How To Make A Successful Water Leak Insurance Claim?

How To Make A Successful Water Leak Insurance Claim?

We all are aware of the fact that water plays an essential role in our day-to-day life. But if we talk about modern world water conditions, many people often face the issue of water shortage, which highly affects their lifestyles. The water shortage is the wastage of water caused by many reasons, like pipeline leakages,  leakage from underneath, old pipeline connections, and much more. 

This article will provide you with all the essential information about Water Leakages, how to prevent them, how to easily claim water leakages from your insurance company, and so on. So, read this article carefully and find a detailed solution to your water leakage problems.

What is Water Leakage?

When we talk about water leakage, we all know that there are several types of water leakage. The main reason for water leakage is excess water flow or high water pressure. Water leakage caused inside your home creates many serious issues, like the stale-smelling indoors, growth of microbes, pests inside the house, damage to your property, and much more. Sometimes, it damages the roof too. Not only that, but it is the major reason behind the water shortage. 

So, this article will provide guidelines about protecting your home from leakage, the signs, and signals of water leakage, how to file a claim for water leakage, and more.

Signs of Water Leakages:

Water leakage is the main reason behind encouraging unwanted organic growth, water wastage, and many more. But, people don’t have any other option to fix this problem early because they are unaware of the signs or signals of water leakage.

So, here are the signals indicating water leakages, such as;

  1. Termites,
  2. Watermarks on the wall,
  3. Dark patches on the ceiling,
  4. Normal Leakage,
  5. Peeling off of paint or plaster.

Some Common Reasons for Water Leakage:

  1. Leakage from underneath creates a serious problem. It occurs because of improper connection of the bottle trap.
  2. Pipe leakage is a very common reason for water leakage, which may damage many parts of your house.
  3. The chances of vegetation growing on the walls incur when there is any leakage or moisture-related issues.
  4. If your wall has holes, it strings the moisture, which causes water seepage and unhealthy condition for your home.
  5. When damaged pipelines are joined, it also creates trouble for your building.
  6. If your water connection is extremely old, it damages your pipeline.
  7. Water Purifiers may cause water leakage inside your home.

So, the reasons mentioned above are very common and create water leakage issues.

Effects of Water Leakage on your Home:

As discussed earlier, water leakage impacts your home very seriously. So,  below-mentioned is the list of the effects that highly affect your home due to water leakages. 

  • It damages the wooden furniture.
  • It may impact your wall decoration.
  • It spoils the windows and doors too.
  • It creates an unhygienic condition for the homeowners.
  • The moisture makes the plaster soft, which creates a plaster crumbles issue.
  • It highly impacts the Electrical equipment.

Basic types of Water Leakages:

There are multiple types of water leakages, out of which here we are discussing a few majorly occurring types of Water Leakages, including;

  • Water Supply Pipeline:

The water supply line is a connector of water pipes that provides the water facility all over the building. The size of this pipe varies depending on the supplying area. The normal length of this water line is at least three feet, built under the ground. So, if you realize that your water supply line started leaking, contact your area’s water utility company and complain to them about the leakage problem as soon as possible.

  • Tub and Faucets:

This type of leakage is very commonly found, and its repairing is much easier than water lines. These leaks often occur due to a steady drip from the spout. As it is easy to repair but wastes thousands of gallons of water, it is necessary to prevent it quickly.

  • Pools and Fountains:

As the infrastructure of Pools and Fountains is rapidly increasing, the problem related to its leakages also rose. Even a tiny hole in pools or fountains causes a waste of hundreds of gallons within a short period.

  • Toilets:

Toilet water leakage is usually a major cause. And it is very difficult to rectify this problem until it’s too late. 

  • Coolers:

Currently, the availability of Coolers is very less. Only a few people are still using cooler equipment to decrease the hot temperature of their homes. The reason behind the leakages of the Cooler is the refill valve of the reservoir failing to close properly. 

Ways to make a Successful Water leakage Insurance Claim:

If you continuously face a problem related to water leakage at your home, here are some important ways to go for a water leakage insurance claim.

  • Recognize the Main Problem and Control It:

Mostly, any home faces more leakage issues due to its plumbing system. You can shut off the main valve connected to your pipeline for any small water leakage problem. It is the easiest way to control the leakage. 

Suppose the water leakage is extreme and has spoiled many parts of your property, then  In such case, you have to contact your insurance company agents and share with them the exact problem of your home damages due to water leakage.

  • Observe the Damages:

After controlling the water leakage, your next step is to observe the area which is damaged due to leakage and take some photos and videos. You can also include the source or region where your leakages occur and set it into a document as proof.

You can also take the image of cabinets and other appliances damaged by water leakage. Your home restoration company will also help you cover those damages, but it is better to contact the home insurance company to recover them.

  • Contact your Insurance Agent:

Immediately after controlling the water leakage, the next step is to contact your insurance company’s agent and report the problem regarding your water leakage. The insurance company has allocated a different emergency number for property or flood insurers, so you can contact them even whenever needed.

After contacting the Insurance Agent, they will send some of their agents to your home for a visit. They will investigate the damages and ask questions about water leakages. And, according to your damages, they will decide the recovery amount. 

The adjustor also considers whether those caused damages are due to your fault. If you cause it, they will not include the claim in your insurance policy.

  • Repairing and Restoration:

Water leakage is an issue that needs an instant solution. Because if we do not consider this issue seriously, it may damage the property more, and water wastage is also rising. 

To repair or restore the water leakage issues, the restoration company may send their team member to clean and restore the damages that occurred due to water leakage. And they will not charge any extra charges from their clients. So, multiple companies are taking quotes at affordable prices, and you do not need to pay any additional amount for it.

  • Leave your home Until the Recovery of your Damage is Done:

If the water has caused more damage to your home, then it is recommended to leave your home until your damages are recovered because it involves many risk factors. Many Insurance companies may cover the hotel expenses too, which occurs when the homeowner must move from their house to a hotel due to water damage issues.

So, these are some of the considerations by using which you can successfully claim the water leakage.

 Things to be Covered in a Water Leakage Insurance Claim:

According to the research report, in the US, 1 in 4 cases of Home Insurance is recognized due to water damage. But, many homeowners don’t know what the Home Insurance Policy considers.

Here is a list of Water Leakage Damages that are Covered by your Insurance Policy:

  • Brust or Frozen Pipes,
  • Accidental Plumbing Issue,
  • Ice Dams,
  • Roof Leakages, and more.

Things that are Not Covered by your Insurance Policy:

Now, here is the list which shows the things which are not a part of your Insurance Policy:

  • Any Fungus, Mold, or Rot.
  • Leakages which any old pipeline facilities cause.
  • Water leakages due to any unrepaired faucets or toilets.
  • Groundwater or seeping into the basement, etc.

What Will you do if your Home Insurance Policy is Not Renewed?

In some situations where the homeowner is facing huge damages due to water leakage, the insurance company may deny renewing their insurance policy. It gives a huge shock to the homeowners, as now they have to pay for all the damages single-handedly. It creates a financial burden for the homeowners. 

So, in such cases, you can contact an independent insurance agency that helps cover all the expenses and provides financial support to the homeowner.


Water leakage is the major reason for water shortage, but only some people have the solution. So, in this article, we have shared all the essential solutions to this problem, including the sign or signals that indicate the situation of water leakages, types of water leakages, and how you get a claim for your water leakages.  So read this article carefully, and find the solution to your leakage problem by connecting with the best insurance company.

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