Is UniVista Insurance a Good Insurance Company?

Is UniVista Insurance a Good Insurance Company?

In this modern world, car accident cases are rising daily life. Many people lose their life,  whereas some get seriously injured from unpredictable accidents. But they are not ready to get an insurance policy. It is because they have some misunderstanding regarding the insurance companies. They believe that all the insurance companies charge a higher price from customers and do not give them appropriate compensation.

Yet, not all insurance companies perform the same way. Many companies like UniVista prioritize their customers and provide them with the best insurance quotes. The UniVista company focuses on maintaining a good relationship with its customers. Not only that, but they also have lower-cost plans, which can be affordable for all types of clients.

In this article, we will discuss more “UniVista” insurance company, including the company’s history, needs to purchase the insurance policy, products offered by the company, and so on. So stay connected with this article till the end, and you will get the best Insurance Company for your Insurance coverage.

History of UniVista Insurance:

Florida is a beautiful place to visit, and many sites are very popular, like Miami beach, now known as the best commercial hotspot area. But, regarding insurance companies, Florida has some negative factors, such as the insurance company charging higher prices from their customers, and even the cost of the premium also rose from $1700 to $3400, which is very expensive.

To protect Florida from such high prices insurance companies, we have one of the best insurance companies named “ UniVista,” a family-owned and operated independent insurance agency that has worked for Florida and protected its citizens for decades.

Why UniVista Insurance?

The mission of UniVista Insurance is to provide affordable and innovative insurance solutions to its customers, protect them from all situations, and spread the company’s positive image amongst its communities.

UniVista is a trustworthy Insurance firm, compared to other Florida insurance agencies and companies, as they provide quality protection and prioritize their customer satisfaction and its lower insurance rate policy. The extraordinary success of the UniVista Insurance Company encourages them to expand their company to California regions too.

Services Offered by UniVista Insurance:

The UniVista Insurance company provides various types of Insurance services to its customer, including  Auto insurance, Home Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Health Insurance, and much more. Not only that, but the Company also gives priority to its customers, educates them about the policy, and believes in maintaining a long-lasting relationship with them.

The company is spread in 151 different areas of South Florida, including ten corporate offices, 141 franchises, and three call centers. The company has approximately 1210 employees working in its region and is one of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

Why is Insurance Needed?

We always think twice before taking any insurance plan because people believe there is no need to buy insurance. Still, the fact is, they don’t have accurate knowledge about the importance of Insurance. 

No one can predict the future. And for that reason, we need to buy an insurance plan, which plays an important role when any unpredictability occurs, such as an accident, damages, etc. Such Unpredictability increases the financial crisis in one’s life, and at that time, the insurance company stands with their customer and supports them financially and legally too. So, the UniVista Insurance company provides some of the best policy options to their customers according to their needs, which involves comparatively fewer risk factors, such as;

  1. It protects the car’s investment.
  2. The insurance policy also covers the cost of an accident.
  3. The company also protects its clients against legal formalities.
  4. It also supports you when the liable person doesn’t have insurance policies or refuses to pay for your compensation.
  5. A cost due to natural calamities, theft, or vandalism is also a part of the UniVista insurance policy.
  6. The company also provides well security for our vehicle.

These are necessities for which people have to buy an insurance policy.

Types of Insurance Provided by the Company:

UniVista offers a variety of products and services at an affordable rate and according to their client’s requirements.

  • Auto Insurance:

Generally, all insurance companies provide this insurance, and all companies have different policies. UniVista also offers Auto Insurance, and that too with a reasonable cost package. As per Florida’s Law, all people must carry PIP insurance for safety purposes. The UniVista Insurance policies are designed in such a way that it provides financial support to the victim’s family.

  • Property Damage Liability Insurance:

Another package offered by UniVista is Property Damages Liability Insurance. This insurance covers all the damages that occur to your car when you meet with an accident. UniVista also includes coverage of car crashes or if your vehicle is bumped into a tree or wall.

When you meet with an accident and are injured seriously, the company also gives the Bodily Injury Liability to its customer. Not only that, but they also protect you from any legal formalities.

  • Life Insurance: 

 We all know the importance of Life Insurance in our life. It not only protects our life, but it protects the whole family. So, UniVista understands its customers’ requirements and gives them the best suitable life insurance policy, which saves the future life of their customers.

We are never able to predict the future, Right? Then, how can we say that our life is safe? For instance, something that occurs in our life is very unpredictable, like accidents, and many people even lose their lives in major accidents or collisions. So, at that time, UniVista paid the coverages and added some financial benefits supporting the victim’s family.

  • Mortgage Protection:

The lifestyle of Florida’s people is very expensive. So, Florida citizens always need someone to provide financial support to them to make their lifestyle easy. So,  UniVista gives mortgage protection to its clients. Not only that, but UniVista pays the full amount in case of anyone dies, a very rare company that provides such protection to its clients.

  • Home Insurance:

The weather condition of Florida is never predictable. Florida is a hotbed for natural calamities like tornados, floods, cyclones, etc. In such cases, to protect your home from natural disasters, UniVista offers different types of Home Insurance, and that too at a very reasonable price, such as;

  • Ho3 Insurance policy (a policy that protects your home structure, assets, and liability of damages or injury)  and Property-specific packages too.
  • Ho6 policy (It is a type of homeowners insurance for the Co-op unit or Condo owners.) 
  • Ho4 (a term for renters insurance) or DP3 (It covers the structure, loss of use, or rental coverages) is used for Rental dwelling Insurance.

The UniVista company also offers an additional insurance policy for floods. This insurance package covers the interior and exterior areas of the home, and all the major damages that occur to your home or any other property are part of this insurance coverage.

  • Commercial Insurance:

The UniVista insurance company also supports many commercial businesses to run their business smoothly. Whether you purchase any Boat for your business or any risk factors that affect your business, everything is included in UniVista Commercial Insurance policy. The policy also protects your employees against any liabilities or legal formalities.

  • Other Insurance:

Above mentioned packages play an important role for every insurance company. Here we have  also enlisted other insurance packages rarely offered by other companies, including;

  1. Medical Malpractice Insurance.
  2. Crime Insurance.
  3. Cyber Liability Insurance, etc.

Not only this, but the UniVista Insurance firm is also planning to declare one new type of Insurance policy, which helps the students to get a better education. The name of that insurance policy is “College Insurance,” in which they plan to reduce the cost of college fees.

Benefits of Taking UniVista Insurance:

Here are some of the benefits that UniVista Insurance provides to their customer including;

  1. The clients have many insurance options.
  2. Affordable prices.
  3. The company has 150+ offices and 1500+ agents in Florida, California, and Texas.
  4. The agents are well-experienced and always ready to help their customers.

Discounts Offered by UniVista:

Below-mentioned is a list of discounts offered by UniVista company:

  • Safe Driver Discounts
  • Proof of Prior Discounts
  • Multi-policy Discounts
  • Paying in advance Discounts
  • Electronic Payment Discount
  • Paperless document delivery Discount and much more.

Availability of UniVista Insurance Company:

The main location of UniVista is in Miami, but they also work in different areas of Florida, such as Hialeah, Orlando, and Tampa. Not only that, but UniVista also spread their business to California to help their citizen by offering them an affordable plan and policy.

Customer Reviews:

It is very sad to see that, after offering so many products and services and that too, with affordable cost, the company still gets many negative reviews from their customer. The main reason for getting negative reviews is that the company has to improve its services even if it helps to save 40% cost of their customers.

UniVista always follows the rules and promises to give its customers the best possible solutions. But the thing is, the company still has to improve the ways of treating its customers. Some customers also review that the company includes a lot of paperwork, which is very time-consuming. So, many consumers avoid taking insurance from this company due to its hectic process.


UniVista is a Well-known Insurance Firm in Florida. The company has 10+ years of experience in offering the best quality products to its customers. The main advantage of this company is that they mainly focus on affordability, and they always give priority to their customer first. This article discussed all the essential information about UniVista Insurance company, including its history, products and services, location availability, reviews, and so on. 

According to research, the company needs to focus on a few changes. Otherwise, it is a good company, which provides many types of insurance, and you can surely recommend it to your friends and family.

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