Pembridge Insurance Reviews – Additional Coverage Benefits, and Everything You Need to Know

Pembridge Insurance Reviews – Additional Coverage Benefits, and Everything You Need to Know

We all are aware of the importance of having auto insurance in our day-to-day life. Here, we are discussing such essential policies offered by“Pembridge” – an insurance company that imparts various services to all those people who are really in need of Insurance.

In this article, we will discuss Pembridge Insurance Company, so you have one more option to add to your list of insurance companies and find the most suitable and affordable policy.

About Pembridge Insurance:

Pembridge Insurance Company serves both property and auto insurance plans to all Canadians. The company offers its services, to all the provinces of Canada, so they can help more and more people. 

Pembridge Insurance Company was founded in the year 1999, and since then, they are continuously servicing their customer. Yet in 2015, the company faced a huge loss of $2,745,000, which shows that they also fulfilled the claiming issues of their clients, by paying all the claims. But, as we know in this world, everything is a competition, the Pembridge Insurance Company faces a lot of marketing challenges and tries to balance their customers by fulfilling their demands.

The Mission of the Company:

The mission of the company is to build a strong relationship with its employees, partners, and customer, by providing accurate information about the company, and policies, and by showing their experiences.  

Vision of the Company:

The vision is to provide a safe and unique service to their customer, as per their demands. 

Products and Services Offered by Pembridge Insurance:

The company offers both property and auto insurance to its customers, based on their requirements. 

So, let’s see the various services offered by the Pembridge Insurance Company:

  • Auto Insurance:

In Auto Insurance, they are providing various ranges of services, including;

  • Private Passenger Vehicles:

A private passenger vehicle means, operated by a private motor carrier of passengers, and can be used for both business, and non-business. The private passenger vehicle does not provide any type of public transportation services.

  • Artisan Vehicles:

Artisan Vehicles, generally mean that type of vehicle, that is used for delivering goods, or any other type of tool. In short, we can say that any insured vehicle, is used for continuous transportation services

  • Antique Vehicles:

An antique Vehicle means a vehicle whose life span is more than 30+ years.

  • Classic Vehicles:

Classic Vehicle means a vehicle manufactured using the latest technology and is far better than that antique vehicles.

  • Property Insurance:

The Pembridge offers a list of various property insurance, such as;

  • Liability Insurance:

Liability insurance means a type of financial coverage, which is used to recover those damages that are incurred by you to someone else’s property.

  • Content Insurance:

Content Insurance is also known as Personal Property Coverage, which is used to recover all the damages that are incurred to your property by theft or fire.

  • Environmental Insurance:

This insurance imparts coverage for all the losses and damages, that occur due to any unpredictable release in the pollutants measures. Environmental Insurance is also known as Pollution Coverage.

  • Casualty Insurance:

This insurance covers all those categories, which highly causes damages to your property or liabilities, including the workmen’s compensation.

  • Property Insurance:

Property Insurance works as a financial support to the owner at the time of any natural calamities, or any other similar reason.

  • Tenant Insurance:

Tenant Insurance gives protection to all homeowners against any causes that occur by tenants or other people.

  • Landlord Insurance:

Generally, this type of insurance provides two types of security to the landlord, one is related to their property, and another is liability protection.

  • Seasonal Home Insurance:

This insurance is completely different from the home insurance policy, as it protects your vacation home, and also against any natural disasters,  like snow, storm damage, etc.

  • Mobile Home Insurance:

Mobile Home insurance means manufactured home insurance, which protects all those damages, that occurs to your home or any personal belongings.

  • Condo Insurance

It is also referred to as HO6 Insurance. Condo insurance covers all liability claims, any damages to your additional living expenses, etc.

So, these are various insurance services offered by the Pembridge Insurance Company. Now, let’s understand some of the car insurance products newly provided by the company to their customer, including;

  • My_Bridge:

My_Bridge is a unique program offered by the Pembridge Insurance Company. This program provides many benefits to its members, and it is open to all its clients. 

This program is running by taking the help of an application that tracks the location of their clients for ensuring the safety of their vehicles. The program offers a 30% discount even on their premium plans, and in addition to that, it also provides 5 to 10 percent off in their signing up procedure.

  • Repair Guarantee:

Pembridge Insurance Company also gives a guarantee to repair any of the cars, which is one of the beneficial points for their customer. If you met with an accident, then you can even choose the Auto Pro Program of this company, it shows how Pembridge Insurance takes care of their customer.

Additional Coverage Benefits:

Pembridge Insurance Company offers many extra coverage benefits to their customer, so their customer can trust their company and can build a strong relationships with all of their customers. So the extra benefits, include;

  • Medical benefits
  • Caregiver fees
  • Replacements of the incomes
  • Housekeeping and house maintenance costs, and much more.

About Company’s Claim Process:

As the company provides a wide range of products and services, they also try to make their claim process a bit flexible, so everyone can easily go for their claim process. 

Pembridge Insurance provides a claiming facility 24*7 on their official website. Also, you can personally connect with the company’s staff member between 8:00 A.M., to 10:00 P.M. EST.

Customer Reviews about Pembridge Insurance:

Now let’s see what the customers say about Pembridge Insurance Company. Everyone has their own perspective to see the work, but here in this case, we find most of the results have negative reviews only towards Pembridge Insurance Services.

Most of the customers have shown their dissatisfaction result towards the Pembridge Insurance Company.

  • “Some of the user’s criticized their poor customer service.”
  • “One of its users, states that the company is refuse to give medical protection to the victim.”
  • “While some of them are saying that it is completely a scam.” 

Wrapping Up:

Pembridge Insurance Company is one of the property and auto insurance provider companies, that has been serving their customers since 1999. The company’s vision is to satisfy their customer and provide a range of products, through which they fulfill all the insurance requirements of its customers.

In this article, we have discussed all the essential information about the Pembridge Insurance Company, and also shared their customer reviews, so readers can get an overall idea about selecting the accurate insurance company.

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