Otto Car Insurance Review

Otto Car Insurance Review

In today’s world, choosing a reliable insurance company is one of our biggest challenges, as various options are available. For selecting any insurance company, people must be aware of certain things, like whether it is a scam or authentic, how they handle the cases, the information about their staff members, their past cases, their official addresses, customer reviews, and much more.

So, in this article, we discuss one such insurance firm named “Otto Car Insurance” and also consider the top 9 reviews of their customers.

What is Otto Car Insurance?

Otto Insurance takes the help of advanced technology to provide their customer with the best quotes for insurance policies. This firm’s website is lead-generating, which helps their clients set their quotes and help them select the best insurance company from a list of thousands of insurance firms.

The company mainly connects its customers with the best affiliates and insurance partners, as it works with various individual agents and other companies at a very reasonable price. 

Is Otto a Reliable Company?

When checking any company’s reliability, customer reviews are the best option. Based on their reviews, we can quickly learn about the company’s profile, accuracy level, and more.

So, let’s see whether the Otto Insurance company is reliable. The Otto Insurance firm gets many bad customer reviews. Not only that, but the company has not even more information about its services and firms on its website,,

People consider this company a scam because the BBB (Better Business Bureau) removes the Otto Insurance Company from their business list.

Availability of Otto Insurance Company:

The main office of Otto Insurance Company is located in Miami Beach, Florida. And the company has 1000+ insurance partner companies over the 50 states and US territories.

The company offers a range of products and services:

Now, here is the list of various products and services offered by the Otto Insurance Firm:

  • Auto Insurance.
  • Life Insurance.
  • Home Insurance.
  • Pet Insurance.

How Otto Insurance Company Works?

Otto Insurance quote tools are elementary. Firstly, you have to fill in a simple question about yourself, your vehicle, or your home, then based on the information you have shared in the form, the company starts finding the best companies that suit your requirements.

Let’s learn the quote application process for Otto Insurance Company:

Step 1: Go to the Company’s webpage and click “Get Started Now.”

Step 2: The clients have personal, vehicle, and residential information.

Step 3: You must inform the company about your insurance policies and share the details of your previous ones if you have taken any.

Step 4: The firm promises its clients the best insurance policy rates.

Step 5: Once you fill in all the personal and other information on the company webpage, the company agent visits your home and checks your vehicle.

Step 6: The company may ask questions about your marital status and other unnecessary questions while taking the insurance policies.

Step 7: The company also offers to combine insurance policy options, where you can take the insurance policies for any two things, for instance, Vehicle and House insurance policies

Step 8: Before entering your contact details and email-id, it is necessary to read the document accurately.

Step 9: Once you click the “Get Your Free Quote Button,” the company will contact you for further discussion.

So, these are the steps you can easily quote the company.

Top 9 Customer Reviews On Otto Insurance Company:

The article shares the top 10 reviews related to the Otto Insurance Firm;

  • Andrew Dobb shares their reviews about the company and says it is a Scam.
  • Scott A Fussnecker shared their worst experience by taking the Otto Insurance policy and said that once you fill out the form of quotes, you will start getting a lot of calls from various insurance companies and try to sell their policies.
  • Gracie Peracca, “ stop misleading the clients about your services.”
  • Emmanuel Gutierrez says, “it is a referral company that sends our details to another referral company, and it is a misrepresentation.”
  • Sharon Howarth says it is a waste of time, as the company is not providing insurance services. They share your data with their affiliated partners. Then they call regularly to serve their insurance policy.
  • Max Childress shares their views on their hectic phone calls, i.e., 7 to 8 calls from different places, once your registration gets completed.
  • Chip Gowan also considers the Otto Insurance Company a complete Scam.
  • Kluns De Orlando shares that it is not a company; stay away from this kind of Scams.
  • Cleaner Cleaner says that he had completed all the procedures till the end, but the company has not given any quotes for their policy.
  • Kaity Nichole shared that “it is the most annoying site she had ever taken, and she also shared the issues related to phone calls.”


Otto Insurance Company is a lead-generating firm that helps customers get the best-quoted policies per their requirements. But, as mentioned earlier, only some of the insurance companies are reliable, and so is the Otto Insurance firm. Their customers have shared lots of bad or negative reviews about the company and also share the trouble that they are facing due to continuous phone calls from various insurance firms. Many people have also shared that it is not a company. It is entirely a Scam.

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