Fred Loya Auto Insurance Review, Discounts, Facts, and Everything You Need to Know

Fred Loya Auto Insurance Review, Discounts, Facts, and Everything You Need to Know

Fred Loya is one of the leading car insurance companies based in Texas and is on the Hispanic 500 list. Fred Loya Auto Insurance would be the most suitable choice for those looking forward to having car insurance for their drivers at proportionately cheaper rates. 

Let’s take a look at the detailed review of Fred Loya Auto Insurance Company along with their Services, Rates, Pros – Cons, Customer Reviews, Locations, and more. 

Fred Loya Auto Insurance Company:

The company is spread over a vast region with more than 700 offices in the country and employs more than 5200 employees through their regional and local offices. Fred Loya is also the 18th largest Latino-owned insurance company. 

Their headquarters are in El Paso, Texas, and the owner is Fred Loya, a Latin American individual. He started selling insurance back in 1974 and now has become one of the most successful car insurance companies. 

They have come a long way from a one-store front office to more than 360+ agencies in 6+ states, including Colorado, California, Nex Mexico, Illinois, Texas, and Nevada. 

Various branches and offices of Loya Insurance Group are spread over many shopping centers, streets, grocery stores, and offices. You can find one of their centers in any small town or a big city, no matter where you are. You can surely come across one of the Fred Loya Auto Insurance offices. 

Fred Loya Auto Insurance:  Current Locations 

The leading car insurance company is spread across many centers, including the following 11 states:

  1. Ohio
  2. California
  3. New Mexico
  4. Nevada
  5. Illinois
  6. Georgia
  7. Arizona
  8. Indiana
  9. Alabama
  10. Texas
  11. Colorado

Most of the southern as well as western parts of the United States are covered by the Fred Loya Auto insurance company. 

Suppose you want your auto insurance from Fred Loya Auto Insurance. In that case, all you need to do is find your nearest:

Fiesta Mart, Liborio Supermarket, Superior, Cardenas, Wal-Mart Supercenters, and Big 8 Food Source Stores, and you will indeed find one!

Why Fred Loya Auto Insurance?

This insurance company offers the cheapest rates for auto insurance – which is what most people look for. The company also offers insurance to drivers with accidents on their record – which no auto insurance company provides.

Moreover, the rates at which Fred Loya offers car insurance are almost half of their competitors, which is why more people are attracted to the Fred Loya Auto Insurance Firm. 

Fred Loya Auto Insurance Pros and Cons:


  • They offer exceptionally lower auto insurance policies. 
  • Insurance for drivers with accidents on their record. 
  • The company is spread over 11 stages. 
  • You can find a regional center for Fred Loya Insurance almost anywhere. 
  • An agent will file a claim on your behalf within 24 hours of the accident. 
  • High-powered cars, custom build cars, and other customized cars can easily obtain auto insurance from Fred Loya. 


  • They have over 400% of complaints compared to other auto insurance firms. 
  • Fred Loya does not have a solid Digital presence or a mobile app. 
  • Customers can’t file a claim or get a quote via online mode. 

Current Administration and Leadership at Fred Loya Group:

Fred Loya Sr. – Chairman Emeritus
Fred Loya Jr. – Chief Executive Officer
Flower Loya – President
Joe Ramirez – Chief Financial Officer
Ben Salazar – Chief Operating Officer
Edgar Meza – Vice President of the Claims Department
George Briones – Director of IT
Edgar Fiol – Executive Sales Director
Ricardo Chavez – Managing Attorney
Lana Ruiz – Senior Underwriter
Robert Estrada – HR Director
Leah Williams – Data Analyst

Fred Loya Insurance: Facts and Figures

Fred Loya Key Details

Firm Name Fred Loya
Net Worth $506.3 Million (2012)
Head Quarter El Paso, Texas – U.S.
Founder Fred Loya
CEO Fred Loya Jr.
President Flower Loya
Total Employees 5,200 (2015)
Main Feature Auto Insurance
Available In 11 States

Discounts Offered By Fred Loya Auto Insurance:

Fred Loya offers various discounts as a famous and widely preferred auto insurance provider. Interested parties can obtain many types of benefits and discounts from the company. Take a look at the following criteria. You can also get many benefits and discounts from the insurance company: 

You will surely get discounted rates if you insure more than one vehicle. 

If your car already has automatic seat belts and airbags, you will be eligible for more discounts.

Cars with anti-theft device systems will also get a discount from Fred Loya. 

If they have a driver’s education, those under the age criteria can get discounts from the Fred Loya Insurance company. 

Individuals willing to go and complete defensive driving, drug awareness, alcohol awareness, etc. programs – will be eligible to obtain discounts. 

Fred Loya Vs. Other Insurance Companies:

Compared to almost any other auto insurance company, Fred Loya will surely stand out and offer the cheapest auto insurance policies. For example, drivers with a clean history driving track record will have to pay almost 56% less than any other competitors’ full coverage car insurance. 

Not just that, drivers with one accident on their track record are offered 63% less than any average full-coverage car insurance from Fred Loya. Almost no other insurance companies offer higher discounted rates for clean or accidental track records. 

Those who own car rental companies or any other vehicle business, primarily cars, choose driver’s insurance and auto insurance from Fred Loya due to such huge discounts and cheaper rates. 

Bottom Line

Being one of the most successful auto insurance companies – Fred Loya Auto Insurance remains everyone’s first choice due to their cheapest rates and unbelievable discounts. Despite having not-so-great customer support, the company offers excellent services through its regional offices spread throughout many states. 

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