Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees 2023 – How to Avoid It, and More

Spirit Airlines Baggage Fees 2023 – How to Avoid It, and More

In today’s world, people are very fond of traveling. They have a hobby to explore the world, among people, so whenever they get free time, they go on exploring new places. 

Thus, Spirit Airlines is one of the best options for those traveling lovers. The reason, behind most people, are turning towards Spirit Airlines, is the charges that each fare takes, are very affordable. But the thing is Spirit Airlines charges, some additional fees. 

So, in this article, we will discuss what are the additional fees, and how to avoid those charges to get reasonable Spirit Airline fares.

What is Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines was founded in the year 1983. It is an ultra-low-cost airline, which flies within a specific region, i.e. the US, the Caribbean, and Latin America. The headquarter of Spirit Airlines is located in Florida. According to the report 2020, Spirit Airlines stood in the 8th position as one of the largest passenger carriers in North America, and also with a very lower fare cost.

In July 2022, JetBlue offers a merger plan with Spirit Airlines for US$3.8 Billion. This offer got approved by the airline shareholders, on 19th October 2022, but yet the government has not planned anything for this offer.

Now, let’s see the location list of Spirit Airlines:

As we have discussed earlier, Spirit Airlines flies within the US, the Caribbean, and Latin America, but with that, it also covers several parts of South America too, which include;

  • US Virgin Islands
  • Aruba
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Dominican Republic
  • Ecuador
  • El Salvador
  • Haiti
  • Honduras
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Nicaragua
  • Panama
  • Peru
  • Puerto Rico
  • Sint Maarten Island

These are the covering list of Spirit Airlines.

Interesting Facts about Spirit Airline Baggage Fees:

Now, let’s see what are the interesting facts about Spirit Airline Baggage:

  1. The first and very interesting fact about Spirit Airlines is that it allows traveler to include their personal items, like wallets, purses, and laptop bags while they are booking their flights.
  2. It includes the additional cost of any additional bags you carry.
  3. The fees for the additional baggage is depends upon their size and weight.

Merits and Demerits of Spirit Airlines:

Merits of Spirit Airlines:

  • Spirit Airlines, provides its services, to some fixed locations, like the US, the Caribbean, Latin, and a few areas of South America.
  • Very affordable cost of fares.

Demerits of Spirit Airlines:

  • Weak Customer Services.
  • Very expensive charging list on the additional items of baggage.
  • It only permits their customer, to take one personal item with them for free. For instance, people can either carry a purse or any small personal item at a free cost.

So, these are the advantages, and drawbacks of Spirit Airlines.

Now, let’s directly move towards the Spirit Airlibe Baggages Fees.

What is Spirit Airline Baggage Fees?

As discussed previously,  Spirit Airlines is the best option if you are looking for affordable prices. But the word “Baggage” is entirely a new concept that arrives in the Airline market in the last decade. Baggage is nothing, but a way through which one can increase the prices of fares, which is adopted by most Airlines. 

Let’s take one of the live examples of Baggage, according to the research report conducted in the year 2020, it has been seen that Airlines have earned merely up to $2.8 Billion with the help of charging additional baggage. So it is very important to learn a few ways to reduce the cost of the Baggages Fees. but, before that, it is essential to know the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policies.

Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy:

Every airline has its own and different Baggage policies to charge their customer, so let’s see what the Spirit Airlines Baggage Policy looks like;

Spirit Airlines’ Baggage Policy is divided into two parts; one is Spirit Airlines Policy for Carry-Ons, and another is Spirit Airlines Policy for Checked Bags.

  • Spirit Airlines Policy for Carry-Ons:

The Spirit Airlines Policy for Carry-Ons permits their customer to keep any one of their items free with them, while they are flying, but that too has some limitations, like the personal item does not exceed 18*14*8 inches, including the handles, and the wheels.

Moreover, with this personal item, you can also carry a bag that does not exceed 22*18*10 inches. The charges of the Baggage of Carry-Ons completely depend on when you are paying for it, i.e. it is better to pay the baggage Carry-On charges while you are booking your tickets. The estimated cost of every Carry-On baggage is between $59 to $99, and in case if you are already a member of the Spirit Saver$ Club, then the Carry-On baggage charges are very low. 

One of the interesting things, about its seating facility, is that, if you are planning to travel with your younger child or a small kid, then you can bring your car seat on board, but for that, it is mandatory to book a seat for your child.

Spirit Airlines follows the rules of the TSA (Transportation Security Administration), and FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) for prohibiting the items. 

  • Spirit Airlines Policy for Checked Bags:

As per the Spirit Airline Policy, all individuals can carry any one personal bag, that is a purse or a small bag with them for free, but if there is a wide area for empty space, then they can bring a few more bags with them. The cost of the extra baggage depends upon the time you have taken the bag, i.e. whether you added the bag while booking your flights or took it before check- in the airport. 

Another thing that impacts your cost is the area where you want to go for travelling, the basic cost is between $55, and $99 for your first bag, and further for other bags the amount of cost will be continuously increasing.

The weightage of the additional bags is not exceeding to more than 40 pounds and cannot exceed 62 linear inches, i.e. the length+ width +height. If the individual brings any oversized or overweighted baggage, then they have to pay extra for that baggage. As per Spirit Airlines policy, No one can allow bags whose weight is exceeding to 100 pounds.

Moreover, Spirit Airlines also charges a fee for checking items, like checking instruments, or any sports equipment. So, if anyone wants to check their extra items, then be ready to pay the extra charges.

Now, let’s see how we can avoid paying the extra charges.

Ways to Avoid Paying Extra for the Baggage Fees:

The only major limitation of Spirit Airlines is that they are charging so many types of extra costs from their customer. But now, do not worry about the extra charges, as we have ways to reduce, or avoid paying the extra for the Baggages fees.

Here are a few ways through which you can easily reduce, or completely avoid paying extra for the Baggage;

  • Only pack your personal items:

As we already know that Spirit Airlines, permits the customer to carry any one personal item for free, so try to pack only those items which are very important for you to carry with you. Hence by doing this you can avoid paying extra for other baggage.

  • Prefer to Pay for the extra Baggages During the Booking:

If you are already aware of your extra bags, then it’s the best way to pay for all the extra bags, while you are confirming your tickets. Because by doing this you can save up to $30.

In case you forget to pay for the extra bags while booking your tickets, then you also have the option to pay the additional charges before you are going to your check-in process, which can also help you to save some more money.

  • Join the Spirit Saver$ Club:

One of the best ways to reduce your cost is by joining the Spirit Saver$ club, which is now replaced by the $9 fare club. All the members of this club, get the exclusive benefits of lower prices, as well as they also get 50% off on all the extra bags. 

  • Carry your Military Documents:

Spirit Airlines offers a few special benefits to all Military members, but for that, they need to arrive early at the airport, and also have to bring valid ID proof.

  • Try to use your Travelling Credit Cards:

Using the travel credit card, the user can get the benefits of many exclusive offers, rewards, and discounts; and it also makes your journey more comfortable, and affordable.

For instance, try to use Amex cards, or Chase cards, to get more benefits from your travelling; it will also reduce the cost of all the extra baggage, which you bring while flying.

Final Words:

Spirit Airlines is one of the best options for those travel lovers who want to enjoy their travelling at a very reasonable cost. Spirit Airlines, follows the terms and conditions of TSA, and the FAA, for running their Airlines. 

The only drawback of Spirit Airlines is their baggage cost which is very expensive. So, by reading this article, you will come to know about various ways through which you can easily reduce the cost of extra bags, or you can entirely avoid the charges by seeing the ways. For your next trip, book tickets with Spirit Airlines and save more money through various ways mentioned in this article. Happy Travelling!

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