The Importance of Having a Life Insurance Policy

The Importance of Having a Life Insurance Policy

Many people have taken the Life Insurance Policy, but they are only aware of some of its benefits. The primary purpose behind buying a Life Insurance policy is to provide financial support and protection to your loved ones after your death. Life Insurance was created to pay for burial expenses or to save the life of those orphans or widows. In today’s world, more than half of American citizens have taken a Life Insurance policy to protect their family in case of insolvency.

But, people need to be made aware of the other use of life insurance. It also plays many beneficial roles in the life of small businesses. If any partner of the partnership firm dies, then other partners may take the property of the demise partner or use that partner’s cash value to run their business.

Life Insurance Agent:

You can also take the help of Life Insurance agents if you need no more detailed information about the other functions and benefits of a Life Insurance Policy. The agent provides brief importance of having life insurance to their clients and shares the other benefits of it. Not only that, but they also select the best option for their candidates which suits their requirements.

What is Life Insurance?

Life insurance is a Contract Between an Insurer and a Policy Owner. It provides guarantees to the insurer and pays a sum of money to the beneficiaries in case of insured dies.

Life insurance policy is highly customized, which means you have full rights over your policy. You can choose how many years you want to use this policy and how much money you want the beneficiaries to receive. 

Read this article to learn about life insurance’s importance, benefits, types, and more.

Importance of Life insurance:

There are plenty of reasons to have Life Insurance, including the policyholder’s coverage from all causes of natural death, disability coverage, and much more.

Here are some significant reasons to be considered for having Life Insurance:

  1. One of the crucial importance of Life Insurance is to protect your family against any unpredictable causes. Mostly, adults and newlyweds get more benefits from the Life Insurance policy. You also have two options to select the policy; either you can go for a joint policy or a single one too. 
  2. The Life Insurance company also pays Off Federal and State Estate Taxes, reducing the family’s financial burden. 
  3. Another vital reason for having a Life Insurance policy is that it permits the beneficiaries to contribute considerably to any charity foundation.
  4. It is also helpful for any small business.
  5. In any situation, the life insurance policy may permit owners to build a cash value for a lifetime, also known as Living benefits.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Life Insurance Policy:

Knowing the advantages and drawbacks of any policy is your right. Thus, here we are providing you with some of the merits and disadvantages of a Life Insurance policy.


  1. The major advantage of having life insurance is that it gives financial protection to your whole family.
  2. Anyone can buy this policy, as its price is lower than other policies.
  3. You can easily apply for this procedure.
  4. It provides different plans according to one’s needs.
  5. It is a customized policy, which means you can select the policy according to your needs.


  1. The life insurance policy can be expensive if you are old or unhealthy.
  2. If you don’t have proper awareness of the policy, the company may try to mislead you.
  3. Not every plan is available at a lower price. It entirely depends on your insurance company and the plan you have chosen.

Types of Life Insurance Policy:

People often need clarification about selecting the policy type, as they need to know all the forms. So, the following are several types of Life Insurance policies that everyone should need to know.

  • Whole Life:

A whole Life insurance policy stands with the person throughout their life. This form of insurance gives a practical choice to customers who want to provide a stable income to their family members even after death.

The average cost of whole life insurance depends upon the clients and what type of coverage they want to include in their policy. Generally, the premium is paid every year. Many people even paid the premium every month, quarterly, or even twice a year. You can also pay the premium once a year, which may include additional charges. And, as per many states’ laws, they also have a rule not to deduct the whole life policy in any tax, so it is better to check certain things before planning to purchase this policy.

  • Term Life:

Term life insurance provides a certain fixed period for your coverage. It is also known as the relevant term or term assurance. Usually, people select this insurance policy to protect their families against unpredictable circumstances. The benefit of taking this policy is its low premium cost. But, the thing is, people must have a clear idea about term life insurance and how it works differently compared to others. 

The specific period for this policy ranges between 10 to 30 years, depending upon the selected coverage.

The term life insurance is further divided into two parts;

  1. Basic Term Life Insurance provides financial security to employees.
  2. Dependent Term Life Insurance gives security to all eligible children who come under this policy.

Not only that, but the life insurance policy also offers flexible coverage options to their clients to protect their families.

  • Variable Life:

The primary purpose of a Variable Life Insurance policy is to build up a cash value. The cash value is an invested amount like we invest in any mutual fund or others. In many cases, it also happens that the owner may invest their cash value in any cash market accounts too. Many other policies accept your cash value, which you have invested in any other marketplace. Still, if we talk about variable life insurance policies, they have some unique benefits.

You can use variable life insurance more for investment purposes than life security purposes. But, before moving further in this life insurance form, you need to follow these two steps,

  1. Firstly, you must buy an investment license for a variable life insurance policy.
  2. You must undergo documentation and give them proof of your insurance.

The alternate option of this policy is that you can also purchase traditional term insurance from any insurance company, which can protect your financial health by giving you an income source.

  • Universal Life:

This policy is very flexible. It offers many things to their policyholder, like protection, the chance to build a cash value, etc. It also provides various coverages for long-term benefits. People with so many responsibilities and, after retirement, don’t want to pay for any mortgage, so select a universal life insurance policy. 

The significant benefit of this insurance policy is that it is very flexible regarding death benefits(which are paid when the owner dies). In universal life insurance, the policyholder adjusts the number of premiums that they want to pay every month. The premium amount is also flexible, but you must pay for specific requirement amounts mentioned in your policy contract. 

The cash value rate mainly depends on market conditions, so whatever changes occur directly affect the cash value. So, these are the significant types of Life Insurance Policies that must consider before choosing the appropriate plan.

Factors that affect your Life Insurance Premium:

  1. The first factor affecting the Life Insurance Premium is “Age.” The premium for the younger is way cheaper than the elders.
  2. Another affecting factor is “Gender.” Generally, the premium for females is less expensive than for males.
  3. “Smoking” habits also increase the premium price as it badly affects one’s health.
  4. “Health” usually the old and the unhealthy citizens pay more premium.
  5. When any person from your family suffers any chronic illness, it raises the price of the premium and much more.

These are several factors that affect your life insurance premium costs.

Benefits of Having a Life Insurance Policy:

The benefits of having a life insurance policy are as follows:

  1. If you have any life insurance policy and during the coverage procedure, if the policyholder dies, they get a death benefit.
  2. The major benefit of life insurance is that it plays an important role in protecting your family from any unpredictable situation.
  3. It helps the policyholder to overcome their financial burden.
  4. You also get coverage for chronic and terminal illnesses.
  5. It reduces the responsibilities of a retired person.

What does a life Insurance Policy Cover?

Life insurance policy mainly covers all the causes of death except suicide and death case which occurs within two years after purchasing the policy. Except for this case, life insurance covers all the death coverages, such as illness, accidental, homicide, etc.

This policy cancels all those claims the policyholder made by giving misrepresentation, especially if the death occurs after the first year of owning this policy. In very few cases, the life insurance policy canceled the claim if the beneficiary killed the insured person or if any disputes occurred. Otherwise, the life insurance policy covers all types of death causes and gives financial protection to the policyholder’s family members.

Ways to Select the Right Plan for your Insurance Policy:

As we discussed, there are many types of insurance, and selecting one from many is quite complicated. Here we will provide you with some easy ways by using which you can easily select the best plan for you.

The first thing is to know the different purposes of all the types of plans and then decide which programs are more suitable for you, for instance, whether you can go with the term life insurance plan or the permanent insurance plan. 

If your budget is low, we suggest you go for a term life insurance plan, as it protects the upto a certain specific period of 10 to 20 years and is not included in any cash value policy. And, if you want an insurance policy that stays for a lifetime, you have to go for a permanent life insurance policy. If the policyholder gives importance to their cash value, they might have to choose this option.  But, if their intention is only to buy the cash value using a permanent life insurance policy, then the policy will not cover any life insurance claims.

How to Select the Beneficiary?

Life Insurance Beneficiary is a person who claimed the death benefit after the policyholder’s demise. 

You can suggest multiple beneficiaries and decide which beneficiary gets what percent of the amount. If your primary beneficiary dies, you also have a right to add the contingent beneficiaries. Some people also select the further option, like they wish to contribute their amount to any charitable trust or other social work. So for them, trust and other social activities work as a beneficiary.

It ultimately depends upon the policyholder who they want as their beneficiary.


The “Life Insurance Policy” is a safeguard in our day-to-day life. At present, numerous unpredictable situations arise, and life insurance plays an essential role in saving our lives from such circumstances. The policy provides many options to choose from, and every opportunity includes protection for their clients. Not only that, but many small businesses also purchase life insurance policies to protect their firm from losses. 

This article has already discussed all the essential information about having a life insurance policy. Not only that, but we have also provided you the information about its various types, benefits, and much more.

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