Amex Trifecta vs. Chase Trifecta: Benefits, Charges, and Everything You Need to Know

Amex Trifecta vs. Chase Trifecta: Benefits, Charges, and Everything You Need to Know

Using an online mode of payment is quite beneficial. We all use one or an online wallet to pay for our day-to-day expenses, including groceries, dairy, fuel, electricity, food, shopping, and whatnot. Not everyone is aware, but using a rewards credit card can be beneficial to earn points and rewards with your daily purchases. We will spend our regular expenses daily, and if we choose to spend those amounts through a rewards credit card, imagine how many points you can easily earn even while spending money!

There are various rewards credit cards available in the market. Here we are going to discuss two of the most beneficial cards. They are Amex Trifecta and Chase Trifecta cards. Let’s get into it and learn more about their benefits, features, plans, rewards offered, and everything! 

Amex Trifecta vs. Chase Trifecta: Everything You Need to Know

Amex Trifecta

AmEx Trifecta or Amex consists of three American Express cards viz. American Express Green Card, The Platinum Card, American Express Gold Card. Also, there are Blue Business Plus Credit Card would also be beneficial if you are looking forward to regular expenses spent. 

  1. American Express Green Card:

Users will approximate up to 5 points per dollar spent and many other rewards. An annual fee might not suit all users, as they charge more than other companies and their cards. The annual fee is $150, but this would be an excellent option if you travel more because the Green card suits those who often travel. Because those, who are looking forward to more traveling, will earn comparatively more rewards while using the American Express Green Card for ticket booking, hotel booking, and more related to their travel. 

2. American Express Platinum Card:

This is a luxury card with unique and many perks the company offers. But along with these rewards and benefits, they charge a whooping $695 annual charge for the card. Five reward points will be earned per dollar spent when booking travel tickets through the Platinum Card. Along with that, hotel reservations are also very beneficial and will earn you unbelievable rewards. There will be a bonus of 80,000 membership rewards after your first $6000 spend of purchase in the initial six months. Users should go through a few terms and understand the company’s policies more. 

3. American Express Gold Card:

The Gold Card has been designed especially for foodies, as it offers more benefits for dining and food-related purchases. Users will receive four reward points for each dollar spent, which can eventually become exciting rewards. Not just that, users will earn more reward points while having regular grocery shopping through various supermarkets. After spending around $25000 from supermarkets in grocery shopping across the US – there will be 4 points per each dollar. 

Moreover, new card owners will get 60000 membership points as the welcome bonus reward points. The annual fee of the American Express Gold Card is $250, and for other spends such as dining, uber, and more – there are many other offers available. 

Chase Trifecta

A strategic combination of reward points credit cards can significantly benefit you through regular purchases and spending. Here, we are discussing other Trifects from Chase credit cards. Just like Amex, Chase also offers various reward points credit cards for you to use and earn greater rewards with regular purchases. Let’s look at these cards that come under the category: Chase Freedom Flex, Chase Freedom Unlimited, Chase Sapphire Reserve, and Chase Sapphire Preferred Card. 

  1. Chase Freedom Flex:

If you have been looking forward to having a $0 annual fees reward point credit card, your search ends here. The Chase Freedom Flex card offers up to 5% cash back on $1500 combined each quarter. Also, ticket booking will earn amazing rewards and 3% cashback from various restaurants and medicine purchases. Their upcoming tempting offer is: earning 5% cashback from Lyft rides. 

2. Chase Freedom Unlimited:

This card is one of the very few 0$ annual charges credit cards. When booking tickets through the Freedom Unlimited card, you will earn 5% through thor Chase Ultimate Rewards. On general spending, there is 1.5%, whereas there is 3% cashback on dunning and drugstore expenses. Other rewards include redeeming their earned points and earning 5% cash back on Lyft rides, their upcoming feature. 

3. Chase Sapphire Reserve:

There is an annual fee of $550 for the Chase Sapphire Reserve Card. Users will be earning 10 points per dollar they spend. For hotel booking, car rentals, dining, and more – there will be 5 points per each dollar spent. For flight booking, too, there are exciting reward points offered by Chase. Their upcoming offer is: to earn 10 points per each dollar spent on Peloton purchases and Lyft. Travel and hotel booking will also earn you 1.5 cents per dollar. 

4. Chase Sapphire Preferred Card:

The Preferred card has an annual charge of $95 and 5 reward points earned for each dollar spent on travel, hotel booking, and more. For dining, there are three reward points per dollar. Grocery shopping, a few streaming services – there will be three reward points per each dollar spent. One reward point will be earned for all users for any other expenses. From March 2025, five reward points will be earned from each dollar spent on Peloton purchases. 

Final Words

Whatever card’ Trifecta you choose – Amex or Chase – will undoubtedly benefit you. By using the right card at the right spend/ payment – you can utilize most of these reward points credit cards and earn more reward points. Before choosing which cards to use, know everything about your daily requirements/spends and choose the most relevant card for your regular spending. 

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