Gynecomastia Surgery Cost and Financing Options

Gynecomastia Surgery Cost and Financing Options

In today’s world, with the help of advanced technology, everything is possible, and so are cosmetic surgeries, which help males or females to get their bodies in the desired shape. But, it is important to note that such cosmetic surgeries are not included in health insurance. You must apply for some other cosmetic insurance policy to cover costs. 

This article will lead you to one of the surgeries named “Gynecomastia Surgery.” It is a breast surgery that applies to those men who suffer from the issues like expansion in glandular tissues or an increase in the fat portion in their breast area. For most men, it is a sign of embarrassment. Generally, this condition occurs between the age of 50 to 80. But, with the help of technology, surgeons have found the treatment of Gynecomastia surgery a simple procedure.

Moreover, this article also discusses this surgery in detail, its actual cost and other financing options, advantages and disadvantages, and much more.  Read this article carefully to get more information about Gynecomastia surgery.

What is Gynecomastia surgery?

Gynecomastia surgery is also known as Male breast reduction surgery. The main purpose of this surgery is to remove the additional fat or tissue from the men’s breast area. It occurs when two hormones, namely, estrogen and testosterone are imbalanced.

The main reason for hormone imbalance is several drugs and prescription medicines. Not only that but changes in male tissue also impacts their physical appearance. Due to expanding the breast area, men have to face many physical and psychological issues. 

If you also suffer from this issue, read this article till the end, and you will get all the necessary information regarding this surgery, including its treatment procedures, cost, and all other essential things.

Advantages and disadvantages of Gynecomastia Surgery:

Here are a few merits and demerits of Gynecomastia Surgery:


  1. The main advantage of Gynecomastia surgery is you get a flat and muscular chest.
  2. It boosts your self-confidence.
  3. It gives a perfect shape to the male’s body.
  4. It also helps to reduce irritation.


  1. The surgery may create a risk of infection if men are not taking proper care after the surgery.
  2. The main drawback is that it decreases the sensation in the chest.

So, you have to consider these advantages and drawbacks before the surgery.

The Gynecomastia Surgery Procedures:

As we discussed earlier, this surgery is useful for men suffering from breast expansion issues. So, the surgery will reduce men’s breast size, remove additional fats, and give a better shape to the chest. According to surgeon reports, most patients have an excessive weight of breast tissues that causes the sink and stretch of the areola (dark skin around the nipple). So, in such cases, with the help of this surgery, the surgeon removes the extra fat and skin, which improves the size and areola. It is also known as mammoplasty surgery. 

These procedures include  three techniques:


Anesthesia plays a very important role before starting surgery. It provides relief and comfort to the patients during the surgery. The surgeon offers two options to the patient according to their surgery and physical conditions. The first option is Intravenous Sedation, and another is Anesthesia, depending on the patient. 

  • Liposuction Method

Before moving ahead, it is essential to know the meaning of Liposuction. 

What is Liposuction?

Liposuction is a surgical process used as an absorption method for reducing the fat from specific areas of the body, like the intestines, thighs, hips, etc. And it also gives shapes or curves to these areas. It is also known as Lipoplasty or body contouring.

The Liposuction method includes using a pipe and a thin hollow tube inserted through small cuts. Then the line passes from the back to those areas where the patients have extra fats and removes it by using vacuum suction from the body. 

There are varied Liposuction methods, which surgeons discuss with you before the surgery according to the weight and size of your breast.

  • Excision Method:  

This technique is only recommended when removing the glandular breast tissues or the surplus skin to extract the Gynecomastia. Excision is also useful when the areola is reduced, or the nipple is readjusted to the natural shape of the men’s breast. This method depends upon some specific conditions and the surgeon’s preferences.

  • Combination of both Techniques:

If any patient suffers from an excess amount of fats and tissues, the surgeon recommends the patient go for both the Liposuction and the Excision method.

Note: Nowadays, male breast reduction is one of the most efficient surgery, but before going for this surgery, it is necessary to meet a skilled board-certified cosmetic and plastic surgeon.

Now, if we talk about its costs, it varies from place to place. It completely depends upon your area from where you are planning to do this surgery and many other factors like;

Factors that affect the Gynecomastia Surgery Cost:

  • Location:

As we already discussed, all Gynecomastia surgeon charges different prices. It highly relies on their location or where they plan to do this surgery. For instance, if any patient plans to do their surgery in New York, the surgery cost is comparatively higher than the cost in Kansas.

  • It depends upon the size of the fat:

Another factor for the high price depends upon the excess size of fat: the higher the fat, expensive the cost.

  • Depends on the doctor’s experience:

If we consider the plastic surgeon of the celebrity, they will charge a higher cost than the normal doctors.

The actual cost of Gynecomastia Surgery:

According to recent statistics from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the average cost of Gynecomastia surgery is $4,239. This average cost is just a small part of the general surgery. It does not include anesthesia, room facility, or the surgeon’s fees.

It only consists of the medical tests, post-surgery garments, and the cost of the medical reports. You have to pay other expenses like surgeon fees and much more. You have to pay additionally based on your treatments. 

The estimated cost of Liposuction is $3,500. It is just an average cost of this surgery; It may increase depending upon the surgeon. If your surgeon is highly experienced, then they will charge more from you than a less experienced surgeon.

The VASER (name of the device) liposuction works similarly to normal liposuction but bursts the fat before it is sanctioned. Surgery costs start from $3000 and further depend upon the treatments.

Another Gynecomastia treatment is Renuvion which uses J-Plasma technology for the surgery. 

J-Plasma is cooling energy that combines helium and radiofrequency to strengthen the skin. This J-Plasma treatment’s average cost will be $6000 and even more, depending upon the flattering skin.

Other costs covered by Gynecomastia Surgery?

A few common cost that is covered by this surgery are as follows:

  • Consultations to determine whether you are eligible for this surgery or not:

Gynecomastia consultants will decide your eligibility by seeing your stable weight, previous efforts to lose your breast size, and many more.

  • Fees of Anesthesia:

These Fees are similar in every place.

  • Surgeon’s Fees:

Surgeons’ fees completely depend upon their work, like fat removal, skin removal, Liposuction, etc.

  • Surgical center Fees:

It includes the facilities you get from your clinic, like room facilities, clothing, and food facilities.

  • Pills and required equipment:

The Post operation may need a pill for pain relief and chest binder equipment for balancing. 

Some Financing options for Gynecomastia Surgery:

Here are some financing options provided for  Gynecomastia surgery:

  • Cash:

One of the easiest financing options is paying full medical expenses using cash. It is the most appropriate option for those who can afford the cost and pay it using money.

  • Credit cards:

Some people need help to pay the full price. So, the credit card facility is available for those. Frequently, people prefer to use credit cards when they go for plastic surgery.

  • Loans for medical expenses:

We all are aware of the benefits of loans, right? Loans always charge lower interest rates compared to credit cards. So, patients use such loans that cover all their medical expenses and that too with lower interest rates.

  • Insurance:

As we discussed earlier, all cosmetic surgeries are not a part of health insurance. It depends upon the factors, like the need to do this surgery. If any doctor recommends it, then it may include in health insurance. Otherwise, you have to take other cosmetic surgery insurance like Medicaid.

  • Payment Plans:

The surgeon may provide their patients with the installment payment procedure if any patient cannot pay in full cash for Gynecomastia surgery. 

  • Prosper Healthcare Lending:

Prosper Healthcare Lending is one of the premier cosmetic finance companies. The company pays its clients for the treatments like Gynecomastia surgery. The company provides $3000 and an EMI facility for 84 months to pay the loan monthly at an affordable price.

  • CareCredit:

A CareCredit is another type of credit card that pays for Gynecomastia Surgery. CareCredit card is a small firm used in Los Angeles, Gynecomastia surgery center. The patients are highly satisfied with the services of the CareCredit card and its lower rate interests.

So, these are the financial options available for Gynecomastia surgery. You can choose your convenient way to pay for the surgery. 


Gynecomastia surgery is a cosmetic surgery for the male breast area. Generally, people between the age of 50 to 80 have to go for this surgery. It happens because of the hormone imbalance, affecting men’s physical appearances.

So they feel quite embraced. But, with the help of modern technology, everything is possible, and so is Gynecomastia surgery. But people don’t have a fair idea about this treatment, like how it works, what the cost is needed, and much more.

So, this article discusses all the essential information regarding Gynecomastia surgery and provides a few financial options to those unable to pay the cost of Gynecomastia surgery.

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