How Long Does It Take To Investigate A Car Insurance Claim?

How Long Does It Take To Investigate A Car Insurance Claim?

Today’s generation is always in a hurry to reach their destination place; and in such a hurry, unpredictable incidents occur. This is the main reason the ratio of car accidents is constantly rising, so purchasing the Car Insurance Policy is vital. But, the more important question arises when the victim gets the actual claim passed by their particular Insurance Company; and what kind of Investigation process is undertaken by the Insurance Company Members.

Thus, here in this article, we will share all the relevant information regarding the investigation process, including why it is needed, how to corporate it, etc.

So, Let’s start the article by knowing the actual need behind every claiming investigation.

Why is the Car Insurance Claim Investigation Required?

There are two reasons why your Insurance Company prefers to go with an Investigation Process, which includes;

  • To Protect Insurance Firms against Fraud Cases:

This is the primary reason the insurance company is demanding the proof because they have many cases where the holder proudly takes a damages claim from the company.

So, most of the company is now demanding all the proofs, like the damaged photos, actual expense bills, medical bills, etc., to ensure the policyholder is telling the truth.

  • For Properly Handling the Claim Issue:

There are many situations in which the insurer finds it challenging to cover the claim, such as when the person’s vehicle is highly damaged due to an accident; in this case, the claim adjuster personally investigates each moment of the accident. Also, take the help of CCTV footage to check the vehicle’s speed and many other things.

How Much Time Requires for Car Insurance Investigation?

Here comes what most of us want to know. So, it entirely depends upon the type of car insurance you met with; what damages happen to your car, injuries, etc., are noted down at the time of the Insurance Company Investigation. If the damage is minimal, then it will take 5 to 6 days to investigate,

But if the damage is significant, and anyone is seriously injured, then the Insurance Company will take 30 days of investigation before accepting the claim.

Also, at the time of investigation, you must answer because if you are trying to lie with your insurance company, they have all the right to reject your claim. Not only that, but your Insurance adjuster will also cross-check to ensure whether whatever you are speaking is true.

And they will also take some of the critical investigation tools in use, such as;

  • The recording statement, and if it is from the liable driver’s company, then try to give a direct answer.
  • Also, the company may ask for your telephone records.
  • Visits the accident place
  • Check the CCTV footage to know who is responsible for the accident.
  • Also, ask you to submit all the expense files, including the repair, medical expenses, etc.

It is quite an extensive investigation process, so it will also take a long time if the case is severe and the insurer suffers massive damage. 

In a Nutshell, the investigation time depends upon the depths of the case, and some get the claim after 5 or 6 days of investigation. In contrast, others get the claim approval after a detailed examination.

Why Cooperating is Important at the Time of Investigation?

Make sure about one thing at the time of any Investigation, which is ultimately a legal process, and you have to cooperate with it; also, you have to share all the relevant information with your insurance adjuster; if you are failed to do so, then there may be a chance that your claim will be directly rejected from the company.

Or, you might need to get a sufficient amount of claiming benefit, which is a loss for you only.

So, whenever you are under any investigation process, you must cooperate with the adjusters and help them by giving specific information about the claim.

Bottom Lines:

The investigation is the legal process, which is essential when you claim any car insurance policy. But, also, there are two primary purposes for investigating, which we have already discussed in this article. 

Other than this, there is no fixed time limit for the investigation, as it entirely depends upon the seriousness of the case. But, as an insurer, you must cooperate with the insurance team members so they can give the actual expense you have to suffer due to an accident.

Hopefully, the readers enjoy reading our articles and hope they all get the relevant information they seek. Still, if you have any queries, please comment in our website’s comment section.

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