How Much Does A Crown Cost Without Insurance?

How Much Does A Crown Cost Without Insurance?

Teeth are an essential part of our body. But, nowadays, many people suffer from dental issues like dental bridges, root canals, etc., because of their not-so-caring nature. People are not taking proper care of their teeth, which creates a cavity and other teeth infections that need heavy treatments to recover. 

So, this article will provide you with the appropriate information about the best treatment to protect your teeth damage, named “Dental Crown.” A Dental Crown process protects the damaged teeth from any injuries or cracks. But, it is quite an expensive process compared to others.

In short, this article will give you full-fledged information about “Dental Crown” treatment and other important information such as what it means, why it is needed, its actual cost, and many other things.

What is a Dental Crown?

A Dental crown is also known as a “cap.” it helps to cover the existing tooth or a part of the existing tooth and to restore the shape of the original teeth in place of missing teeth.  When you go for the treatments like root canals, dental bridges, etc., the dentist may take the support of a “cap” to build up your tooth.

There are several ranges of material available for the dental crown process, which depends upon the client’s treatments, like what issues they are facing, what type of treatment they need, etc., Simply put, A Dental crown protects your damaged teeth by providing a strong cover that matches their tooth structure.

Why is a Dental Crown needed?

Dental crown treatment is not necessary for everyone. It is for those people who have suffered from tooth damage. So, before moving ahead, it is very important to know who needs dental crown treatment. There are a few situations when a person needs Dental Crown treatment;

  1. To secure the teeth from the crack or any internal tooth damage.
  2. It is needed when anyone wants to recover a damaged tooth.
  3. The Dental crown clips also support filling the large gap between the teeth when the person has fewer teeth remaining.
  4. If anyone has done the dental bridge treatment, then to protect that tooth from any damage, the dental cap is needed.
  5. It also covers those teeth that are faded for some reason.
  6. It gives protection to dental implant treatment.

We also have shown that many children suffer from teeth damage, but not every child has to suffer from dental crown treatment. 

Here are some of the criteria, which include heavy treatment like a Dental Crown.

  • It supports the damaged teeth incurred due to any dental infection or bacteria.
  • It protects the child’s teeth from risky factors like decay, which can be incurred when a child is not taking daily precautions.
  • It helps to take proper care of the child’s damaged tooth. 

Other than this, if any person suffers from a cavity issue, they can also take this treatment. Anyone facing these issues can only go for treatments like Dental Crown. 

Various Types of Materials are used for making Dental Crowns:

Largely there are five types of Dental Crowns. The selection of Dental crown material depends on the client’s treatment and the budget they have for the procedure.

  • Gold Crown:

The gold crown combines metal and other materials, like chromium and nickel. The main benefit of a gold crown is that it is very strong and protects the teeth for a long period. It is mainly used for those people who have to recover their back teeth. The dentist prefers the gold crown for those who want to cover back tooth damage.

Benefits of Gold Crown:

  • The durability of a gold crown is for a long period.
  • The base of the material is strong, so the chances of damage caused are very less.
  • Only a small part of our natural teeth is removed during the covering process.

Drawbacks of Gold Crown:

  • Gold color may affect some people and might have side effects.
  • The color is bright, so people avoid setting the gold crowns on their front teeth.


  • Porcelain Crowns:

Nowadays, people mostly use this material for their “capping” process because it looks similar to natural teeth.

Advantages of Porcelain Crowns:

  • Porcelain teeth look as similar to our natural teeth. Not only by the color but also because the size and shape are as same as our natural teeth.
  • It is the best option for front teeth restoration.
  • It doesn’t include any portion of the metal, which means it is a toxic-free material.

Disadvantages of Porcelain Crowns:

  • It needs proper care.
  • It is expensive compared to other metallic crowns.
  • Patients who suffer from bruxism should avoid this crown. 


  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Crowns (PFM):

This type of crown gives both strengths as it is partial form by metal and aesthetic because of the Porcelain cover.

Advantages of PFM:

  • It is less costly than other porcelain crowns.
  • It gives a natural look and guarantees a long duration.

Disadvantages of PFM:

  • The metal used in these crowns impacts our gumline.
  • It is not 100% much aesthetic as others porcelain materials.


  • Zirconic Crowns:

It is a new crown type that includes the strength of metal and porcelain crowns. It is very popular because of its highly transparent layer. 

Merits of Zirconic Crowns:

  • It is a less time-consuming process.
  • It gives a very aesthetic look.
  • Zirconic is very strong, so the chances of damage will not occur for a long -period.
  • As it is metal-free, it doesn’t cause any allergic reactions in the patients.

Demerits of Zironic Crowns:

  • It is hard to adjust.
  • Many people face the issue of chewing after covering the zirconic crown.


  • E-max Crown:

This is the new type of crown known as the E-max crown. It is a combination of all the ceramic crown that is made from lithium disilicate. It is light weighted and thin in structure.

Merits of E-max Crown:

  • It is useful for front and back teeth recovery.
  • It is very strong.

Demerits of E-max Crown:

  • It is very expensive for the patients as well as for the dentist too.
  • Many dentists still need to set an E-max crown properly.

The Actual Cost of Dental Crown:

Now, as you are aware of the different types of Dental crowns, you were thinking about the cost, right? So, the cost of the Dental Crown depends upon which type of Crown you want to apply to recover your damage. This article will help you to get accurate information about the cost of a Dental Crown.

As mentioned above, the cost of a dental crown depends upon the material you use. For instance, porcelain crowns are very expensive compared to metal crowns. In many procedures, the dentist needs to do a mini gum surgery, in which they cut the gum area or infected area from the mouth for better dental treatment. 

How many Dental Visits are Required for the Dental Crown Treatment?

Before moving ahead to a dental crown treatment, the patients need to make two visits to the dental clinic. The dentist checks the mouth movement on the first visit and diagnoses the other process. On the second time visit, the dentist explains the next procedures for setting up the cover, like what type of treatment is required, how much it costs, etc.,

Total Cost of Dental Crown Treatment:

The actual cost of the Dental Crown ranges from $500 to $3000. It depends upon the treatment you want, and if you have taken dental insurance, it covers 50% of the dental crown cost, which also depends upon the treatment.

If you want a low-cost treatment, go for a resin crown. It is a restoration process in which the material is made by the lab dentist only, so the other costs, like transport and other materials, will diminish. And, if we discuss per tooth crown price, then it will be too costly for the patients.

  • Gold crown prices will range from $600 to $2500.
  • The cost of a porcelain crown will be from $800 to $3000.
  • And the price of PFM will be $500 to $1500.
  • The price of new crowns is almost identical to that of porcelain.

Porcelain crowns will be the most expensive compared to all the other types.

Common reasons that increase the Cost of the Treatment:

  • The main reason is your living area. Different area charges different prices.
  • Which type of cover do you want? And, at which place, like for front or back teeth recovery?
  • Another important part is the uses of material, which type of material you require to recover the damage.
  • Other processes for crown implementation.
  • The transportation fees that dentists have to pay.
  • And mainly the dentist experience. The highly experienced dentist charges higher prices for the treatment.

Several factors affect the price of dental crown treatments. It is totally up to you which type of process you select according to your dentist’s suggestion. But this effective treatment protects you from any teeth injury. 

Problems caused after the Dental Crown Treatment:

  • Sensitivity:

Many people face instant sensitive issues after the completion of the procedure. So, your dentist will prescribe Sensodyne toothpaste rather than using normal toothpaste. If you continuously suffer from pain while eating, contact your dentist, who will recommend some medicines.

  • Chipped Crown:

Sometimes, the material the dentist is using is a chip. It gives temporary relief. Some people have experienced quick treatment, which will break the material after a few months of treatment. So to cover that treatment, the dentist uses the resin crown, or if it is not working properly, they replace it again.

  • Not Setting Properly:

Many times, after the completion of treatment, many patients complain that the crown is not set properly. Not only that, but they also complained about several pain they suffered.

So, these are some problems that the patients face after the treatment.

The Life Span of the Dental Crown:

The life span of the dental crown depends upon how much you take care of your hygiene and your mouth habits. The average lifespan of the dental crown is from five to fifteen years.


Dental crown treatment is quite expensive as it works to give protection to damaged teeth. The cost of a Dental crown depends upon the material the people use to cover their teeth. This article helps you by providing essential information about the dental crown, its various materials, and its costs. The article also talks about the quality of the dentist’s material, which increases the life span of dental crown treatment. So, before getting this treatment, every patient must look at the above details, including its actual cost.

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