How Long Do You Have to Add a New Car to Your Insurance Policy GEICO?

How Long Do You Have to Add a New Car to Your Insurance Policy GEICO? 

Have you ever heard about the GEICO Insurance policy, and do you know how many days of grace period it offers its customers to add a new vehicle? If not, do not worry, dear readers, as in this article, we will share essential information about the grace period GEICO offers to their policyholders and more.

Not only that, but we will also share a piece of information on how long do you have to add a new car to your insurance policy GEICO, the benefits you will receive by using the GAP Insurance policy, and more.

What is the New Car Grace Period Insurance?

Very few people have a clear idea about the grace period and how you can add the benefit of a grace period to your new car. Here, we will share information about the new car grace period insurance policy and how it works.

The grace period means a fixed amount of time you legally drive your new car without adding it to your car insurance policy. However, the grace period varies from policy to policy, and most insurance policies offer a grace period of less than 30 days only. 

GEICO Insurance policy

Thus, here we will talk about one such Insurance policy, named GEICO, which gives policyholders a grace period of 30 days to add a new car. However, before moving ahead directly toward the GEICO Grace Period policy, we first note that driving a vehicle without an adequate insurance policy is legal. 

Can I Drive Off Without Adequate Insurance?

Nowadays, having car insurance is compulsory in every state except Virginia and New Hampshire. Without car insurance, you will not be allowed to drive a car. So, make sure that you have a good car insurance policy before buying a new car, and also, consult with your specific insurance company regarding whether the policy covers your new vehicle insurance in a particular period or not. 

Therefore, if you are planning to drive your new vehicle, then be sure that you have a good insurance policy on hand, and it must include further car coverage, too. When you buy a new car, the dealers will ask for sufficient safety proof, such as your insurance paper or card.

In that case, if you submit all of the proof of insurance, the dealer will not permit you to use the car.

How Long Do You Have to Add a New Car to Your Insurance Policy GEICO?

GEICO’s insurance policy offers its policyholders a 30-day grace period if they want to add a new car to their existing insurance policy. In other words, you can use your new vehicle under your current insurance policy for the next 30 days as it covers all the same coverages your old one includes, but it is just for 30 days.

As we said above, before purchasing a new car, it’s essential to have car insurance; if you don’t, the dealer will not allow you to drive the vehicle without the insurance policy. Also, if your GEICO is not offering enough coverage, your dealer can stop you from driving the car.

If you have full car insurance coverage with GEICO, you will also receive this benefit for your new vehicle. For instance, if you have coverages of $100,000 for bodily injury per person, $300,000 of bodily injury coverage per accident, and again $100,000 for property damages, you can use the same coverage for your new car, too.

Another benefit of GEICO insurance is that they even pay you the actual cost if you completely crash your new car. 

Add Your New Car Using GEICO Policy:

The GEICO policy offers their policy-holder a grace period of 30 days to add their new car to their existing policy. But we suggest it’s always better to add your new vehicle to the policy as soon as possible to avoid further complications.

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Also, GEICO provides very needful help to each policyholder, and they avail for them 24*7. GEICO also shares their contact details with their customers, so in any emergency, you can connect with them immediately/

Thus, if you want to inform GEICO about adding your vehicle information or replacing information, then you can check out the below-given ways;

  • Connect with the GEICO using its mobile application.
  • You can also contact GEICO at (800) 207-7847
  • And, if you want to add or replace your vehicle, check out the official GEICO website and get help from GEICO experts for further procedures.

Why is it beneficial to add gap coverage to your GEICO policy?  

Gap coverage is one of the beneficial coverages that many insurance companies provide to their policyholders. Simply put, gap coverage is also known as gap protection, which mainly covers the difference between what you owe in your vehicle and how much it is worth.

Thus, we suggest that readers add a gap insurance coverage to their GEICO policy whenever they buy any new vehicle, as it has benefits, saving you from a considerable loss.

For more clarity, here we are giving you an example. For instance, if you crash your car within the 30-day grace period of GEICO policy and have a gap coverage, then at that time, you will find a massive gap between the amount you have and the amount you have received from GEICO. Thus, most drivers prefer to add gap coverage to their insurance policy.

How To Add Or View Vehicles - GEICO Insurance

Final Words:

That’s all, dear readers. We hope you will also undoubtedly add a GEICO insurance policy, as it gives a 30-day grace period to add a new car and drive it fearlessly by using your existing insurance policy coverage.

We would also like to suggest one more thing, and that is it always good to add your new car to the GEICO insurance policy as soon as you can do it because if you take too much time to add your new vehicle, then your complications will also be increased while filing an insurance claim.

Now, at last, thanks to all the readers for spending their valuable time reading our article, and if you still have any queries, please feel free to comment on our website comment section.