Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card Review – Features, Benefits, and More About Rakuten Card

Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card Review – Features, Benefits, and More About Rakuten Card

Nowadays, people are using credit cards in their day-to-day life more because they help them in many ways. Also, it offers a variety of types of discounts, membership offers, and much more.

So, banks and financial institutions, have introduced varieties of credit cards, with their purpose and significance. For instance, if talk about Prosper cards, they have their importance, interest charges, access amount charges, etc. Similarly, all cards have their different usages. 

Now, let’s talk about one such card, named, “Rakuten Credit Card” in this article, and see the significance of this card.

Everything You Need To Know About Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card:

The Rakuten Visa card is another type of Credit Card, which charges a $0 annual fee option to users, who want to earn Amex membership rewards points. This credit card is provided by the Rakuten Group, Inc., it’s an e-commerce giant providing internet-based services in Japan. It offers so many extra benefits, that try to satisfy the requirements of their use

Many people are not aware of the name Rakuten, but they might hear its former name, i.e the Ebates. It was one of the first cash-back portals, and Rakuten is still one of the largest cash-back portals. But the thing is Rakuten is not offering bonuses for all online purchases. For instance, Amazon, and Walmart are offering this type of bonus system.

Now, let’s see some of the highlights regarding the Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card.

Highlights of Rakuten Credit Card:

  1. Users get a bonus of $10 after their first purchase, by using the Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card.
  2. The customer also gets an extra 3% cash back opportunity if they purchase anything through Rakuten.com, in-store cashback offers, Rakuten hotels, and travel.
  3. It drifts your cash back over 2,500 stores.
  4. The user also gets unlimited cashback offers on their all purchases, which are made through the Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card.
  5. The candidate can use these benefits who have linked their Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card with Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay.
  6. The card also offers a zero fraud liability policy, and other visa benefits, like price protection and return protection.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Rakuten Card Back Visa Credit Card:

Advantages of Rakuten Credit Card:

  1. You will get the chance to earn Amex card points.
  2. The user also gets huge bonuses, and rewards, by using online shopping portals, and even in-store.
  3. There are unlimited opportunities, to earn rewards.
  4. This card is working at any place, and Visa is accepted.

Drawbacks of Rakuten Credit Card:

  1. The user must need an Amex membership card, to earn more rewards and benefits.
  2. It does not include any types of travel benefits.
  3. The users get cash back quarterly, and not based on their earnings.
  4. The cards do not exclusively offer to Rakuten Cash Back Visa cardholders.
  5. The cashback is only redeemed with the help of cheques or PayPal deposits.

So, these are the pros and cons of the Rakuten Credit Card, which all have to consider before moving to the final decision regarding buying the card.

Benefits of Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card:

Rakuten cards offer various benefits to their customers, such as;

  • ID Navigator, these are the best benefits that are offered to Rakuten customers, for the security of their card services, and it’s a complimentary service offered by them.
  • The Card has a 24-hour service team, who can solve all the queries regarding their customer, and their accounts.
  • The Rakuten cash back visa credit card also offers protection against any stolen or lost card. They also replaced your cards or arrange any other emergency card if the user needs emergency cash back.
  • It imparts you zero liability for your unauthorized transaction.

So these are the benefits that the Rakuten credit card offers to their users. 

Now, let’s move forward toward its rates and fees specification:

Rates and Fees Specification of Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card:

  • The APR purchases: 19.99% to 24.99% depending on variables.
  • The Annual Fee is $0.
  • The card does not include any transferring charges.
  • It charges $3 on any foreign transaction.
  • The Rakuten Card takes the advance fees, either $10 or 4% on the transaction, whichever is greater.

So these are the fees and rates structure of Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card.

How Does the Rakuten Card Work:

If you are new to using the Rakuten Card, then here we impart some essential information about the working process of this card. 

First of all, Rakuten formerly known as Ebates is used as an affiliate mode, and it works in paying the transactions of the companies directly to the shoppers. If you follow the links of Rakuten.com for any purchasing, then that store directly pays the Rakuten card a referral fee; and then Rakuten offers some amount of that fee to you in the form of cashback.

Rakuten has been partners with more than 2500 stores, including Amazon, Walmart, Walgreens, Macy’s, and Target. Not only that, but it also offers some of the hotels, airlines, and travel-booking websites, like Orbitz, and Travelocity.

The user can easily sign-up with the Rakuten Cash Bank Visa Credit Card, and it does not include any of the charges of the signing-up process.

Note: It is essential to read the store’s terms and conditions because many stores and merchants offer their own Rakuten Card offers.

Types of Rewards Offered by the Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card:

The Rakuten Credit Card offers three types of rewards, including;

  • Earning Rewards
  • Redeeming Rewards
  • Rewards Potential

Why Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card is so Popular:

Rakuten card is highly in demand among young adults, and international residents in Japan. There are various reasons behind the popularity of Rakuten cards, which are as follows;

  1. The very first reason is its application procedure, which is very simple, and most users find no issues while connecting with its procedure.
  2. This card is very convenient to use, and the users will get their card after filling out the application procedure.
  3. Another reason is that the cardholder can earn points or rewards, based on their shopping; and it does not charge any annual fees.
  4. The cardholder only needs to purchase through the Rakuten Credit card, to get the 1% of their total purchase points.

So, these are the reasons behind the popularity of this card.

Ways to Use the Rakuten Credit Card:

The following things must be considered by the user, to use Rakuten Credit Cards:

  • Make sure to check Rakuten.com for new cash-back offers.
  • Ensure that you have already linked with your Rakuten Cash Back Visa card, to earn the in-store app cashback offers and discounts.
  • Install the application, Capital One Shopping, to track your store prices and to see other beneficial advantages of the Rakuten Credit Card.
  • Sometimes, the Rakuten stores charge higher prices, so it is better to have some other options in hand.

Worthiness of Rakuten Credit Card:

Rakuten Credit Card is helpful for its cardholder, as it offers some excellent deals to its users; especially if the user also has the Amex card membership rewards points. Not only that, but if you use the card for a very long period, then you will also get the benefits of huge cashback values too. So the Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card is absolutely worth it for you.

Reviews of Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Cards:

As per the November 2022 report, it has been shown that the actual number of Rakuten Card user is increased to 21 Million, and this is all thanks to the credit card security provider by a major Japanese corporation, and its very simple application procedure. 

Now, here we have some of the reviews from Rakuten card users;

  • “The application process is far simple and better than any other credit card.”
  • “As the cards over reasonable benefits, then their user can earn many points by doing online shopping.”
  • “Many people also get 5000 points, after being a part of this card, so it is very authentic and beneficial for their users.”
  • “Many say that by linking their Rakuten card with the Rakuten Ichiba (an online shopping mall) they even get many other benefits.”

Final Words:

Rakuten is one of the highly-demanded credit cards, which is developed by a Japanese corporation. User likes to use Rakuten cards as it provides many rewards and cashback to their customers. Not only the rewards but also imparts the benefits related to the safety of their cards. 

People have shared their positive reviews about the Rakuten cards, especially about their one-step easy process, which reduces the issues of the card holders.  So, as per my suggestion, the Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card is the best option for you, if you want to earn more cashback options and rewards.

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