Everything You Need to Know About State Farm Insurance

Everything You Need to Know About State Farm Insurance

People are very confused when it comes to choosing the best insurance firm. So, here we will discuss one of the well-known companies named “State Farm Insurance,” which was established in 1922 with the motive of customer satisfaction. This company offers a very rare insurance service called Accidental Forgiveness coverage.

It is beneficial for all the drivers, as it gives less premium paying stress on drivers. Not only that, but the company offers many other services like car insurance, health insurance, etc., at a reasonable cost. The customer satisfaction ratio of this company is 9.1 out of 10. This article also shares further information about the company, its CEOs, its benefits, products, and services offered by them, and much more.

About State Farm Insurance:

George J. Mecherle founded State Farm Insurance in 1922. It is a large group that provides insurance and financial-based services in the US. The parent company of this group works as a State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance company based in Bloomington, Illinois. State Farm Insurance is popularly known for its P&C(Property and Casualty) products and services, especially if connected with individuals. According to financial data, State Firm provides more car and home policies than any other US insurance company. Besides auto and home insurance, it offers banking products, health insurance, and many more.

According to a 2020’s report, State Farm Insurance secured 36th position out of the 500 largest companies. It has 58,000 employees and sells its products with the help of a 19,000-strong force of independent contractors.

CEO of the Firm:

If we talk about the CEO of State Farm insurance, they have appointed six CEOs in this 95-year  journey. The very first CEO was the founder of the firm George J. Mecherle. He has completed 14 years as a CEO.

Other CEO of the firm:

  • Raymond Mecherle (16 years)
  • Adlai Rust (15 years)
  • Edward B Rust Sr. (14 years)
  • Edward B Rust Jr. (29 years)
  • Present CEO Michael Tipsord 

These are the main pillars that have managed the State Farm Insurance company for 95 years. 

The tagline of State Farm Insurance Company:

“Fit any budget, like a good neighbor, State Farm is there to help you with the best.”

State Farm Insurance company offers Accidental Forgiveness:

State Farm Insurance company offers Accidental Forgiveness to many states. But, before moving forward, it is necessary to know about Accidental Forgiveness.

What is Accidental Forgiveness?

Accidental Forgiveness is an additional coverage added to your auto insurance policy, in which your price will not go up due to your first accident. But, Accidental Forgiveness does not apply to those countries where it is banned, like California.

You must take care of some criteria  before applying to Accidental Forgiveness:

  • You can only apply to the Accidental Forgiveness program after nine years of clear driving records, i.e., zero speeding tickets, traffic citations, and no at-fault accidents.
  • You can not purchase any additional policy from the State Farm Insurance company. You only need a clean driving record if you want accidental forgiveness. It may seem like State Farm Insurance has eliminated the Accidental Forgiveness program, as it is not available on any websites.

How does the state farm insurance work?

If you are eligible for State Farm Accidental Forgiveness, they pardon at-fault accidents from your driving history.

So, here are some of the basic steps that are useful for Accidental Forgiveness:

  • You are automatically eligible for Accidental Forgiveness after nine years of claim-free and clear accidental history.
  • If you met with an accident after Accidental Forgiveness, you are found to be partially or wholly at fault for your accident.
  • This one accident is not recorded in your accidental history, so you don’t have to pay a premium cost for this type of accident.
  • It also helps you maintain safe driving discounts and other perks and benefits.

Note: State Farm Insurance firm will only pardon your first accident case. If you have caused another accident, they will include it in a normal accident and charge a higher price for three to five years. 

Once you qualify for this Accidental Forgiveness, you are not eligible for re-applying to this policy even after nine years of clean driving records.

How to include Accidental Forgiveness in state farm insurance?

As we discussed, the State Farm Insurance company does not let you purchase any additional Accidental Forgiveness coverage.

Many companies allow you to add the Accidental Forgiveness program by paying extra costs to your policy. This plays a vital role in a driver’s life; like its one-time premium amount, which is quite costly, it secures 50% of the premium for single accidents. But, if you want to add Accidental Forgiveness in State Farm Insurance company, you should have a clear driving history.

The estimated increase in cost after the first accident:

If we talk about the estimated rates after you met with the first accident, it will be 51%. In short, you can assume a 40% to 60% increase in insurance costs after the accident. Moreover, it depends upon your accident. The premium rate will also be high if anyone gets injured or your vehicle gets highly damaged.

The company increases the premium rate when you meet with a multi-vehicle accident. And if you have maintained a safe driving record, your premium rate is sinking yearly.

Advantages and Drawbacks of State Farm Insurance:

Advantages of State Farm Insurance:

  1. It has outstanding financial stability.
  2. They offer varied discounts as well as coverages.
  3. The company provides multiple online platforms for its clients.
  4. State Farm Insurance also gives bundling discount benefits for homeowners.

Drawbacks:   :

  1. Not available in Massachusetts or Rhode Island.
  2. It comprises both positive as well as negative reviews too.

Qualification required to access the Accidental Forgiveness:

There are a few mandatory qualifications when you apply for Accidental Forgiveness, such as;

  • Nine years of loyalty:

Many insurance companies permit their clients to take Accidental Forgiveness coverage if they have 5 to 10 years of clear driving history. But State Farm Insurance strictly requires nine years of clean driving records.

  • Nine years of claim and accident-free history:

If anyone has nine years of history without any speeding tickets, accidents, citations, etc., you are eligible for State Farm Insurance company.

  • You mustn’t have any previous accident history:

As per the condition of State Farm Insurance, once you use the Accidental Forgiveness coverage, you cannot re-qualify for this coverage.

Benefits of State Farm Insurance:  

The State Farm Insurance company puts more restrictions on its policies than other insurance providers. But they also offer benefits to their policyholders.

  • Qualifies naturally:

If you are the oldest client of State Farm Insurance and have completed nine years of safe driving, then you are naturally selected for Accidental Forgiveness. 

  • No additional cost:

You can directly apply to Accidental Forgiveness, as you are a State Farm Insurance firm client and have a nine-year safe driving license. So,  the company will charge nothing for this coverage.

  • Peace of mind: 

Once you have an Accidental Forgiveness, the driver has peace of mind as they do not have to pay for a Single faulty accident. They only have to pay when it is an at-fault accident.

  • Enjoy the discount  offers too:

You are still eligible for various discounts if you get an Accidental Forgiveness. The policyholder enjoys all the benefits that help to save their money.

Other insurance services offered by State Farm Insurance Company:

A few other services that are offered by State Farm Insurance firm:

  • Car Insurance
  • Motorcycle Insurance
  • Boat Insurance
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Motor home
  • Travel Trailers
  • Road Assistants

Past year performance of the company:

State Farm Insurance company covers 15% of US market shares. It is also a large home insurance provider all over the nation, covering 18% of market shares. The company serves services to more than an 85million people across the US, with the help of a 58000 strong workforce and 19000 independent agents. The company has also achieved A++ ratings for its financial strengths from AM best.


State Farm Insurance is a huge company, having 19000+ independent agents working all across the US. The company’s financial strength is very strong compared to other insurance companies. Not only that, but the customer satisfaction ratio of this firm is comparatively higher than other insurance companies.

This article discusses all the essential information about State Farm Insurance Firm. Its eligibility criteria, pros and cons of the firm, and more. The firm provides the best Accidental Foregiveness coverages, with some strict conditions and other insurance services. The article also covers the past year’s performance of the company.

So, If you are looking for the best Accidental Forgiveness coverage or car and home insurance coverage, then State Farm Insurance is the best option. 

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