Car accident lawyer San Francisco Dolan law in December 2022

Car accident lawyer San Francisco Dolan law in December 2022:

About Dolan Law Firm

Dolan Law Firm was founded in 1995 and worked in the Countries like San Francisco, Oakland, Redondo Beach, and Los Angeles. The firm has been awarded by best attorneys (legal advisor) Award. 


Chris Dolan, the founder and lead Counsel of this firm, was the best Lawyer who is well-known for Personal Injury cases. Chris Dolan and their cooperative team member’s recovered hundreds of millions of dollars by giving their judgment and winning the cases.

The Dolan Law Firm has the tagline “We are here to serve you.” The only Motto of the Firm is to give Justice to their clients. They also shared their clients’ legal rights and protected the confidentiality of their clients.

Car Accident Cases in California

According to a Survey, It is found that the U.S. is facing the highest traffic issues. More than 284 Million vehicles are functioning every day. As the traffic raising, the cases of road accident increases. It is recognized that In California itself, 4000+ instances of car accidents have been registered in the last year. 

How Does the Law for Car Accidents Work in California Cities Like San Francisco?

As per the Law, The victims of the car accident or the family members who get injured due to the car accident may file a case against the person who has caused this situation, and they can also take a recovery charge for their car damages as well take up the medical expenses from the person due to which the accident occurred. In case an accident occurs due to any other reasons like if the roads are damaged, Poor construction of the road, Sands on the road, or the road is in a dangerous condition at that time, we have another law named “Statute of limitation,” with the help of this Law we can file a case against the Government within a fixed period.

Reasons For Causing Serious Car Accidents

  • The very first reason for causing the car accident is the distracted driver. 
  • Excess Speed of driver
  • Another reason is that the road of San Francisco is quite slippery, and infrequent rain makes it more slippery.

Why Dolan Law Firm?

It has been one of the reputed firms since 1995; the Founder, Chris Dolan, was one of the Top jury lawyers in California. The Dolan Law Firm has well-experienced lawyers who are always willing to take challenges and fight for their clients.

This firm has solved many cases since 1995 and has given justice to its clients. The firm handles every case like Personal injury, car accidents, Employment related topics, Child Abuse, and more. 

Every member of the firm is very friendly and supportive. They also visit their Client’s place if the client is not able to see them. Also, understand the situation and victims’ condition, recognize everything about the car accident, and helps the victims to recover all the expenses from the person who caused the damages. The Dolan Law Firm works and fights for people’s rights. The founder Chris Dolan supervises every lawyer. Not only that, but they also give each client a legal supervisor for their safety which no other lawyer or firm provide. So, People always recommend the victims contact the Dolan Law Firm.

Recovery Settlement for Car Accidents by Dolan Law Firm:

  • The firm settled $6 million for the wrongful death of a woman whose driver crossed the center line. 
  • The second settlement is $2 million; clashes between two vehicles caused the car accident.
  • The third settlement is $1.5 million for the several injuries caused due to the clashes.

Facilities Provided by the Dolan Law Firm:

  • Help the victim by giving the best and most successful lawyer to fight for their rights.
  • Send some of his expert team members to the accident place and collect all the evidence of the accidents.
  • Also, provide a Substantial investigation which any other firm does not offer.

Legal Rights of the Victim After the Car Accident:

There are a few steps that a victim has to follow before filing suit against another person.

  • As per the legal process, the victim must capture a picture of clashes, injuries, and car damages.
  • The victim must have proof of their medical expenses, wage losses, etc., which helps them during recovery.
  • Victims must have another copy of their car crashes, which is generated by any of the enforcement agencies.
  • The most important thing is that the victim does not admit any fault during the car accident because the insurance company took benefit of that situation and did not fully recover the victim’s expenses.
  • Another legal right of the victim is to contact a well-experienced Law firm and discuss the scenario of the car accident.

Damage Expenses Recovered by Car Accident Victim:

As per California Law, the victim who suffered from any injuries or car crash due to another person’s mistake can recover the following expenses from that person.

  • Expenses related to the damaged vehicle
  • Past and Future medical expenses
  • Cost related to physical therapy
  • Loss of Assets
  • If the person dies, the liable party has to pay all the recovery expenses and additionally has to pay for the loss of the people.

The Three Critical Steps:

Here are the three steps that prove the fault of the Liable party for causing the damages and personal injuries

  1. If the liable party intentionally caused any damages or personal injuries
  2. If the damages are incurred at the largest level, the liable party is responsible for paying for it.
  3. If the exposed person foreseeable harms the victim.

The Roles Played by Dolan Law Firm for Car Accidents:

  1. The first role is to determine who is responsible for the car accident. Several parties can be responsible for car accidents, whether the victim himself, or the liable party, due to poor road construction, and many more circumstances are possible.
  2. The Lawyer helps the victim to recover their losses. Collecting the expense details is quite difficult, so the lawyer obtains every proof regarding their clients’ incidents and medical reports.
  3. It claims the liable party’s insurance company for the damages done by the responsible party.
  4. If the lawyer is well-experienced, they can solve the case easily because they know the further steps of insurance companies to protect the liable party.
  5. Another duty of the lawyer is to take care of their clients and try to recover the maximum amount of recoveries to their clients by proving the mistake of the liable party.
  6. The lawyer guides the client regarding the decision-making regarding the settlement of the recoveries. The lawyer advises their clients to ask for maximum compensation for their damages.

Charges for Hiring the Car Accident Lawyer:

The Attorney of Dolan Law firm charges contingency fees from their clients, which means they only charge the costs if their clients win the recovery case. The hiring charges depend on the matter and its situation.

Importance of Car Insurance in San Francisco:

As per one of the survey reports, it is noted that in San Francisco, 2000+ people lose their lives every year due to car accidents. Recovering the accident and car damage expenses, the insurance company plays an important role in such a situation.

Nowadays, in San Francisco, cases of drunk driving and crashes are very common. People are not following the traffic rules. They drive the vehicle even if they have consumed alcohol, which is illegal. The bitter truth is that people run away after car accidents as they fear paying the financial charges to the victim’s family. Even the public is also not helping the victim because they have a fear of the legal procedure.

During this situation, the Insurance Company played a very important role in recovering the victims’ financial loss.

New Law Announced by California Court:

As the number of accidents arose, the Law of California announced a new law for the Insurance company. It declared that every vehicle has to make vehicle insurance mandatory.

Benefits of Insurance:

  • Mandatory for all people to take Car insurance.
  • You can easily recover your damages with the help of an insurance company.
  • It also pays your medical expenses.
  • If any person dies on the spot at the accident, the insurance company provides financial security to the insolvent person.

Every Accidental Case Handled by Dolan Law Firms:

The Only firm handles every kind of accident case and serious injuries cases, including car accidents, drinking drivers, distracted drivers, and many more. While other firms avoid such issues as it is quite complicated, the Donal Firm has every expert lawyer who can handle them and give appropriate justice to their clients.

Reviews About Dolan Law Firm:

Dolan Law Firms’ clients appreciate their work by sharing many positive reviews towards them.

  • One of the clients shares that the Lawyers are very professional and understanding.
  • The other client shares that Dolan Law Firm has an outstanding reputation in the court and the jury community.

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