Everything You Need to Know About Amax Insurance

Everything You Need to Know About Amax Insurance

We all know the importance of insurance in our day-to-day life. Insurance provides us with security against any unexpected incidents. But, many people cannot buy insurance plans, as they create certain loopholes regarding the cost and don’t have appropriate knowledge about the importance of insurance.

So, this article will guide you regarding how to get an affordable and relevant insurance plan. Here, we will discuss all the plans, policies, and services offered by the “Amax Insurance” company. They aim to provide insurance at a comparatively lower cost. The company is well-known for helping people. They believe in making a friendly relationship with their customers, so every customer is highly satisfied with the Amax Insurance services. We will also discuss the products and discounts the company offers, customer reviews, and so on. 

About Amax Insurance:

Amax Insurance is located in Dallas, Texas.  It was established in 2002, and now, it is handled by CEO Irshad Meherally. The company has been expanding its offices all around  Texas. The company has 170 offices in the state of Texas. It works in cities like San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, Houston, etc. Amax Insurance largely focuses on affordable car insurance. They also offer various insurance types, financial products, and services.

The company provides the best customer service. They have covered 120 thousand motorist customers and are still growing their services all around Texas. Furthermore, they have 400+ health plans and 25 partnered companies that help their customers by giving the best plans per their requirements.

People based in Texas are very familiar with this company, but those who visit or the newcomers don’t have much information about this Insurance firm. So, this article will provide essential information about Amax Insurance and its all-over services. 

Why choose Amax Insurance Firm?

People believe that all insurance firms have the same rule and regulations, but it is not a true statement. Amax Insurance is known for its dedication and core values. The clients feel at ease in their first meeting with the agents. They discuss the situation with the agents, and according to that, agents find the best policy for their clients within a short period. And many customers have shared positive reviews about the Amax insurance firm and the services provided by their agents.

Advantages and Drawbacks:


  • Amax Insurance company has multiple offices in Texas.
  • It charges affordable rates even for risky drivers insurance like SR22.
  • It has a 4.5 or more rating ratio out of 5.
  • It offers two rare services, namely, SR22 and surety bonds.


  • It is available only in Texas.
  • Amax Insurance will provide only a few online options to its clients.
  • Their clients have to meet them personally because the company doesn’t have any mobile app for the particular company.

Products and Services Provided by Amax Insurance:

Before taking any insurance, you must understand what type of insurance you want and which kind of insurance is available at your location. These two basic criteria are necessary before getting an insurance policy. 

So, Amax offers a broad range of products and services to its clients. Moreover, the agents of Amax Insurance have a license to sell car insurance from their partnered companies.   

Here is the list of insurance products and services offered by the company:

  • Liability Insurance:

In Texas, Liability insurance is mandatory. Liability insurance means, if due to your fault, any third person gets injured or their cars got damaged, then Liability insurance will play an important role by covering all the expenses incurred by you to others.

  • Collision Insurance:

The word “Collision” means the crash. Collision insurance protects the recovery of damages you cause to someone else’s vehicle. 

  • Comprehensive Insurance:

Comprehensive insurance means paying for other types of damages, like any damage to your car during natural calamities, vandalism, etc. 

  • PIP Insurance:

PIP stands for Personal Injuries Protection. This insurance is highly required in Texas. It includes the payment of medical bills for you and your passengers. It also covers the funeral cost if any person dies during the accident.

  • Medical Payment:

Medical insurance covers broad terms than PIP insurance. It comprises all the medical charges, especially those not covered by health insurance.

  • Uninsured Motorist:

In Texas, the ratio of uninsured coverage is high, as most drivers don’t have insured vehicles. It works when you meet with an accident with an uninsured vehicle, and the liable driver does not have an insured car or may have a small coverage plan that cannot fulfill your recoveries.

  • Repayment of Rent:

Rental Reimbursement means the insurance company will pay for the car you have taken for rent until your car is repaired.

  • Roadside Compensation:

Sometimes, if your vehicle is broken down mid-highway due to car issues, Amax insurance provides better compensation for such circumstances.

  • SR22 Coverages:

This insurance is helpful to those who have a poor driving record. If a driver is frequently met with an accident, the government instructs them to bring an SR22 coverage certificate. The company offers a cheaper rate of SR22 coverage to those who need it.

These are the services that Amax Insurance Company offers to their clients at a reasonable cost.

Discounts Offered by Amax Insurance:

Everyone wants to save their money, right? So, whenever they go shopping or to any other place, they try to bargain with the seller for discounts. Likewise, the policyholder also wants some deals in their insurance policy. So, Amax Insurance provides varied discounts to its clients to save them money. The following is the list of discounts the Amax Insurance company offers:

  • Customer Loyalty Discount:

Customer loyalty is also known as Renewal discounts. It is used for old clients who are the part of Amax Insurance firm for many years.

  • Defensive Driving Discount:

This works to protect your car from any damage. And, it gives 10% discounts or more according to the damage incurred.

  • Home-Owner Discount:

This is a largely demanded discount, as it helps the client reduce the home insurance cost and get a discount.

  • Pay in Full Discounts:

You have to pay a full discount within six to twelve months and then receive other discounts the company offers.

  • Great Driving Discounts:

If any driver has a record of safe driving for up to five years, then the driver is eligible for this discount.  

  • POP Discount:

POP stands for Proof Of Prior discount. This discount shows proof to the company of the last six months of insurance coverage.

  • Anti-theft Device Discount:

It offers discounts on car equipment like car alarms.

  • EFT Discount:

EFT stands for Electronic Funds Transfer discount. It helps to set up your insurance premium monthly with the help of auto-pay.

  • Marriage Discount:

Amax Insurance also offers marriage discounts, and it is not mandatory that their spouse also takes the same policy.

Best Customer Services Offered by Amax Insurance:

Amax Insurance gives outstanding customer service. They offer their services via phone calls or in their local offices. The company gets A+ ratings from the Better Business Bureau, and its clients are highly satisfied with its services. 

The company also provides an easy way for their customer to share their quotes. 

  • The customer can go to the company’s official website and share their required quotes by filling in the demographic information like age, gender, and cars and their details.  As the company gets your quotation, they visit your house and discuss the insurance policy you want. And as per the discussion, they will find a suitable quote for you that matches your requirements.

If you want to meet the agent personally, visit Amax insurance’s local office; their staff members are very polite and always ready to invest their time in their clients. Not only that, but they always try to keep their clients satisfied by providing them with the best quotation per their needs and at a cheaper rate than other insurance firms. So, their clients highly recommend others to take a policy from Amax Insurance.

Companies Available at Different Locations:

As we have discussed earlier, the availability of Amax Insurance provides its services to Texas, and it mainly focuses on these three cities, namely, Dallas, San Antonia, and Houston. Besides this, they also offer their services to Austin, Odessa, Amarillo, Irving, Lubbock, and EI Paso.

Competitors of Amax Insurance:

Amax Insurance firm also has a few competitors, namely,

  • State Farm.
  • Allstate.
  • GEICO.

Final Words:

Amax Insurance is a well-reputed firm. It offers the best customer service. Not only that, but it also includes rare insurance packages in their services like SR22 and surety bonds to the drivers, that too, at a cheaper rate. This article also discusses its competitors, the pros and cons of the company, and its relationship with the clients. The company also has 20+ partnered companies, and all those companies have given Amax Insurance licenses to sell car insurance.  So, if you are looking for a dedicated and affordable insurance company, then Amax insurance is the best choice.

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