RBC Auto Insurance Review, Services, Discounts, and Everything You Need to Know

RBC Auto Insurance Review

We already know the importance of having car insurance, right? But still, people avoid taking insurance as they believe that the cost of the insurance policy is relatively high and not affordable for them. But many reputed insurance companies take care of their customers and offer them reasonable packages so anyone can afford insurance coverage.

In this article, we will discuss all the essential information about the RBC Auto insurance company, through which people can come to know more about the company and can choose amongst affordable policy packages

Let’s start with a brief overview of RBC Auto Insurance Company.

RBC Auto Insurance Overview:

RBC (The Royal Bank of Canada) is one of the country’s most significant corporation-based revenues, and RBC insurance is a part of this entity, founded in 1864.  RBC Insurance has its headquarters in both Toronto and Montreal. This insurance firm is available for all Canadians except Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and British Columbia. 

RBC’s auto insurance policies were approved by Aviva General Insurance Company and distributed by RBC Insurance Agency Ltd. This company offers its customers a wide range of service options with a few unique features, and that too at the cheapest cost. Not only that, but members of the RBC Insurance Company also get some opportunities to earn discounts on their premium plans. To know more about the RBC Auto Insurance Company, you can also look at their official website, i.e., www.rbcinsurance.com.

Merits and Demerits of RBC Insurance Company:

The followings are the merits and demerits of RBC Insurance Company:

Merits of RBC Insurance Company:

  1. The main advantage of RBC Insurance Company is its affordable rates, which attract customers.
  2. They believe in giving the best customer service to their policyholders.
  3. Also, it provides reliable claiming advice.
  4. The RBC Insurance company also offers a vendor program to its customers.

Demerits of RBC Insurance Company:

  1. The company is not providing any rental car coverage options to its customers.
  2. They do not have any mobile application for their car insurance.

Insurance Services Offered by the RBC Insurance Company:

RBC insurance company offers their customers many standard coverages, including third-party coverages, liability coverages, Collision or upset coverages, comprehensive coverages, accident insurance coverages, direct-compensation property damages (DPCD), etc. Plus, car insurance also offers a wide range of optional coverages too, such as;

  • All Perils Coverages:

This type of coverage is a combination of both Collision and Comprehensive coverages. All Perils Coverages protect the policyholder if the car is stolen by someone near that policyholder, i.e., living together or working for you. 

  • Specified Perils Coverages:

This type of coverage is worked as a customized coverage, which means if any person wants more security compared to perils coverage, they can go for this Specified perils coverage. In these coverages, the customer must select a few damages, like a fire, theft, theft, etc., and set them as their coverages. 

  • Family Protection Coverages:

The RBC insurance company offers top-ranking Canadian car insurance coverages like personal coverages, in which the company protects the policyholder’s entire family. But the thing is, this optional coverage has a few optional limits that depend upon your liability coverages. 

  • Depreciation Waiver Coverages:

In this coverage, the RBC insurance company will guarantee that, if any damages occur to your car within the 2 years of purchasing it, the company will pay the total value of your car.

  • Loss of Use Coverages:

In this coverage, the company will pay a certain amount of expenses incurred by you to repair your car.

  • Accident Forgiveness:

This type of coverage is mandatory by law, so most Canadian insurance companies offer Accidental Forgiveness coverages, including the RBC.

  • Satellite Program Endorsement:

RBC insurance company offers this program to customers planning to go on a road trip. Satellite Program Endorsement offers roadside assistance services, including flat tire services, towing, fueling, etc.

Unique Features of RBC Auto Insurance Company:

  • Easy Claim Process:

RBC Auto Insurance Company’s claiming process is very straightforward. The customer has to connect with the company by taking the help of its customer care number, i.e., 1-800-769-2526; the company sends one of its advisors to guide you towards the further process of the claim. 

  • Deductible Rewards:

This feature only applies if you have not filled any claim; the company will lower your auto insurance deduction by $50. The maximum reduction rate is $250 per policy.

  • Valet Services:

This is an exciting feature in which the company will take responsibility for picking up your vehicle from the accidental place. After repair, the RBC company will also deliver your vehicle on time.

  • Online Tools:

The official website of RBC company is well-organized and easy to use. But one disappointment from the customer’s point of view is that the company doesn’t have a mobile application for car insurance.

  • Anonymous Claims Advices:

This is a very beneficial feature from the customer’s side, as they can take advice regarding the claims from the company’s agents without sharing their personal details, not even the person’s name.

  • Preferred Vendor Program:

This is one of the signature features of RBC insurance company, in which the company directly makes a settlement with the repairing center.

  • Financial Strength:

When we talk about the financial stability of the RBC insurance company, it has “A+,” i.e., “Excellent” ratings from the A.M., which shows the company’s capability to pay the claims.

Discounts offered by RBC Insurance Company:

The RBC Auto Insurance Company offers multiple discounts to their customers, and it entirely depends on the provinces and their requirements for the products. For instance, no claims or experienced driver discounts are automatically applied to your RBC auto insurance quotes. Now, let’s see some of the additional discounts offered by the company, such as;

  1. Multiple Vehicle Discounts,
  2. Winter Tire Discounts,
  3. Bundle Discounts,
  4. Retiree Discounts,
  5. Anti-Theft Discounts,
  6. RBC Employee Discounts,
  7. No claims Discounts,
  8. Online Quotes Discounts.

Customer Reviews:

If we talk about the customer’s point of view regarding the RBC company, we get a mixed rating, i.e., the company gets a 4-star rating out of 5 and stands in third position among all the 12 participants. Whereas the BBB, a non-profit organization, has given an average rating to the company. 

On the other hand, let’s consider the reviews of InsurEye, an independent reviewer, which gave mixed negative and positive reviews. So by seeing this, we can say that the Canadians are spending their time and giving an accurate review of the company.

Final Words:

RBC Auto Insurance is an outstanding company, having a 4-star rating ratio from their customers. This company offers a wide range of products and unique features related to its services, which can attract more customers to buy its products.

Throughout this article, we discussed essential information about the RBC Auto Insurance Company, including its pros and cons, products, customer reviews, and more.

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