Is Money Soap Legit? : Rewards, Where to Buy, and Everything You Need to Know

Is Money Soap Legit? : Rewards, Where to Buy, and Everything You Need to Know

Have you ever thought about learning money while washing your hands? Well, if not, you have now. It is all about Money Soap. Yes, guys! You heard it right. Money Soap is a concept where many soap brands have started hiding dollar bills embedded inside the soap, and users will get surprised rewards in the form of some amount of dollar bills after using the soap. Interested? Let’s know more about Money Soap if it is legit or not, and everything else. 

What is a Money Soap?

It is a new concept of making soaps with an unknown dollar bill infused inside a soap. The amount of the dollar bill might vary from $1, $5, and $20 to $100. There is no sure-shot formula to know the amount of the bill. It can only be known after using the soap in daily washing tasks like cleaning your hands. Various brands offer many flavors of soaps, known as “Money Soap.”

What to do with a Money Soap?

Well, it can be another source through which you clean your hands daily. And while doing that, there is a high chance that you will be making money from inside the soap. This sounds interesting because not every soap has money hidden inside it. 

So, all you have to do is:

  • Get Money Soap from your nearest supermarket or online source. 
  • Start using it like any other regular soap. 
  • You can even choose your favorite flavor from many leading soap manufacturing brands. 
  • Keep using the soap until you start seeing a dollar bill from inside the soap. 
  • Get a surprise reward in the form of a dollar bill ranging from $1 to $100!

Is Money Soap Legit?

Yes, Money Soap is legit. All you have to do is find a reputed and leading soap brand that makes Money Soaps and then purchase it from a viable source. It is available at various supermarkets and grocery stores and even available through various online modes. 

Try and find a reputable soap manufacturer that has received positive customer reviews. Do not choose any new brand you may not have heard of previously because it might not be an authenticated source of getting Money Soap. 

Also, the number of dollar bills hidden inside may vary per brand and soap type. Hence, read the terms and conditions before purchasing a money soap.  

How much money will I get?

There can not be any surety about the number of dollars embedded inside any Money Soap. It is because, while manufacturing various soaps – only the makers know what dollar bills are inside which soap bars. So, there is no sure way of knowing how much money you will get with a particular money soap. 

Some people might not believe that they will get to have/ earn money through such “Money Soaps,” but you never know. Maybe your luck is testing you, and a $100 bill can await you in your next Money Soap! 

Still, you can surely think of it this way, logically, of course:

Most manufacturers will infuse $1 in most soaps because each is sure to come with some amount, and the 1$ would be the most common amount. 

Then comes the $5, $10, and $20 – which are also there but not as frequent as $1. If you have been lucky, you will find one of these occasionally. 

At last, there are $100 bills – which are rare because it would not be so profitable for any soap manufacturer to offer $100 in more of their soaps. But there’s always a chance you might earn $100 from soap and nothing less. You never know! 

How much does Money Soap Cost?

Depending upon the manufacturer and the type of soap – a Money Soap might cost around $10 to $20 per unit. You might be wondering – $20 for a soap? Well, yes. Because some of the manufacturers are also offering hand-poured soaps with exotic flavors; not just that, some soaps are even paraben-free and contain vegetable-based oils instead of harmful chemicals. Hence, that is the reason behind the price. 

While ordering online, some manufacturers even let their customers choose flavors, colors, and more – through various customized options. Such customized Money Soaps might cost more compared to regular soaps. 

Where to Buy Money Soap?

There are various ways through which one can purchase Money Soap. Online as well as offline – both markets are full of Money Soap manufacturers. You can choose your favorite scents, shapes, flavors, and even colors while purchasing it. 

  1. “Money Soap” the brand is from Christian Book and Toys – and their official Money Soap website is the widely preferred source to purchase it. You can visit
  2. Amazon – one of the leading e-commerce stores, also has many manufacturers who sell many types of Money soap. You can find and compare soaps from various brands, customer reviews, and more. 
  3. Walmart also sells many types of Money soap from various brands and flavors. You might not be aware that some leading brands even offer $50 as the maximum amount, not $100 – so read all the terms and conditions before purchasing anything. 
  4. Etsy – Everyone knows Etsy as it offers a variety of items in many different categories. Also, if you find the right seller, you might customize your money bar soap and get your favorite fragrance in the soap. 

Bottom Line

Those who believe in trying their luck can indeed try Money Soap while washing their hands! It could be a really exciting, funny, and yet a way to earn money through a daily task. Even though the chances of winning more amount are thin, it could still be a really fun way you can include in your daily life and make activities such as washing your hands even more enjoyable! 

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