Sable Credit Card Review: Best Way to Improve Credit and Get Cash Back

Sable Credit Card Review: Best Way to Improve Credit and Get Cash Back

A secured credit card means a great deal nowadays if you do not have a great credit score. It lets you purchase high-end products and pay gradually every month. Just like this, there are many other benefits of having a credit card. 

Unfortunately, not everyone can get a secure credit card without going through rigorous procedures of CIBIL score and credit checks, bank balance maintenance, and more. Also, as we all know, everyone doesn’t need to have a higher CIBIL Score. For those getting a Sable Credit Card would be incredibly beneficial. 

Let’s review detailed info regarding Secured Sable ONE Credit Card – offered benefits, features, cashback, and everything you need to know. 

What is a Sable Secured Credit Card?

If you want to build good credit, getting this Sable credit card will benefit you in various ways. Because those who don’t have enough limit on their previous credit card or are looking forward to getting a credit card without a higher CIBIL or Credit Score – this is the ultimate solution – a Sable Secured Credit Card. 

Who can get a Sable Credit Card?

Almost anyone can apply and obtain a Sable Secured credit card. It is because no credit history or higher credit is required for any individual. Especially those who are looking forward to having a good credit score – can obtain and then make their Credit History excellent. For those who recently moved to the US and did not have a good credit history, it would be easy and beneficial for those to get a Sable credit card. 

Why the Sable Credit Card?

There are so many cashback offers, rewards, and in-built perks of having the Sable Credit Card. It offers users cell phone insurance, car rental coverage, and exciting benefits. Take a look at the detailed benefits and rewards of getting a Sable credit card:

Benefits of having a Sable Credit Card:

  • A welcome bonus is quite generous for the first year of obtaining the Sable credit card. For example, if you have used $500 by the end of the first year, you will receive $1000 in cashback. 
  • Those who do not have SSN – Social Security Number can also obtain this credit card, nothing to worry about. 
  • The company offers $0 annual fees on the Sable credit card, significantly relieves most customers. Otherwise, such credit companies often charge higher rates through annual fees. 
  • Those looking forward to having a great CIBIL and higher credit history can quickly start by obtaining the Sable credit card. You have to get this credit card and easily build a fair credit score within 12 months. Even for that, you will be rewarded with $25 for your efforts. 
  • There are so many official merchants and popular services for subscribing. You will get 2% Cashback from Amazon, Uber Eats, Whole Foods, Spotify, Netflix, and many more. Also, there will be a 1% cashback for any other purchases. 
  • There is a unique “Path to Unsecured Credit” offered by the Sable through which applicants can easily graduate in just a few months and be eligible as per their monthly usage. For that to happen, you have to make on-time payments, no unclear dues, and that’s all. 
  • If you purchase a mobile through the Sable Credit Card, you will get coverage, including theft, damage, and more. This service is available when you regularly pay your mobile’s monthly payment.  
  • They also offer car rental insurance, including coverage against various scenarios, including theft and more. 
  • Those looking forward to purchasing a new car will get coverage for 90 days. 
  • There are various eligible items on which customers can also receive extended warranty coverage. 
  • Sable Credit Card also provides roadside assistance through their Travel Assistance program. That includes emergency roadside situations, attorneys when traveling abroad, physicians, and more. 
  • Purchasing new insurance will also be beneficial when done through the Sable Credit Card. 
  • If you are a frequent international traveler, Sable Credit Card will be even more beneficial for you as they do not charge foreign transaction fees. 
  •  When you get a new credit card, there is not much limit offered by the financial institution. But that’s not the case with the Sable Credit Card. Users can deposit amounts up to $10000 without any issues. 

Ways to Earn and Redeem Cash Bank on Sable Credit Card:

Along with many other features offered by the Sable, they also offer numerous Cash Back offers and many ways to redeem those points. 

You can easily use this card for regular payments, such as groceries, gas stations, entertainment, and more, and receive cash back through each. 

Along with that, as we discussed earlier, getting subscriptions and purchases from specific platforms will get you to earn 2% Cash Back. Such services include Netflix, Spotify, Amazon, Uber Eats, Uber, Whole Foods, and many more. 

Limitations of Sable Credit Card:

We have discussed all the features and benefits we can obtain through a Sable Credit Card. But with so many benefits, there have to have some drawbacks too. Nothing major, just a few limitations that the service provider asks its customers. 

Sable Credit Card doesn’t allow users to transfer balances through this credit card. However, most credit cards don’t allow the feature of transferring the balance, so that’s not a big deal. 

Another thing is that limited rewards are offered for using the Sable Credit Card for your daily expenses. 

Final Words

Sable Credit Card is among the few available credit cards without security checks or banking history. Hence those who do not reside in the US for years and do not have a great history of higher CIBIL Score – the Sable Credit Card would be beneficial for purchasing expensive items from various merchants. This blog discussed all the essential information related to the Sable Credit Card its benefits, how to get more Cash Bank, limitations, and more. 

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