Is OTTO Insurance a Reliable Insurance Company?

Is OTTO Insurance a Reliable Insurance Company?

We all know that insurance is a crucial part of everyone’s life. But, we are also aware of its high rates. The charges of insurance companies are very expensive and not affordable for everyone. 

So, this article will introduce one of the legitimate online companies named “OTTO insurance,” which works to create lead generation on its website by collecting your personal information and finding a suitable agency or company according to your requirements.

What is OTTO Insurance?

OTTO insurance is not an insurance company. It is a Miami-based company that connects the policyholder with the best insurance products and services per individual needs. It is a lead-generating website that shares your information with the best insurance companies and their partners. The company narrates itself as a tool for a pet, life, and auto insurance quotes generation company. When you visit the company’s website, you will find many articles that will lead you to insurance, like how to acquire inexpensive insurance, etc. It also covers a range of products and types.

The company also guarantees that the customer gets a reply to their quotation within a few seconds. The company gives free services to its customers, which is very important because the well-reputed online quotation website never charges anything from its clients.

One of the issues with connecting with OTTO quotation service is the customer has to handle lots of phone calls, as the company has given your information to 1000+ auto insurance companies. So, many people have shared their reviews and suggestions to the company for reducing phone calls.

The Quotation Process of OTTO Insurance:

Many people might be confused about the process of sending their query to the company. So here are some questions asked by the company on their website that you have to fill out for the other quotation process.

  • Go to the company’s website,
  • Click on the “Get started now” option. On the Home Page. 
  • You have to describe yourself, your home, and your vehicle.
  • You must inform the OTTO company if you already have other insurance policies.
  • The OTTO company assures the lowest insurance cost to their customers.

The company will also inquire about vehicles owned by you. 

  • They also ask personal questions like your marital status and many more, which you can answer easily.
  • Then, the company gives their customers a premium offer, such as combining insurance policies for auto and home. It depends on customers’ needs.
  • As per your requirements, the OTTO will let you know about the discounts you get.
  • It is compulsory to view the details before adding your name and number.
  • In the last step, you have to click on the “Get your free quote” button,” You will get reverts from the networking companies within seconds Via phone calls or emails.

Questions that are mentioned above are mandatory for every customer before moving ahead. 

Advantages and Drawbacks:


  1. You can easily access to company’s website.
  2. The company gives free services to its customers.
  3. They will help you to connect with 1000+ companies.
  4. The company provides insurance policies for products like pets, homes, cars, and life.

Drawbacks of the company:

  1. It is not an insurance company. It is a legitimate company.
  2. The company has not shared more details about its firm on any internet platform.
  3. It never quotes the prices.
  4. As it has a wide network, the customer gets several phone calls and emails, which creates difficulty for the customer to handle.
  5. The customers cannot choose the rate option. The quoted company itself provides it.

Types of Insurance Offered by OTTO Insurance:

The OTTO company is not an insurance company, so the company doesn’t offer any insurance coverage. But, the company stated that it has a tie-up with 1000+ companies, and they will provide different types of auto insurance coverage to its customers, such as;

  • Liable Person:

During the time of the accident, if any person gets injured or any damage occurs. Then it is the responsibility of a liable person to pay for all the losses.

  • Collision:

The insurance policy covers the damages that your vehicles incurred during the accident or due to any other object like fencing. So, collision will help you to recover those damages.

  • Comprehensive:

Comprehensive insurance coverage means that the insurance company will pay for all the damages and losses that occurred other than the car crash like fire and accidents with any animals like deer.

  • Covers Personal Injuries:

If you meet with an accident, the company provides a PIP insurance plan that covers all the medical and funeral expenses depending upon who’s fault.

  • Uninsured Motorcar Coverage:

During the accident, if your car crashes with another person’s car who has a short period of insurance or may not have any auto insurance. In such a situation, your insurance company will pay all the expenses to that party.

  • Medical Expenses:

This insurance is the most important coverage that includes all the policyholder’s medical expenses.

  • Guaranteed Auto Insurance:

If your car is new and met with an accident, the company will pay the original amount of your car loan.

  • Rental Coverages:

When you meet with an accident, the company reimburses you with the rental car, and the expenses of that rental car will be covered in the insurance policy.

  • Roadside Assistants:

If your car needs to be fixed, or you have locked the keys into the car. Then these expenses are also paid by your insurance company.

  • Non-owner Car Insurance:

The insurance covers the expenses of the rental car damages or any borrowed car damages. 

Most insurance companies offer these types of coverage to their policyholders. 

Is OTTO Insurance a Scam or an Authentic Company?

The company has kept the information about its work private from the internet. Also, on the company’s website, they have given two different addresses. But, it does not mean that the company is legit or a scam—the information provided by the company on its website must be completed so that customers can know about it.. And, per the customer’s reviews, they have shared that they get many calls rather than quotations from company calls.

Moreover, we are not able to find the background details of the company, like who the founder was, etc., The very strange part about the company is that it is not considered in the business list now, but then too the number of the company has stayed the same. So, you can say that it is a service-offering company. The customer cannot blindly trust this company as it has no legal proof or authenticity documents.

Products Offered by the OTTO Insurance Company: 

The company offers four main products, such as;

  • Pet Insurance:

Many pet owners buy pet insurance to prevent any unexpected expenses. The OTTO company gives pet insurance for all large or small expenses in the united states. You can visit the company’s website for more details about pet insurance.

  • Home Insurance:

The company provides home insurance to homeowners and home renters. According to the requirement of the policyholder and also depends upon their home area and address.

  • Life Insurance:

According to the company’s official website, they have provided 10,000 life insurance policies to its American clients. 

  • Auto Insurance:

The company works with worldwide insurance companies, small insurance providers, and many other firms that can offer their customers the best car insurance policies.

Final Words:

The OTTO company is not a part of any insurance company. It is a lead-generating company that collects the information of its customers and shares it with other local insurance firms. We can say it is a neutral company because it has not shared many details about its work on its website, and its customer reviews are 1 out of 7. Majorly people face issues with phone calls. In reviews, they have shared that, rather than a quoted company, many other local firms also contact the customers. 

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