How Much Does A Nose Job Cost With Insurance?

How Much Does A Nose Job Cost With Insurance?

In today’s world, people are very focused on their health and bodily structure.  With the help of modern technology, surgeons have invented many cosmetic surgeries to give their patients improved and better looks. The main purpose of cosmetic surgeries is to provide a better shape for people’s bodies by removing fat and additional skin from the body. 

Here, this article will lead you to one such cosmetic surgery named “Nose Job,” also known as Rhinoplasty. Most celebrities have done this surgery to have their nose reshaped. Not only celebrities but many people plan to do this surgery, as they feel discomfort due to their nose shape. But the Nose Job surgery is quite expensive. Many people don’t have appropriate knowledge about this surgery, so they may face issues when they go for treatment.

So, in this article, we will provide all the essential information about this process, which includes the pros and cons, types, procedures, actual cost, insurance coverages, and so on.

What is a Nose Job?

Nose job surgery is also referred to as Rhinoplasty, and medically it is known as  Nasal  Reconstruction. Nowadays, people are usually going for this plastic surgery to give a better shape to their nose. Bones protect the upper structure of the nose, and their lower form is secured by cartilage. This surgery takes the help of skin, bones, and cartilage for treatment. 

The main purpose of doing this surgery is it helps to enhance facial symmetry (one type of specific measure for bodily balance) and the proportion of your nose. And it also exacts imperfect breathing, which is caused by tectonic flaws. 

Some people are planning to do this surgery, but the issue is they need proper guidance to make a final decision.  Read this article carefully and find all the important information about Nose Job surgery.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Nose Job: :

Before moving further with this surgery, we first need to discuss some of the advantages and disadvantages of Rhinoplasty. 


  1.  Rhinoplasty stays for the whole life.
  2. It enhances nasal airflow.
  3. The process is less time-consuming.
  4. It improves the exterior beauty of the patients.


  1. A few risks are associated with this surgery, such as infection, inflammation, etc.
  2. A person who has thick skin has to suffer more difficulties.
  3. After completing this surgery, patients may suffer from pain, and it also takes a few weeks to recover.

Reasons for Rhinoplasty:

Only some people can go for this surgery, and there are some  criteria for applying for this surgery, such as;

  1. To restore the breathing problems.
  2. People who are unhappy with their nose shape and size.
  3. Dropping of nasal tips.
  4. When your nose bridge is cracked.
  5. To treat a congenital disability.

Note: Nose Job is done at younger ages only. And, if you are planning to go for this surgery, then remember one thing your nasal bone is grown completely.

Targeted Areas for Nose Job Surgery:

There are a few concerning areas for Nose Job surgery, which include;

  • Nasal tip,
  • Nasal bridge,
  • Nostrils and,
  • Septum.

Types of Rhinoplasty:

The treatment for every nose job is different because it depends on the patient’s requirements and wants. As per the individual needs, the surgeon provides appropriate information about various types of Rhinoplasty surgery, and the patient must select the suitable type for its surgery.

  • Open Rhinoplasty surgery:

In Open Rhinoplasty surgery, the surgeon engraves the external skin between the nostrils to enter into an internal nose. By entering into the inner nose, the surgeon can reshape the nose from the interior side. It is quite risky, but the surgeon puts maximum effort into the type of surgery.

  • Closed Rhinoplasty:

In closed Rhinoplasty, the surgeon engraves within the nostrils so other people cannot see the marks of it. This surgery is useful to those patients who don’t require straightening to the lower parts of their nose.

  • Tip Plasty:

Tip Plasty is useful for both procedures, i.e., for open and close. The main purpose of this surgery is to change the nip of the nose. So, you cannot use Tip Plasty surgery when you have to go for nose bridge treatment. 

  • Secondary Rhinoplasty:

The Nose Job surgery may include some complications. . During this situation, the surgeon performs a revision process to modify the complexity and solve it before proceeding to this surgery. It is also known as the “Perform A Revision” form of Nose Job surgery. This process depends upon the patient’s requirements.

  • Filler Rhinoplasty:

People rarely use this form of Rhinoplasty because it doesn’t include any stitches or marks. Many people don’t even consider it as a part of the surgery. The main drawback of Filler Nose Job surgery is that it does not stay long, and another is that it will not reduce the nose size.

The Procedure of Nose Job: :

The following are the steps of Rhinoplasty:

  • Anesthesia:

The first step plays a vital role in all treatments because it gives ease to the patient during the surgery. The only difference is some uses intravenous sedation, and some use general anesthesia. 

  • The incision:

Rhinoplasty may proceed using the open form of Nose Job surgery in which the surgeon makes an incision across the columella. A close form of Nose Job surgery is when the surgeon makes an incision inside the nostrils. With the help of an incision, the skin covers the nasal bones and cartilage and gives access to the nose structure.

  • The better shape of  your nose:

This surgery’s main purpose is to reshape your nose by removing the additional nose bones or cartilage. Sometimes, the Nose Job may need an extra cartilage graft taken from the nose’s middle. 

  • Correcting abnormal conditions:

It is essential to exact the abnormal condition because if it is not properly working, the patients may suffer from several breathing issues.

  • Close the incision:

Once the abnormal condition is checked, the surgeon has to close all the cuts by stitching them properly. If the stitches are not taken properly, it may create infection issues for the patient.

  • Final result:

The surgery takes two weeks to recover, but it gives you a lot of relief while breathing. And, afterward, too, you will satisfy with this treatment.

The Average cost of a Nose Job: 

The cost of Nose Job surgery depends on the type of surgery you want. The  cost of Rhinoplasty is divided into two parts, namely;

  • Rhinoplasty  Surgery:

It means the permanent surgery of the nose or permanently giving a new shape to the nose structure by using an open or closed procedure. According to the American society of plastic surgeons, the average cost of Rhinoplasty is $5,483, but it may differ depending on the surgeon’s fees, medical expenses, hospital fees, etc.

Some other factors that increase the cost of Rhinoplasty are;

  • The consultation and post-surgery fees.
  • Medical test charges like x-ray reports.
  • Equipment that is provided to the patients after the surgery. 
  • Non-surgical Nose Job:

It is also known as a 15-minute nose job. It works as a temporary surgery, in which the surgeon injects the filler to make minor nostrils, but the thing is, it does not stay for a long time and doesn’t reduce the size of the nose.

The non-surgical nose job is also known as liquid rhinoplasty. The cost of this surgery ranges from $1,100 to $7,500. The price depends upon the brand name of the surgeon and the filler they use. The experience of surgeons may also affect the cost and the location too.

Here is the cost of some varied fillers procedure, such as;

  • Hyaluronic acid filler – $684
  • Calcium hydroxylapatite fillers – $717
  • Polymethyl-methacrylate microspheres fillers – $1,058

Nose Job Cost Covered by Insurance:

The price of Nose Job surgery is quite high, so people try to find alternatives by using which they can reduce some of the surgery costs. So, in such cases, they have thought that the insurance coverage may help the patients to cover its cost. But, again, the question is whether the Nose Job cost is included in health insurance.  

The answer is Maybe. The insurance is provided based on the need to do this surgery. If anyone plans to do Nose Job surgery only for reshaping their nose structure, then the health insurance will not pay any amount to those. And, if the people are suffering from any infection or breathing issues and the surgeon recommends them to go for this surgery, then your health insurance includes the expenses and the additional cost.

But, the best option for the patients is to discuss this with their surgeon before sharing any details with their insurance company. Your surgeon may request your insurance firm to give them partial insurance for their surgery, as it saves your life and solves all your breathing solutions.

So, your insurance policy pays 50% of your total surgery expense only if there is any emergency and if they save your life. Otherwise, you are only responsible for paying the full Nose Job surgery expense.


Nowadays, Rhinoplasty is a very popular cosmetic surgery. Many people go for this Nose Job to design their nose structure and give a better shape to their nose. But, people are not aware of the procedure of this surgery, so they feel a little afraid to go for rhinoplasty, even if it is necessary for them.

So, here in this article, we have discussed all the essential information related to Rhinoplasty, such as its advantages and disadvantages, its forms, procedure, actual cost, and much more. People also get health insurance benefits if the surgeon recommends it and if the Nose Job surgery is medically important for their health.

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