Can You Get Cash Back With Apple Pay & Ways to Earn Cash Back

Can You Get Cash Back With Apple Pay & Ways to Earn Cash Back

Have you also wondered how to get cashback with Apple Pay? Well then, you are in for a treat. Because it does, and you can earn cashback in various ways. Everyone nowadays pays everywhere with online payment methods, including Apple Pay. And all of us would want to receive cashback and other offers for online payments. 

Amongst many online payment methods, Apple Pay has become one of the widely preferred secure, effective, and fast methods. One of the prime reasons is that you won’t need any other credit/ debit cards while using Apple Pay. Anyone with an iPad or iPhone can quickly pay via Apple Pay.

Let’s go through various ways to earn cashback with Apple Pay:

How to Earn Cashback via Apple Pay?

First and foremost, the merchant/ store where you wish to pay via Apple Pay must accept and support Apple Pay. 

Secondly, you must have registered your debit/ credit card with your Apple Pay platform, so you can only receive returns via that. 

Lastly, rewards and policies might vary per individual store/ merchant. 

How much Cashback is offered?

Apple users should remember that Apple Pay offers 2% cash back through compatible stores. 

Moreover, if payment is made through any Apple branches, you are eligible for 3% cashback!

Additionally, the following also offers 3% Cash Back:

Nike, Uber Come, Mobile, Duane Reade, T-Mobile, Pan Panero, Exxon, Walgreens.

How to get additional Cash Back from Apple Pay?

There are various ways to get more benefits and cashback from Apple Pay. 

  1. You can use back apps for in-store shopping and obtain an additional 3-4% cashback. Not just that, one can have even more cashback if that merchant offers any special promotion. 
  2. There’s a Google Chrome extension that lets you know about such additional cashbacks offered by specific merchants. You can have CardPointers App for that, along with the chrome extension. 
  3. Major retailers offer additional cashback for Apple Pay through the Fluz App. So if you are not already using this app, start using it today!
  4. Users can use online platforms like Rakuten and get additional cashback on Apple Pay. 
  5. Swagbucks is also a similar platform that lets users have extra cashback while paying through Apple Pay. 

Why should you use Apple Pay?

As we discussed earlier, Apple pay is one of the secure, convenient as well as quick modes of payment. Also, it doesn’t need any credit or debit cards while making payments, which is why it is even more secure for merchants and stores. 

Apple Pay also offers its users additional cashback for specific purchases. If you already use Apple Pay, you must know about the brand’s holiday gifts and bonus points. Through that, users can have cashbacks even on their regular purchases. Such special promotions are sent to selected users through their emails by Apple. 

Also, there are no annual fees, so most Apple users prefer to use Apple Pay as their payment method. Every day, one of the other merchants offers various rewards if you pay via Apple Pay. Hence everyone prefers to have Apple Pay handy to get additional cashback in Apple Pay. 

Apple Pay must also be attached to your bank to receive benefits and cashbacks into the account. If you have linked your American Express card, you will get approximately 5% cashback instead of just 2%. 

So, if you want to receive higher cashback on using Apple Pay, attach your American Express Card if you haven’t already. That will enable you to receive even more exciting rewards and discounts while paying through Apple Pay. 

Can You Improve your Credit Score with Apple Pay?

For those who have been wondering if they can improve their Credit Score. Well, unfortunately, no, you can’t. But there are many other ways through which you can improve your credit score.

A higher credit score means you can borrow more from the lender and bank. Not just that, but it will also help you get more credit cards and other financial support from various institutions and banks. 

How to use Apple Pay?

Using Apple Pay at any of your supported merchants and stores is straightforward. 

All you have to do is, while making the payment, look for the Contactless symbol/ Apple Pay Logo. Keep your phone nearby the Touch ID and wait for the confirmation. There will be a slight vibration or a beep when it is ready.

Whatever type of security you have, such as a Passcode or Fingerprint – you will have to enter it, and then the order will be placed successfully. After the completion of the transaction is successful, you will get the receipt and the confirmation. 


This blog discussed various ways to obtain additional cashback on Apple Pay. Also, other online platforms and apps offer more promotional offers and benefits of using Apple Pay. Being one of the most secure and quick ways to pay for various merchants, Apple Pay is a trusted and effective platform to pay contactless. 

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