Does Estrella Insurance Provide an Affordable Car Insurance?

Does Estrella Insurance Provide an Affordable Car Insurance?

In today’s world, the usage of cars is rapidly increasing, and so is the car insurance prices. Car insurance has always been over-priced. It may take $3000 every year as full coverage. A New-yorker pays approx $3000 yearly for their car insurance. And, if we specifically talk about Florida, the car insurance price is around $2700, which is comparatively less than in any other US country. Hence, many people are considering reducing their car insurance, so they keep visiting many insurance companies. Still, they are unsatisfied with their insurance plans as they are quite costly.

This article introduces you to the prominent car insurance company named “Estrella Insurance,” which mainly focuses on car insurance and provides some other services. . We will also discuss these insurance companies’ unique features, discounts, and more.

What is Estrella’s Insurance:

Estrella Insurance is a Miami-based broker selling car insurance policies across multiple states. It offers car insurance, auto insurance, home insurance, and so on. “Estrella Insurance” firm is very popular in Miami and south Florida.

The company has 40+ years of experience and gives its customers the best services at a very reasonable cost. The agents at the company are very professional and easily understand your needs.  They offer you a customized policy that is affordable and best for your car.  Regarding car insurance, “Estrella Insurance” provides three main coverages: property, liability, and medical.

Now, selecting “Estrella Insurance” is very easy. You have to choose the best package with a low price and discuss with your agent the selected package. You will also get discounts if it is available on your desired package. The Estrella agents spread their work across the united states, like Denver, Houston, Dallas, and many other metro cities of the US.

Auto Insurance Services offered by “Estrella Insurance”: 

As we discussed, the agents of Estrella Insurance provide their company’s services across the US. Here are the six states where they mainly provide  auto car insurance services:

  • Arizona
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  •  Nevada
  • Texas

They are providing three main coverages to these states, namely:

  • Property Coverages:

Property coverages cover all those damages incurred to your vehicles, including theft, collision coverages (cost of repairing after the accident), and comprehensive coverages (outside injuries that occurred to your car). Not only that, but it also covers the property damages which occur due to any natural calamities, some man-made disasters, etc.,

  • Medical Coverages:

Medical coverage is also known as medical expense coverage. It is responsible for your and your passenger’s injuries during the accident. It also covers lost wages and funeral costs, and other costs too. In some states, it is mandatory to have PIP (Personal Injury Protection coverage). So, Estrella also provides PIP to their customers.

  • Liability Coverages:

Liability coverages protect you from any legal procedure. In many states, drivers must have liability insurance for small damages and bodily injuries. . It helps you recover the damages that occur to someone else’s vehicle or if that person gets serious injuries.

The company offers its customers these three Auto insurance policies at very affordable prices.

Other Products and Services packages offered by the Estrella Insurance Company:

The insurance company provides a few different packages to its customers, including home, life, business, etc.

  • Business Insurance:

Estrella insurance company helps all business owners by providing them with business loans across the United States. The agency imparts everything to the business owners, from general liability to worker’s compensation. Not only that, but it also provides financial helps to business owners to recover the damages that occur due to fire or other natural calamities. It also covers the restoration or renovation cost of any business.

  • Life Insurance:

Everyone needs a life insurance policy, right? And so the Estrella Insurance firm helps you to get the best and most secure life insurance policy that saves your life. The firm’s agent will give you the best policy according to your needs. Not only that, but they also try to involve you in the “Obamacare program.”

What is the “Obamacare Program”?

The “Obamacare Program” describes the “Affordable Care Act (ACA)” Program. It simply means that this program helps those citizens who cannot purchase the high-rate health insurance program. So, this program helps those people by giving them affordable healthcare facilities.

  • Homeowner Insurance:

Home insurance is essential for all homeowners, as it covers many losses of your home and reduces the financial stress of the owner. Estrella Insurance gives customers the best home, room, or mobile home insurance at a lower rate that satisfies their needs and demands. Not only that, but it also imparts lender and rental insurance.

  • Auto Insurance:

The Estrella Insurance company also offers multiple Auto insurance quotations from its collaborative companies. The company proposed varied Auto packages with the best prices of auto insurance, and they are also dependable upon individual needs and requirements. 

  • Commercial Insurance:

The Estrella Insurance firm also helps the transport sector by offering transportation service insurance to them. They will take the services from restaurants, packers and movers, car rental, and even towing services.

  • Miscellaneous Insurance:

Other than the normal auto insurance services, the company also gives RV or private boat insurance policies. Estrella Insurance offers the best alternative vehicle insurance for the security of your vehicle. It also includes the motorcycle and two-wheeler damages. 

These are other packages that the Estrella Insurance Company offers.

Why Estrella Insurance Company?

Estrella Insurance company has been one of the oldest insurance provider companies for 40 years. It imparts cost-effective, dependable, and customized services to its customers. The main purpose of the Estrella Insurance company is to save their clients money. The company finds the best companies from its networks for its clients at affordable rates.

The firm members are very cooperative with each other. Estrella Insurance believes their customer is like family to them. 

How Does Estrella Insurance Work?

Estrella Insurance is an insurance broker firm. The company provides quotations from 30+ partnered companies to its customers. All drivers are not ready to afford high-rate insurance, so the company offers low-rate insurance policies. The agent will also suggest a suitable insurance policy to its customers.

If anyone wants to take Estrella Car Insurance, then they should follow the following three steps:

  • Select suitable coverage:

Estrella Insurance first takes detailed information from its clients about their vehicles and other additional details.  Based on these details, they choose the best quote for their customer.

  • Comparing the best auto insurance quotes:

Clients first compare the rates of different agencies, then see the discounts other companies offer, and according to that, the client discusses further information with their agents.

  • Finalize and start your best auto insurance policy:

After finalizing the policy, the client starts their life-saving journey with Estrella Insurance. 

So, these are the steps to be considered when you go for Estrella Auto insurance.

How much Does Company Charges New Customers?

As we discussed earlier, the company is not a technical insurance company but an insurance broker company. So, there are a few different factors that affect the premium cost for its new customers.

Here are the four biggest factors that affect the premium cost: the driver’s age, driving history, location, and credit score. You will gain more benefits from the insurance company if you have a good credit score.

What makes Estrella Insurance Company different from other Insurance Companies?

Here are a few valuable points of the Estrella Insurance company that brings uniqueness to the firm.

  1. The company provides appropriate guidance to its customers, which helps clients to decide the suitable policy per their requirements. By doing this, the agents will save both clients’ time and money.
  2. The agents will offer customized services, too, if any clients need them.
  3. The agents are very friendly, and their community workers are also cooperative. It increases the company’s reputation amongst all the different insurance companies.
  4. Estrella Insurance uses two languages to deal with their clients: English and Spanish. But, mostly, they prefer Spanish for their clients.
  5. The company also offers departures services through its departure division. Not only that, but they also give free consultations regarding immigration to their clients.
  6. The company also provides its clients protection against traffic tickets. They have started its traffic defense only from $69.

Discounts Offered by the Estrella Insurance Firm:

The companies offer a few discounts to their clients, such as;

  • Bundling Discounts:

Clients who purchase more than one insurance policy get a bundle discount. For example, clients get a bundling discount if they buy auto, home, and life insurance policies.

  • Safe Driving Discounts:

If drivers have more than three years of safe driving records with no accident charges, they may be granted a secure driving qualification from the company.

  • Multi-Discounts:

If any drivers have usage of multi-vehicles, then the company offers them a multi-driver discount.

  • Good Student Discount:

Estrella Insurance also gives discount offers to Good students. It means the student under the age of 25 regularly attains the classes as well gets 1 grade. Then, they are a part of these discounts.


Estrella Insurance is a notable insurance broker firm in Florida. The company has 40 years of excellent experience in auto insurance firms. Likewise, they work with 30+ insurance companies and provide the best quotations for their clients. It is one of the best companies that largely focus on customer benefits and offers affordable and time-saving deals to its clients.

This article also discusses the company’s uniqueness, other packages offered, and discounts, which no other firm provides. The best reason people recommended this company is their agent’s friendly and helpful nature and the loyal price they would charge from their clients.

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