What Happens When Your Car is Stolen Then Found No Insurance

What Happens When Your Car is Stolen Then Found No Insurance

Stolen a car is one of the most significant things for a car owner, right? But have you ever imagined a situation in which your vehicle is stolen, and later you found that your stolen car is not having insurance? How bad did we feel at that time? 

But, not to worry, guys, as here in this article, we will mainly focus on “What happens when your car is stolen and then found no insurance,” which coverage includes the stolen claim, and more. Thus, read the entire article carefully to know how to handle such a situation.

What Does Insurance Cover if Your Car Is Stolen?

As far as we all know, there are three main types of car insurance such as;

What Does Insurance Cover if Your Car Is Stolen?

  • Liability Coverages:

Liability Coverage is required in most states, including bodily injury and property damage liability coverage. Also, with the help of liability coverages, you can add other drivers’ injuries and other property damages you cause.

  • Collision Coverages:

The collision coverage mainly includes all the repair and replacement costs.

  • Comprehensive Coverages:

Comprehensive coverage is one of the essential types, including all the non-accident related damages, such as fire, theft, vandalism, etc. 

In short, You can only file a claim for the stolen car if your policy includes Comprehensive coverage.

What Happens If My Insured Car was Stolen?

The stolen car claiming process is one of the most hectic processes I have faced in the past, as it includes a lot of questions from the side of insurance providers, as they need proof whether the car was stolen in real or just a fraudulent scenario created by a car owner to get insurance amount.

Here, the insurance provider does the investigation twice time, just to make sure that the car is stolen; not only that, but a few insurance companies also give a few days waiting period for all the stolen vehicles, with the hope that they may found their stolen car in between this period, and if not, then and then only you can apply for its claiming process, under the comprehensive coverages.

Now, after a lot of investigation from the insurance adjuster, they will not be able to find your stolen vehicle. Then, they will pay the actual cash value of your car after deducting the depreciation cost.

(Note: In the total loss situation, your insurance provider may also try to negotiate with you, as they want to give a lower claim amount, but you do not need to be afraid here, as you have a right to deny the provider’s offer by sharing them an actual car value.)

What Happens If My Uninsured Car was Stolen?

Once you are 100% sure that your vehicle has been stolen, the very first thing you need to do is register your stolen complaint with the nearby police station and get the overall report from them. After that, let the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) know about your car stolen, even if you have included the comprehensive insurance policy.

What Happens If My Uninsured Car was Stolen?

But, before following the upper given instruction, please make sure the below-given points, such as;

  • Verify the car is stolen:

Before moving ahead with any other procedure, you need to confirm that your car is stolen because sometimes it is possible that you may have parked your vehicle in any other place or that your friend took your car without informing you. Thus, it is essential to check twice in your nearby areas first.

  • Police Report:

Now, once you are 100% sure that your car is stolen, then the very next step you need to take is to file the stolen car report to your nearby police station and share the below-given information, like,

  1. Vehicle Identification Number (VIN)
  2. Your car vehicle, and any customized symbol you made on it
  3. Car model
  4. The last location of your car
  5. License plate number
  6. Approx. Stolen period, and a few more.
  • Inform the Department of Motor Vehicles:

Later, you need to take a police report copy with you, submit it to DMV, and inform them of everything related to your car, as they have a database of stolen vehicles and support the police in finding your car.

  • Inform your Insurance Provider:

Even if your insurance policy does not cover the stolen coverage, it is always better to inform your provider about your stolen car. This might be helpful for you in case your stolen car gets into an accident or causes any damage.

  • Be Ready for Potential Costs:

You must pay some of the storage fees if your car is found. 

In short, if you are ever stuck in such a situation where your uninsured car is stolen, then in that case, you need to make a police report and inform the stolen car information to the DMV and National Insurance Crime Bureau, as they will speedily start the procedure to find your stolen car.

As per the NICB report 2023, they have found 85% of the stolen cars, including full-size pickups. They actively report boosted recovery rates, with 34% of vehicles found on the theft day, and the remaining 45% are within two days.

Final Words:

By ending this article, we hope you have enough information about what you can do when your car is stolen without insurance, what steps to take, and more from this article.

So, guys, if you are stuck in such a situation, go immediately to your nearest police station and file a stolen car report with them. They will surely help you find your car as soon as possible. If you still have any queries, please feel free to comment on our website comment section.