Square One Insurance Reviews

Square One Insurance Reviews

Protection of our home means protecting our life, right? But still, only a few insurance companies provide home insurance policies. And, when we talk about other countries like Canada, the U.S., etc., the chances of natural disasters are always at a top level. Their citizens need well-framed policies for their homes to protect them from such disasters and pay for all the damages incurred.

So, in this article, we will provide information about one such type of company named “Square One,” which was specially established to provide the best home insurance policy for all Canadians. This firm was established in 2011 and had 11+ years of experience providing services to its customers. To learn more about Square One Firm, read this article carefully, where we have provided the info about its pros and cons, types, reviews, policies offered, and much more.

What is Square One Insurance Company?

Square One Insurance was started almost 11 to 12 years ago, on January 5, 2011. The firm has reputed and well-experienced team members who have spent many years in various insurance companies.

As the company’s team member has worked in various insurance companies, they have realized that most companies needed to provide traditional home insurance policies. Hence, the firm decided to design a policy that would fulfill the needs of the Canadians. And the firm decided to remove all the complexities presented in the traditional process.

The Square One Insurance company makes its policy so easy and convenient that all Canadians can quickly go for this selection. The company has 30,000+ positive reviews from its loyal customers. 

Square One Company delivers 20,00,000+ people and serves them with the best quotes for their home insurance policy. The only purpose of this company is to offer their customers the best home-related insurance policies and services at a reasonable price, which can satisfy the needs of the Canadian people.

Merits and Demerits of Square One Insurance Company:

Merits of Square One Insurance Company: 

  • Lower Insurance Cost:

Square One Insurance Company offers lower-cost home insurance policies and helps customers select the best policy suitable to their requirements.

  • Personalized Coverages:

People prefer this home insurance policy because of their customized coverage system. The company permits the customer to make and share their plan regarding the insurance policy; based on that, the company further makes its plan and gives it to its customer.

  • Pay Insurance Monthly:

When we talk about any traditional insurance company or any other company, they charge the entire amount of insurance in starting itself. In contrast, Square One gives their clients an option to pay the premium of insurance month-wise and not even charge any extra interest or rate on their insurance.

  • Complete Digital Operation:

This world is entirely running with the help of advanced technology, so Square One insurance sets an easy and quick online process for their customer. Any customer can easily reach the company’s website and share their quotes per their requirements.

  • Easy to Read:

Traditional home insurance policies usually follow a very complex procedure and create difficulties for their customer to understand the policy. However, the Square One insurance company makes this difficult task very simple and states specific details which are important and related to the insurance policy.

  • Track Claims:

One of the most significant advantages of the Square One Insurance Company is that only a few companies provide the facility to check or track the status of their claim by interacting with the firm’s team members.

Demerits of Square One Insurance:

  • Online Insurance:

Insurance plays a vital role in everyone’s life. People avoid taking the help of Online insurance firms, as they are afraid of having a scam or fraud issues.

  • Detailed Questions:

Another drawback of this insurance firm is that, for taking home insurance, you have to answer many questions, which may include the details of a person too. This procedure is quite time-consuming. And the range of questions is also high, so people feel this is hectic, and they leave the process. 

  • Non-Refundable Premium:

The company is charging $50 as its non-refundable premium fee. The company collects this fee to maintain its website and seamless delivery of services.

  • Proof of Value:

It is essential to know. The Proof of value means when you register your home insurance, especially for any personal damages, the individual must submit the proofs related to that particular thing and its cost. If anyone cannot submit the evidence, their home insurance offers a limited insurance policy, i.e., $3,000 to $6,000.

  • Exclusive Water Damages:

The Home insurance policy will not include any damages incurred due to water leakages.

  • Cannot Bundle Policies:

A significant demerit for the firm as it only focuses on the home insurance policy.

So, the above mentioned are all the merits and demerits of the Square One Insurance Company.

Products and Services Offered by Square One:

  • Home Insurance:

It is Canada’s first-ever personalized policy for home insurance, i.e., customers can customize their coverages, deductibles, and limits. It gives you control over your premium. 

The firm’s home insurance protects against all fires, windstorms, or break-ins. And the company also guarantees you to replace the coverage if any such situation arises.

The claim procedure for home insurance is also straightforward and based on a digital process. The company sends its dedicated claim adjuster to visit your home and see the damages. Then, your claim gets approved based on the damages to your home due to natural calamities or other reasons.

  • Home Coverages:

The home coverages protect your home on a guaranteed replacement basis. It includes the ranges of the main structure of your house, the hot tubes, swimming pools, and garages. Not only that, but you can also add additional structural areas, which are located on your property, like the decks, lawns, fences, retaining walls, etc. 

  • Tenant Insurance:

If you are the homeowner and give your house to rent, this insurance policy benefits you, as it protects your home. 

Square One Insurance Company offers you a variety of options to choose your deductible, coverages, and limits for your rental policy. By doing this, you can select your personalized insurance policy budget. The tenant insurance policy protects your property against losses, damages, theft, or accidental incidents.

  • Personal Property Coverages:

Personal Property Coverages include Pre-packages protection and protections for your particular property type. This coverage also protects your personal belongings from any damage.

The Personal Property Coverages include Hockey, Fishing, Golf, Hand Gliding, Hunting, Paragliding, etc. You can also select coverages for your visual arts and collectibles.

  • Liability Protection:

Liability Protection means the damages that occur to any additional living expenses. It protects your home from extra costs incurred when no one is in the house. 

It also offers unlimited access to a telephone helpline. Also, you can receive legal or tax-related advice from Square One Insurance Company.

Here are some  other types of insurance products and services offered by Square One insurance company, including;

  1. Condominiums.
  2. Vacation Properties.
  3. Detached Homes.
  4. Semi-detached homes.
  5. Multiplexes.
  6. Townhouses.
  7. Rental Properties.

How to Get Square One Insurance Policy:

Now, let’s see the process of getting quotes related to your home insurance policy. So, to take the insurance policy of Square One Insurance Company, you can directly chat or call the company’s customer care executives. They will guide you for your other process and direct you towards some legal procedures.

And if you want to get direct quotes from the company, here are a few simple steps through which you can directly quote the company;

  • Visit the company’s site, and click on, the “Get Quotes” option on the top-right-hand side corner of the screen.
  • Then, the website redirects you to another page.
  • You have to enter your address and choose the options for the services.
  • Once you have selected the services, Square One offers additional coverages to your services.
  • After selecting the coverages, the company also offers you a customized service option, using which you can make your policy based on your requirements and budget.
  • After making the Customized Policy, the website redirects you to another page. 
  • That page includes detailed questions, which you must fill in to get the proper coverage, so answer all the questions correctly to get an accurate quote.
  • In the last step, you have to submit your form. You will get the quotes for your customized insurance policies in less than 5 minutes. 


Square One Insurance Company is a very prominent home insurance company in Canada. It was established to provide only home-related insurance policies. All the team members of this company are very professional and helpful. They provide all the accurate information to their clients and also guide them towards some of the legal procedures. 

Square One Insurance Company is the only one that provides customized insurance policies to their customers, which fits into their budget.

In this article, we have discussed all the other essential information about Square One Insurance Company, its pros and cons, its procedure, and more.

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