Is Bluefire Insurance a Good Insurance Company? (Best Answer)

Is Bluefire Insurance a Good Insurance Company? (Best Answer)

Insurance always plays an essential role in our day-to-day life. It protects our family against critical situations like accidents, assets damages, personal injuries, etc.; this article is about one of those insurance companies named “Bluefire Insurance” that fight for their client’s rights and recover damages. The company also gives various discounts on all insurance products so they can be affordable for everyone. The good thing about this company is that it provides the best insurance solutions to its customers.

About Bluefire Insurance Company:

“Bluefire insurance” company was created by companies that served insurance services to different states like California, Washington, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and South Carolina.  Bluefire insurance company’s main focus is to give its customers the best insurance solution.

It is of the oldest insurance companies that work for many states by providing lots of plans and policies at a reasonable rate. Bluefire insurance looks like a holy grail of insurance companies which means the company offers everything difficult for other companies to provide.  The way Bluefire works is different from other insurance companies. You can easily read the review of the company on yelp and WalletHub. 

The Company Logo:

The company’s logo is decent and attractive. The great blue color of the logo denotes the sign of professionalism, and the symbol they have used is very simple but meaningful, which means that people can blindly trust the company for every kind of solution. Simply put, the company’s logo tells everything about companies features, professionalism, etc.

How to Login into Bluefire Insurance Company?

The Bluefire insurance company tries to give new experiences to its customers. The company handled the issues and worked differently from other companies and largely succeeded.

A few customers have registered a complaint against the log-in function of the company. The company website asks their customer to agree to its disclaimer, which is quite huge, but only some people are ready to read this long disclaimer, while some are satisfied with it. 

To agree with the terms and conditions of the company was not a big issue because every company has its policy and states to work. The problem arises when you call the company to get more information. 

One of the employees or staff member of the company receives the call and asks a few questions, which are related to our personal information like the bank account number, address, etc.,

The only thing that the company has to change because they should not ask the personal information about their customer on call, due to which many people feel hesitant to share their personal information.

Payment Methods of Bluefire Insurance Company:

The company gives three payment options to its customers. So, as per the customer’s convenience, they are free to choose any one method for payment procedure.

  •  Online Payment Method:

The online payment method runs 24*7 for their customers. The company accepts all UPI and a Quick-pay application that can transact money easily with less time and no error. 

Online Payment Procedure:

  1. Enter your policy number and zip code.
  2. Log in to the company’s website.

You can see the payment portal as you feel the above details.

  • Phone Payment Method:

If you are not using the online payment method, then the firm also provides the phone payment method, in which the customer has to call the company at 866-424-9511, and the staff member will help you with the other process. 

The duration to connect with the staff member is from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm CST from Monday to Friday, and the weekend time will be 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.

  • Payment Via Email:

If the customer is not using any of the above methods, the company brings “payment via email method” this method is useful to those who don’t know online and phone payment methods. Using this payment method, the customer must mail their payment information, i.e., by cash or cheque, and send it to the Bluefire insurance company PO BOX 143249, Irving, Texas 75014.

These are the payment options that the company provides to its customers.

Programs Provided by Bluefire Insurance Company:

Bluefire Insurance companies show the positive outlook of its partnering companies’ insurance packages. The partnership companies are very reputed and highly recommended by the insurance market. Name of those partnering firms are Nations insurance, Integon nation insurance, etc., The company also offers a variety of product programs like the Bluefire aggressive program, the American agencies program, and many Multi-states programs. These programs are available depending on the customer area (location).

The Bluefire Aggressive Program was developed in 2007 and is the largest program today. The Home state county Mutual drafted the program to give a beneficial discount to Texas citizens. The American Agencies program is a three-month policy program formulated by taking the support of Old American County Mutual. It was established in 2016 and promised to accept non-licensed Texas drivers on any of its policies.

In California, the company provides a high-rated package program named “The Prime Package.” Bluefire insurance firm also offers the Century National package at a very attractive rate for the citizens of southern California residents.

Thus, Bluefire insurance firm has no shortage of high-quality programs that always benefit its policyholders. 

Bluefire Car Insurance:

Bluefire insurance company has also allotted a program package for motorcars. This program is known as “ The Bluefire Equity Motor Club” package. It includes roadside assistants, battery and flat-tire services, emergency fluid, towing services, and many more. The driver who has suffered from a prior accident and that occurs again, then the company gives the driver their insurance policy, which any other firm rejected. 

Features of Bluefire Car Insurance:

  • The company promises to give a policy to all those non-licensed drivers.
  • It also includes roadside assistance up to 25 miles or a refund of $100.
  • The company also gives policies to those drivers who suffered from their previous loss or damages.

Discounts Provided by the Bluefire Insurance Company to the Drivers:

Bluefire insurance firm offers a few discounts to assist drivers in saving their money on rates such as

  • Multi-car discounts
  • Safe driver discounts
  • Good driver discounts
  • Mature driver discounts
  • Roadside assistant programs
  • Rental Reimbursement
  • Low down payment options
  • Live chat
  • Towing and Labour
  • In-House claims handling and many more

Benefits Offered by Bluefire Insurance Firm to its Clients:

  • Various methods for a down payment are available.
  • Monthly, semi-monthly, and yearly automobile programs are available.
  • Three payment options for customers.
  • Real-time endorsement facility.
  • Affordable rates.
  • They are efficiently handling the claims.
  • Fast and friendly customer service.
  • Recurring EFT from credit card or any bank account
  • Real agency reports.
  • Competitive Commission

Top Competitors of Bluefire Insurance Companies:

  • The Kinney Agency Inc.: 

This company provides qualitative local insurance company that gives homeowners, businesses, vehicles, and families policies.

  • The McCoy Agency Inc.:

This company offers its customers auto, life, home, and commercial insurance policies.

  • Green light insurance agency:

The Green light insurance agency covers all personal and business needs.


The Bluefire insurance company is an outstanding insurance firm that a group of companies created. The company has many program packages that can be very helpful for its customers and available at a cheaper rate. It also includes three forms of payment for customer ease. The company is well-reputed, and they help their clients 24*7. 

Since the firm was established, many other companies have tried to compete with Bluefire, but the plans and policies of Bluefire company are well-structured and well-managed so that no one can compete with the company. It is mainly known for its lowest price and for solving all the insurance-related issues of its customers.

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