing up for new services.
  2. Playing more games on your smartphones.
  3. Go for online shopping.

Here are some featured offers, like Stash, Aspiration, MobileXpression, etc.

Kashkick also partners with other financial companies, streaming services, mobile games, and even passive income applications like MobileXpression, which gives you many rewards for trying new products and services. 

The rewards range from $1 to $40. Kashkick also pays you to pay for the games and offers many mobile games. By playing and downloading those games, you can earn easily.

Here is a list of some popular games that offer you more rewards on Kashkick;

  1. Billionaire
  2. Coin Masters
  3. Harvest Land
  4. Kings Throne
  5. Kings of Avalon
  6. Mafia City
  7. Scrabble Go, etc.

The user has to reach certain levels to win the cash rewards. The only drawback of this part is that some games need high requirements, so you have to purchase some chargeable application for your game.

  • Refer to your Friends:

Another way to make money on Kashkick is to use referral programs. Like other Beermoney websites, referrals can also play an essential role in earning more if you know how to invite more people to run your blogs and youtube channel.

The “Referrals” button is at the top of the menu bar, where you can easily copy your link and send it to your friends. 

If any of your friends sign up in Kashkick by using your referral link, you will get 25% of all their earnings. In addition to that, you will also earn 5% of lifetime earnings from your own referrals code. 

  • Read the Email Accurately:

The final step of the Kashkick website is to read the paid email carefully. 

Kashkick sends all their members paid emails with confirmation emails for activating their accounts. Once you get the confirmation email but still do not get any paid email, wait until the paid email arrives. This feature of Kashkick is less helpful compared to others.

So, those mentioned above are all the critical steps about the Kashkick websites which all need to know.

Is Kashkick legit or a Scam?

People are often wondering about Kashkick, whether it is Legit or Scam, as they have not shared much information about its history, creators, etc., so they are quite afraid to use this website. 

But there is nothing to worry about; Kashkick is a legit website that pays real money after completing surveys, playing games and completing the offers. There are a lot of payment proofs available on the website, and it is the best website through which you can do a side-time earning. But, the thing is, you will only get your payment after the completion of the survey.

The user doesn’t have to pay any extra charges or amounts in any offer, so it is not collecting any money from its users and is not a scam.

Many users also state that they need a long time to make $10, but it doesn’t mean it is a scam. You can consider this a kind of drawback.

Who can go for Kashkick?

Kashkick is generally the best option for those who want to earn a small amount of side money without much tricky procedure. If any person doesn’t like to share their bank details or has to redeem points for gift cards, then the KashKick makes a withdrawal of earnings directly with the help of PayPal in USD.

Benefits of using Kashkick: 

The benefits of Kashkick are as follows;

  1. The user can earn money on their specific period; there is no requirement to take out any particular time from your schedule.
  2. No special skills are required to earn rewards through Kashkick.
  3. The user can quickly get their rewards in cash.
  4. It is accessible in all android applications.

Reviews About Kashkick:

Regarding reviews, we all know that people have their perspectives, so the thoughts of Kashkick are both positive and negative. But, before moving directly toward its feedback or reviews, let’s see the ratings of the Kashkick website.

Websites Rating Number of Ratings
BBB 5 Out of 5 4
Trustpilot 2.6 Out of 5 94
Google Play 3.4 Out of 5 42

Positive Reviews:

  • One of its users named, Gary, states, “It is one of the great places for those who want to participate in any survey program. The survey users choose and participate in shows how much time they require to complete the study, and according to that, they get paid. 
  • Shelly Ways says,”It is one of the great platforms through which people can make money easily.”

Negative Reviews:

  • Zach Stout states, “it is a complete waste of time; they only collect the information about the data and then don’t let you complete the survey because it is not a good fit for you.”
  • Samuel Haywire gives their reviews on Kashkick and says that “they have wasted hours for doing a survey, but after completing 30 to 50% of my survey, the site response me, and stop me for doing a further survey, by saying that I am not qualified for conducting this survey.”


Kashkick is the best platform for those people who wants to start their side earning incomes. But, there are only a few people who have all the knowledge about such types of platforms. 

So, in this article, we have discussed all the essential information about Kashkick and also shared their users’ reviews, through which you can learn more about this platform. It is one of the Legit websites through which anyone can start their side-earning incomes, So you must go for the Kashkick website if you are planning to get some side-earning payments. 

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