Creekside Finance Is Now Facilitating Short-Term Loans

Creekside Finance Is Now Facilitating Short-Term Loans

In today’s world, Loans are the most prominent supporter in everyone’s life. There are various types of loans available, for different purposes, for instance, home loans, educational loans, and much more, which reduces the financial burden of the owner. But, still, some people are denied to take loans, as they are quite worried about their safety and the return rate of interest. 

Only some are aware of the best companies offering their customers the best and 100% accurate plans and policies. Other people have to face challenges in selecting the best company for them. For instance, the best loan plans with reasonable rates from trusted companies, which type of loan they have to choose for a long or short period of duration, and much more challenges arise.

So, here in this article, we will study all the essential information about one of the best companies named “Creekside Finance Company,” which provides personal loans and plans to their customer at a reasonable price.

Creekside Finance Company:

Creekside Finance is a South Carolina-based financing Company. It mainly offers various types of loans and services to individuals according to their needs and requirements. It also helps people to meet their financial obligations and goals. 

The Creekside Finance Company have a very dedicated staff that fulfills all the requirements of their clients. Not only that, but they also offer their customers the best plans and give priority to them and their satisfaction levels.

The company offers some types of loan services, such as Payday Loans, Installment Loans, Personal Loans, Title Loans, and Vehicle Loans, at a very reasonable price. For instance, you can buy any vehicle you wish with an appropriate vehicle loan. Also, you get a personal loan, which ranges between $350 to $5,000.

Simply put, the Creekside Financing Company benefits everyone who needs the best financial support. The clients must follow a simple application procedure to be a part of their services.

We have often heard about short and long-term loans. But only a few people know the exact meaning of short-term and long-term loans and how and when to use these loans. So, before moving further, it is essential to understand what short- and long-term loans are.

What is a Short-Term Loan?

Short-Term Loans are those credit facility that provides their clients for a shorter period, i.e., from 6 to 12 months. It includes credit card, bank overdrafts, trade credit, Merchant Cash Advances, Invoice Financing, Payday Loans, etc.

What is a Long-Term Loan?

Long-Term loans give their clients an opportunity for repayment for longer, i.e., up to 5 or more, depending upon the loan they have taken. For instance, it includes personal loans, home loans, car loans, etc.

Now, let’s see why people are selecting the short-term loans of Creekside Finance Company.

Things You Should Consider for Selecting Short-Term Loans:

It is easier to access short-term loans than other types. Creekside Finance is very popular for providing Short-Term Loan services, and that too at a very reasonable rate of return. 

Now, here are some of the crucial things that everyone has to consider while they are taking any Short-Term Loans.

  1. You can easily access the loan, whether you have poor credit or no credit on your account.
  2. It is a significantly less time-consuming process.
  3. It involves only a few steps to get into this type of loan.
  4. It is a very fastest and easy process. You can easily take short-loan plans from your well-known company.

Loan Services Offered by Creekside Finance Company:

There are various types of Loans services provided by the Creekside Finance company to its citizen, such as;

  • Auto Loans and Personal Loans
  • Payday Loans
  • Title Loans
  • Installment Loans, etc.

Now, let’s start discussing the one-by-one types of Loans and services offered by the Creekside Financing Company.

  • Auto Loans and Personal Loans:

Before buying a car, you have to consider two crucial things. One is which type of car you want to buy, and another is whether you buy it with the help of a loans facility or through full cash payment. There is a range of car models available, and every model has a different type of loan facility, some providing a massive amount of loans, whereas some offer less interest. It entirely depends upon the customer and their requirement for taking a loan.

Many people also believe that Auto and Personal loans are similar, which needs to be validated. There is quite a difference between these loans, such as any car-related expenses and losses included in Auto Insurance.

In contrast, personal-related expenses and losses, like injury, damages, medical expenses, and others, are part of personal loans. The only common thing between both loans is that if you enter obligations, the money is given back eventually.

When any clients want to take an Auto Loan, the Collateral is involved with that loan because the value of a car is costly, and this type of loan gives security to your vehicle. And, due to any reason, if you forget to pay the loan amount, then your lender will pay the amount from your side.

The significant difference between Auto and Personal Loans is that auto loans are secured, and you can use this loan amount while purchasing any new vehicle. In Personal Loans, no restrictions are kept on using your money. The drawback of Personal Loans is that it is less secure than Auto Loans.

Moreover, the Creekside Finance Company also takes a high risk in providing Personal Loans as there needs to be more collateral. But when it comes to car loans, they are free to give the loans, as it meant for a specific period.

The loan amount depends upon the car you want to buy, and it doesn’t matter whether you accept new or old loan terms that are already set, and you get a loan according to its fixed amount.

Note: the interest rate of the new car is comparatively lower than that of the pre-owned car, even if the company of both vehicles is the same.

  • Payday Loan:

The Creekside Financing Company provides another type of loan service, i.e., the Payday Loan Services. It is an unsecured loan, mainly for short-term loans. Payday Loans mean the money taker promises the other party to pay back the amount within a specific period. Usually, the interest rate of a Payday Loan is high, and Creekside immediately gets the commission or salary from the first pay of their borrowers.

  • Title Loan:

A title loan is generally offered to the borrower of the car, which can act as Collateral. When the borrower receives the title loan, they must place a lien on the car title. The company temporarily surrenders the car until the borrower repays the amount.  

  • Installment Loan:

An Installment Loan is an agreement that includes a loan amount that one needs to repay within a given period and that with specific scheduled payments. Primarily, two fees must be made for this type of loan, and the term could be a few months or years, depending on the company you choose. The Installment Loan amount was expanded as a lump sum, and the repayment period was also fixed.

Note: The Installment Loans can be either Personal or Commercial Loans.

For more information about installment loans, you can visit the Creekside Finance Company, which will help you and provide a proper direction for further loans and plans that best fit you.

Branches of the Company:

The company also spread its branches in various parts of the cities, including;

  • Morganton, NC:

125-E Wamsutta Mill Road

Morganton, NC 28655

Phone: 828-433-0647

  • West Jefferson, NC:

1447A Mt. Jefferson Road

West Jefferson, NC 28694

Phone: 336-246-2000

  • Lenior, NC:

845 Blowing Rock Blvd. Ste L4

Lenior, NC 28645

Phone: 828-726-3810

  • Statesville, NC:

1414 Wilkesboro Hwy

Statesville, NC 28625

Phone: 704-871-1909

  • Hickory, NC:

2113 Catawba Valley Blvd., SE

Hickory, NC 28602

Phone: 828-322-6445

So, these are the branches of Creekside Financing Company.


The loan is an essential part of any financial service, whether it is for a short-term or long-term loan. Every single person is needed loans to reduce their financial burden from their day-to-day life. But, they are quite afraid to take a loan, as fraud cases arise, and the clients also have to pay higher charges. 

Hence, in this article, we discussed one of the authentic loan provider companies named “Creekside Finance Company,” which provides the best services to their customer at a reasonable interest rate and offers various loan services. The main aim of this company is to prioritize the customer and give them the most suitable options.

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