PCNOK: Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma Detailed Review, Benefits, Members, and More

PCNOK: Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma Detailed Review, Benefits, Members, and More

We all know that technology is only the thing that continuously focuses on adding more and more techniques and methods in various fields. Through which we can easily benefit from it in improving our lifestyle. Currently, all organization, whether small or large, mainly depends upon technology. Especially after the pandemic, people have started to realize the importance of advanced technology.

Now, if we talk about the presence of modern technology in the medical sector. Then, we noticed that, during the pandemic time, doctors have started to use many new technologies. 

Thus, in this article, we will discuss one such networking organization, “Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma,” which uses all the latest technologies to cure its patients. Stay connected with this article to get more information about  PCNOK.

What is PCNOK?

PCNOK stands for “Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma” and is a corporation of nineteen Oklahoma Community Health Centers. The primary purpose of this organization is to work with the aim of advanced health care by adopting innovative technologies. 

Also, the PCNOK serves their medical services to all the 77 countries citizens who are living in Oklahoma. Moreover, they are also stimulating mutual contracting, like a group purchasing on behalf of the organization, etc.

Other than that, the PCNOK has less than 25 employees working in this organization, but they provide the best services to all their customers compared to other organizations. They also have some tech stack networks, like GoDaddy Web Hosting, reCAPTCHA, Office 365, Font Awesome, GoDaddy DNS, etc. Also, if we talk about its revenue, then the total revenue of PCNOK is $1.1 Million.

When was PCNOK Established?

The PCNOK organization was founded in 2014, cooperating with Oklahoma’s Community Centers and Community Behavioral Health Organizations. It is one of the largest patient care delivery networks worldwide and provides the best healthcare services to Northeast Oklahoma and Southwest Kansas patients.

The PCNOK follows all the care models, including medical services from prenatal care to geriatric care. They also have many ways through which they can motivate people, to care about their health. Also, they have a solution to every single health problem.

In short, we can say that the only reason for establishing PCNOK is to provide everyone with better healthcare services and treatments.

The Mission of PCNOK:

Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma is an extensive program that includes treatments for all stages of life, i.e., from prenatal to geriatrics. There are three main objectives behind this comprehensive program that is;

  • More Thorough Treatment
  • More Healthy People
  • Spending More Wisely

The healthcare facility offered by this program is very affordable, high-quality, and very easily accessible. As well it also creates a mutual contractual interest to do so.

Benefits of PCNOK:

Now, let’s see some of the benefits that are offered by PCNOK to their clients.

  • Benefits for Their Patients:

As previously discussed, the PCNOK organization uses all the latest technologies to care for its patients. With the help of advanced machinery functions and methods, patients will automatically save themselves from any critical situation. Not only that, but the technology continuously works on paying attention to their patient’s health, so if any little movement also occurs, they directly come to know about the diseases.

  • Benefits to Family Members:

The family members of the patients can continuously get all the essential information regarding the patient’s health, and the staff of the organization is very polite and constantly in touch with their patient’s family members. 

  • Health Care Professionals:

With the help of intelligent technology, you can easily monitor the parameters at home. So that doctors can keep their eyes on their patients and helps to save their life.

  • SSN Benefits:

PCNOK program always tries to decrease the emergency situation; they plan everything in advance, such as providing all the essential equipment to the patient’s home. So, during an emergency, they can easily use that equipment. 

So, these four are the benefits that are given by the Patients Care Network Of Oklahoma to their patients.

Drawbacks of PCNOK:

After knowing the benefits of the “Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma,” here we will also discuss some of its drawbacks too;

  1. The PCNOK organization has a lower market share.
  2. The employees’ revenue of PCNOK is relatively lower than that of the industrial revenue.
  3. The major drawback of the PCNOK program is that the number of staff members is significantly less, and they are slowly expanding the number of members in their organization.

PCNOK is Attainable for Everyone:

As discussed earlier, the Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma is one of the largest organizations worldwide for their medical services. The organization has built its relationship with 500+ clients and constantly works together to give the best results to its patients.

The PCNOK is also known as “The Patient Consideration Organization Of Oklahoma.” the name says it is for everyone. Over and above that, apart from having merely 25 employees in the organization to manage all the situations and patients, they always satisfied their customer’s needs even after that. 

So, we can say that this program is for all people and also at very affordable rates. 

How Does the PCNOK Work?

After having basic information about the PCNOK, many people eagerly await more about its process. 

So, first of all, I would like to share that the process of the “Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma” program is entirely based on technology.

This is the only organization that has launched the first-ever long-distance monitoring technology through which more and more people can benefit. PCNOK is especially for those people who want to require long-term therapy. So for that, PCNOK linked those people with their best healthcare process, which gives the best satisfactory results to all the patients.

Now, if we consider the patients’ side of view, they feel that after establishing the PCNOK program, they have started improving their health more appropriately. This helps the organization build a solid and trustworthy relationship with its patients. 

The best part of “The Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma” is that they already have advanced planning related to emergency, so when any critical situation arises, they immediately take action against those situations and saves t lives of many people.

Now, let’s see who are the members of the PCNOK organization.

List of Members of PCNOK:

Below is the list of members who are a part of the “Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma” Organization.

  1. Family Medical Center Of Oklahoma Inc.,
  2. Community Health Connection Inc.,
  3. Great Salt Plains Health Centers,
  4. Kiamichi Family Medical Centers Inc.,
  5. Panhandle Health and Counselling Centers,
  6. Community Health Centers Inc.,
  7. Lawton Community Health Centers,
  8. Caring Hands Healthcare Centers Inc.,
  9. Northeast Oklahoma Community Health Center,
  10. Stigler Wellness and Health Centers, Inc.,
  11. Arkansas Verdigris Valley Health Centers, Inc.,
  12. Center For Therapeutic Interventions (CTI),
  13. Good Shepherd Community Clinic,
  14. Morton Comprehensive Health Services, Inc., etc., is a member of the PCNOK organization. 

List of API and Advanced Technologies Used by PCNOK:

Now, we all know that PCNOK is entirely based on advanced technology. But, there are people, who are more interested to know, what kind of technologies were used by PCNOK. 

So, here we have a list of some of the advanced technologies and APIs which the PCNOK organization uses;

  1. Libraries,
  2. jQuery,
  3. RequireJS,
  4. Domain Name Services,
  5. Frameworks,
  6. Go Daddy DNS,
  7. Content Delivery Networks,
  8. reCAPTCHA,
  9. Cloud flare.

Full Reviews of PCNOK:

We have already shared the goals and mission of the organization, right? Now, it’s time to know the overall reviews of the organization. The reviews of PCNOK are unique. We can say that they catch the attention of many readers because they share some of their additional features with the help of their overall reviews, and all the reviews are also satisfied by their patients. 

So, here we are going to discuss all the essential points about PCNOK;

  • Access to Everyone:

Under the PCNOK membership, all the patients are covered by Medicare, Medicaid, Private Insurance, and Self-care. Plus, they also have some limitations related to payment procedures, and once the patient pays the amount, they are eligible to be a part of this deal.

Suppose any person’s living standards are not good, and they cannot pay the charges. In that case, the “Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma” collects some of the documents from them, and based on that documentation, and reports, the program provides services to the customer.

  • Comprehensive and Preventive:

The comprehensive and preventive program powered by PCNOK is administered in over 60 rural and urban regions. Mainly they are offering dental health, vision, and mental health-related services to these areas.

  • Worldwide Services:

This program is associated with a range of medical services worldwide. “Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma” has a worldwide chain of medical services. As we have mentioned earlier, the organization has a connection in 77 countries of Oklahoma.

  • Better Management:

The only motto of PCNOK is to save as many people as possible. So, they always find a way to help needy people.

  • Innovation and Solution:

The PCNOK is focused on a few sectors that can be merged easily with the Central Care fields, which include health coaches, telehealth, care teams, mental health, etc

They also believe that “Innovation brings changes,” so they always find an innovative method and are ready to have a solution to each problem.

Final Words:

The “Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma” is the organization’s name, primarily known for its medical service providers. This PCNOk is wholly based on modern technology methods, i.e., they use the latest equipment to treat the patient, like the monitoring machine to avoid the critical situation and many others.

So by considering this article, we learned about all the essential information regarding the “Patient Care Network Of Oklahoma” (PCNOK), such as its benefits, working process, and much more.

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