How to Say Car Insurance in Spanish in 2024

How to Say Car Insurance in Spanish in 2024

In every part of the world, people buy insurance, as they know it plays a role in safeguarding their family and property. But what if we are in Spain, and for some reason, we urgently need the help of an insurance policy and agents?

How can we inquire about Insurance in Spain without knowing how to spell it? Thus, this article will explore, How to say car insurance in Spanish and its usage in different contexts.

What is “Insurance” in Spanish?

In Spanish, the word Insurance means Seguro, or you can also use Aseguranza, which you can also use in various contexts, just like we are doing with English. 

So, you are using just Aseguranza/Seguro. In that case, it means Insurance, but if you are saying, “Seguro De Coche,” then it means you are talking about Car Insurance, and if you are speaking, “Seguro Medico,” then it means you are communicating something about Health Insurance, and like that.

What is the Meaning of “Insurance” in Spanish?

As we said above, in Spanish, you can spell the term Insurance as Seguro or some people also use the word Aseguranza, which means Certain, Sure, or Safe. Its purpose is to provide security and protection to its policyholders.

Regional Variations of Insurance Term:

We all know that Spanish is one of the rich languages that is used in many countries. However, regional variations exist in the translation of the term insurance. Thus, let’s take a few more countries’ names and the words they use to spell the Insurance.

  • In Mexico, people use the word Seguro to represent insurance, just like in Spanish.
  • In Argentina, the term Insurance is referred to as Aseguranza
  • You can use the word Seguridad to describe a Security term in Colombia.
  • In Chile, the word insurance is referred to as Aseguradora, which also stands for Insurance Company.

How to Say Car Insurance in Spanish in 2024:

Now, after having some basic idea about the term insurance in Spanish, we are discussing with you some examples of how to say car insurance in Spanish.


  • Mi Seguro de coche cubre los danos por colision.

This sentence is trying to say that my car insurance covers collision damages.

  • Necesito Contratar un seguro de auto para mi nuevo carro.

The translation of this sentence is, I need to get car insurance for my new car.

  • Deberiamos Obtener Seguro de viaje antes de nuestro viaje.

If we translate this sentence into English, We should get travel insurance before our trip.

  • El seguro de vida es esencial para proteger a tus seres queridos.

Translating this Spanish sentence into English means Life insurance is essential to protect your loved ones.

Thus, these are a few sentence examples you can use while communicating with any Spanish insurance firm.

Few Vocabularies You Can Use in Spanish While Communicating About Insurance Agents:

Here we are sharing some of the standard Spanish words that you can take in use while you are communicating with the insurance company, such as;

  • To introduce yourself as an Insurance Agent, use “Soy agente de Seguros.”
  • The word Policy is here pronounced as Poliza
  • For Insurance, you can use both Seguros as well as Aseguranza
  • Now, if someone is asking something to you about Insurance Premiums, then they will say, “Premia de Seguro” in Spanish
  • For coverage, they will use the word la cobertura
  • The Spanish people use the word el remolque del auto to represent towing
  • Property damage is known as danos a la propiedad in Spanish
  • Reclamo de seguro are used for Insurance Claim
  • Reembolso de alquilar used for rental reimbursement

Insurance in Spanish | Insurance in spanish aseguranza

Final Words:

By the end of this article, we now have a better understanding of how to say car insurance in Spanish; not only that, but we also learn many other essential Spanish words that are connected with Insurance matters. 

Also, the word seguro serves as the standard translation, but here, we also learn regional variations, such as Seguridad in Colombia, aseguranza in Argentina, etc, depending on the country. So, if you ever stuck in any situation at that time, you just require a bit of confidence to communicate with the Spanish insurance agents, as we have already shared enough word translations here that you can ask them if you have any queries related to your insurance policy by using the Spanish language.

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